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Share4 Pin14 +11 Tweet7 StumbleShares 26Today I share the next author interview and giveaway in the current Backdoor Survival Spring 2014 Book Festival.  This week Mark Shepard, the editor of Charlotte Paul’s Phoenix Island, is on board to tell us about the book, it’s re-launch in 2014, and about himself. Enjoy the interview and be sure to check out the details of this week’s book giveaway below. First of all, I need to explain that it’s not “my book” in the sense that’s normally meant.
I discovered it when I moved to the San Juan Islands, because that was Charlotte’s home when she wrote it, and that’s what she used as a model for the book’s locale. It’s simple enough to describe the basic plot: Nine people survive a tsunami on a remote island, find themselves completely cut off from the mainland, and are forced to survive on their own. Gaye’s Note:  Keep in mind this was written almost thirty years before the advent of reality TV!
First of all, there was no digital copy, so it had to be scanned and converted from the pages of the cheap paperback, with all the manual correction that entailed. To me, the most important one was that even the worst of us can be redeemed and enfolded in a strong community.
I’d like to invite them to visit the Web site I set up for this book — actually, for Islander Press, the imprint I created for it. In your best estimation, if faced with an immediate evacuation, how long would it take you to gather your bug-out preps and go? To enter the giveaway, you need to answer this question by responding in the comments area at the end of this article. As with all of the books in the Backdoor Survival Book Festivals, I hope you will enter the giveaway to win your own copy of this fabulous classic! Thank you for voting for me daily at Top Prepper Websites!  Plus, SUBSCRIBE to email updates  and receive a free, downloadable copy of my e-book The Emergency Food Buyer’s Guide.
ONE LONELY ISLAND, ONE TIDAL WAVE, NINE SURVIVORS.  A tsunami is one of the last things Dr. The survivors are nine with little in common and histories setting them far apart, yet each with unique, unexpected strengths, virtues, and talents.
Shop the Emergency Essentials Monthly Specials: The monthly specials at Emergency Essentials feature discounts of up to 35% off sometimes a bit more. No list of books would be complete without my own e-book, The Prepper’s Guide to Food Storage. The Prepper’s Guide to Food Storage is a book about food: What to store, how to store it and best practices.
Whether you simply want to prepare for natural disasters or whether you believe the world is headed toward a major food crisis, this book is for you.
Ten to fifteen–only because I would make sure everyone went to the bathroom before we leave!! About 5 minutes, a little longer if not an immediate threat so we could go to the bathroom.
Wow, one of My worst nightmares, bugging out with my 86 year old mother, getting stuck in a grid lock and her needing to use the bathroom. If I have a bit more time, the food buckets and such go in the car along with the extended BoBs.
In case you are one of the uninitiated into the world of Minecraft – Minecraft is a clever, award-winning game for people of all ages that as has sold over eight million copies on PC and over twelve million copies across all platforms.
Standing behind a cobblestone wall, you hear a hostile mob approach and get your diamond sword out.
In Minecraft, time spirals around like a glitched and caffeinated spider jockey as you try to rip your nerdy self away from the computer. Let’s relate the seemingly unrelatable and see how Minecraft, a Swedish sandbox game, is like the dreaded American standardized test we know and love! Are you a Grandmaster at Starcraft and an A+ student in Harvard Extension’s Linear Algebra class.

Just like Minecraft updates, the SAT experience sometimes throws you proverbial curveballs.
There have been a few stabs at dinosaur survival games in the past, but not too many of them have gone super well. Well a new challenger has stepped up to the plate to give the genre another chance and reach the potential we all know is there.
The game is going to hit Steam Early Access on June 2nd, but is slated for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One releases once the game finally reaches a full launch. Noted screen baddie Willem Dafoe is said to be joining the ranks of Justice League as part of the good guys, according to The Hollywood Reporter.
On Free Comic Book Day, Saturday May 7th, one of the two comics DC Comics are offering that day is Suicide Squad #1.
Legendary and Blizzard are putting out a graphic novel prequel to the upcoming Warcraft movie. When Karen Berger walked onto the stage at Image Expo, flown in by Image Comics to promote the new comic she’s editing, Surgeon X, the memos started flying at DC Comics in panic.
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Phoenix Island is a million-copy bestseller from the 1970s, written by popular author Charlotte Paul, but it was never sold in anything but a cheap paperback edition. I believed the book deserved not only a revival but a more classy treatment than it had originally received. Beyond that, though, I became convinced that the original paperback publisher had done hardly any editing and had probably pulled it from Charlotte’s hands before she finished polishing it herself.
I found myself checking on everything from Broadway shows of the mid-1900s to traditional Dutch cooking pots — with stops at nuclear fusion, identification of poisonous mushrooms, and part names for Native American spears. Well, like Charlotte, I have a history of writing about social alternatives and simple living — in fact, followers of your blog may know me as the author of Simple Sourdough, which you’ve been so kind to promote. Currently my wife and I are living off our small publishing operation, Shepard Publications, putting out books we write ourselves. The site includes a number of extra materials about Charlotte and her books, including some materials I included in the paperback but left out of the eBook. That said, Phoenix Island is up next on my personal reading list and I am excited to see it bubble to the top.
Andrew Held expects while entertaining guests on Phoenix Island, the tiny, isolated outpost of Washington State he has made his private home.
As hopes of quick rescue dim, their only chance of survival is to bridge their differences, transcend their conflicts, and learn to live in harmony with each other — and in some cases, with themselves. I earn a small commission from purchases made when you begin your Amazon shopping experience here. It is a roadmap for showing ordinary citizens that long-term food storage is not something that will overwhelm or burden the family budget.   It is based on my own tried and true experience as someone who has learned to live the preparedness lifestyle by approaching emergency preparedness and planning in a systematic, step-by-step manner.
It covers basic tips and techniques you can use to stock your food storage pantry so that you can be assured that your family will have food to eat, no matter what.
I also have a husband, daughter, 3 dogs(that I would never leave) and my in-laws live in a little grannie unit right next to our house.
You replace your pickaxe with a pencil and weed through a massive book, finding comma splices instead of emeralds, figuring out geometry instead of redstone.
Preparing for them means many more hours of concentration, practice tests, and tutoring session, all for the ultimate goal: that 2400!
The crevices of the Internet are full of tutorials to elevate your Minecraft noob status along with info on SAT tricks and hacks. Or are you someone who’s still using Windows 95 and has just finished Freshman Geometry? Break your studying or playing into manageable time bits (typically 20-30 mins long) and be sure to take short breaks in between to avoid the headaches and decrease in performance that come with marathoning.

Use the skills you learned in practice to deal with these new circumstances: find those Latin roots, use that Pythagorean theorem, or reach the Buddha inside of you to remain calm and ignore the distractions around you. You have all the wheat you need, five stacks of beef, and an Iron Golem to guard you against zombies.
She likes to do everything from violin to medical research to stock analysis, and bring a touch of the Nerdy to SAT Habit’s High School Ambassador program. The Stomping Lands turned out to be an early access disaster and theHunter: Primal has just never really taken off in my opinion. ARK: Survival Evolved comes from Studio Wildcard and it will strand players on an island, with no supplies. Tramountanas writes for Bleeding Cool, At Image Expo 2016 in Seattle, fans were treated to a showing of the Outcast pilot. So, with the permission of Charlotte’s heirs, I set out to publish a 35th Anniversary Edition. It blends elements of survival story, technothriller, romance novel, and — what interested me most — utopian novel!
In the end, he is saved from himself, and the entire community grows and becomes stronger in the process.
Although billed as a thriller, I was enchanted by the first paragraph of the Prologue.  I am so looking forward to digging in! But when a French nuclear bomb test in the South Pacific goes awry, the ensuing tidal wave destroys his island estate and severs all ties to the mainland. I can imagine it taking me at least an hour, if I wanted anything more than the single backpacks with the absolute bare necessities.
Different study tools fit different people, but regardless of your expertise in other categories, the SAT and Minecraft are different trials that you need to familiarize yourself with through trial and error of a variety of study tools. Whether you’re already cranking up the MacBook or creasing the binding of your SAT textbook, remember that moderation is important in both gaming and test prep.
That way you’ll be performing at your best and can see what you have issues with, instead of failing everything due to your overexertion. And as the square, orange sun sets on the Minecraft horizon, you realize that all you can do now is see if your hard work is enough. After conquering the SAT reasoning and subject tests, she spends her time playing in the Boston Youth Symphony Orchestras, captaining Science Olympiad, and perfecting her Minecraft strategy. This upcoming Cinemax show is based on the Robert Kirkman book by the same title and premieres on June 3.
How long would you survive during the test if you didn’t know how hard the SAT math could really get? The night before the SATs, you’ve done all that you can, and going outside to set down more iron blocks will only put you in more danger. On top of that, player’s will then be able to tame certain Dinosaurs to do their bidding and build fortresses to dominate their world. They have to learn to live together and govern themselves — and also to see each of their own lives, with all their desires and needs, in a new light.
Know that lugubrious feeling that you get within your soul, when you just come to accept that creepers are hissing around your castle and accidentally trade 40 emeralds for a wooden sword? So take it easy for once; get some well deserved rest and relaxation and up your confidence. Did you notice how you looked for that subject verb agreement as automatically as you spam torches around fortresses? Didn’t you just eliminate that response with the same vigor with which you massacre mooshrooms?

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