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A disaster recovery workflow can be complicated depending on the types of systems you are backing up. In an enterprise environment you would hope that the IT infrastructure that is in place has followed best practices.
For the small business or the home office that operates on the peer to peer level the Bizinuity solution may not be the best fit.
Posted in IT Industry, Tech SupportTagged with: backblaze, backup, backup multiple servrers, Bizinuity, disaster recovery, Disaster Recovery Workflow, Email, HIPPA, IMAP, LINUX, Michael D. First thing’s first: it’s important to have 3 copies of everything, just in case one of your backups fails. If you have a lot of information to back up and need to know the best way for your company, you should get in contact with professionals who have a lot of experience in the IT field!
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Disaster Recovery richt zich op de ICT processen en de manier waarop bedrijven hun ICT kunnen voorbereiden op een calamiteit.

Het vertrouwen in eigen kunnen of in combinatie met partners is dusdanig verhoogd omdat alle basis processen regelmatig worden gecontroleerd vanuit de Business Continuity Management.
Nieuwe Unique Selling Points voor de onderneming indien BCM strategie en cultuur naar de buiten wereld kan worden gecommuniceerd. If you’ve ever had a computer crash and haven’t had your work backed up to an external source, you know the crushing feeling of losing a lot of information.
Cloud computing is quickly becoming one of the most popular backup options among companies because it has so many perks (even outside of data backup). Effectieve voorbereiding en planning vanuit calamiteiten beheersing betekenen dat de kans op herstel na een calamiteit veel groter is. Hierdoor wordt veel begrip en additioneel vertrouwen opgebouwd wat ten gunste komt van de gehele onderneming en haar resultaten. Backing up your data can save you from losing important information and give you a way to retrieve documents from a secondary source. You’ll want to back up anything that’s really important to you personally or to your business.

Anytime you add something important to your computer, you should make  a point to back it up. Anything that is vital to your personal or business records should be backed up, and often.
It’s also important to consider what data really needs to be backed up so you’re not overloading your backup device.
The nice part about these is that they’re fairly secure and you can take them anywhere, no internet required. Financial statements, client documents, and anything you need to run your business are all important. If you have any questions about disaster recovery and data backup, please contact us at 443.992.7394 or visit our website!

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