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Interruption of services and consequent loss of data will result in serious financial implications. According to the reports published by International Data Corp., an average of $84,000 is lost by companies for each hour of downtime. Fortunately it is a problem that can be easily handled with prior preparations and proactive measures.
Our service offerings cover Hot, Warm and Cold Disaster Recovery solutions depending on the criticalities of the business application and industry vertical. A disaster recovery plan (DRP) is a documented process or set of procedures to recover and protect a business IT infrastructure in the event of a disaster. This Disaster Recovery Plan template describes the IT framework and procedures to be activated in the event of a disaster occurring. The following free templates for disaster recovery and business continuity planning are not one-size-fits-all, but they do offer frameworks to follow in order to reach your ideal DR and BC strategic goals. Once the business defines the significance of all of their data, they can begin to develop their disaster recovery it takes is one small instance to ruin a company.
TOIGO: Disaster planning and recovery is not an issue where the size of your business matters. In the first part of this series, we looked at the meaning of Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) as a cloud-based service offering. Description Contingency Plan template suite for enterprise can be used for Business Impact Analysis (BIA), Risk Assessment, Disaster Recovery Planning (DRP Any organization, large or small, can use this template and adapt to their environment. Tagged with: disaster recovery plan template nist, disaster recovery plan template doc, disaster recovery plan template free, disaster recovery plan template sans, disaster recovery plan template excel, disaster recovery plan template word, disaster recovery plan template fema, disaster recovery plan template for manufacturing, disaster recovery plan template simple, disaster recovery plan template for small business, disaster recovery plan template for hospitals, disaster recovery plan template free download, disaster recovery plan template for medical office, disaster recovery plan template for schools, disaster recovery plan template for sql server, disaster recovery plan template non profit, disaster recovery plan template uk, disaster recovery plan template download, disaster recovery plan template pdf, disaster recovery plan template for banks. No matter how big or small your business, it’s probably fair to say that you rely on IT to function. The practice of preparing for downtime, and of taking steps to ensure a speedy return to normality, is called disaster recovery (DR) planning. Suppliers: Which external suppliers would you need to contact in the event of an IT outage? At the centre of most DR plans are two all-important KPIs, which are typically applied individually to different IT services: recovery point objective (RPO) and recovery time objective (RTO).
RTO: The maximum amount of time that should be allowed to elapse before the backup is implemented and normal services are resumed. Introduction: A summary of the objectives and scope of the plan, including IT services and locations covered, RPOs and RTOs for different services, and testing and maintenance activities.

Roles and responsibilities: A list of the internal and external stakeholders involved in each DR process covered, complete with their contact details and a description of their duties. Incident response: When should the DR plan be triggered, and how and when should employees, management, partners and customers be notified? DR procedures: Once the DR plan is triggered, the stakeholders can start to action a DR process for each affected IT service.
Appendices: A collection of any other lists, forms and documents relevant to the DR plan, such as details on alternate work locations, insurance policies, and the storage and distribution of DR resources.
Like any policy document, a DR plan is useless if it spends most of its life sitting in a drawer somewhere.
Finally, it’s fundamentally important that you test your DR plan and know whether your RPO and RTO KPIs are viable, or even whether your procedures are fit for purpose at all.
Disaster Recovery - Importance of disaster recovery planning Recent research supports the idea that implementing a more holistic pre-disaster planning approach is more cost-effective in the long run.
Control measures are steps or mechanisms that can reduce or eliminate various threats to your organization.
Our mission is to develop superior technology solutions and services that empower and improve the profitability and competitive position of our customers. We honor this mission every day through innovative development, a close connection and responsibility to our customers, and a strong ethical approach to service and support. SharePoint workflows are great at streamlining and tracking processes, ensuring their compliance, and automating tasks. Deploy collaboration sites that connect teams, improve access to information and increase productivity. All Content is Critical; Manage your organization's content, from collaboration to official records, using SharePoint. Further, according to a survey conducted by the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) nearly 10% of small organisations are affected by man-made intrusions, and over 30% of small enterprises are affected by natural disasters. It depends on various parameters such as nature of the business, processes and level of security required.
Recovery strategies should be developed for Information technology (IT) systems, applications and data.
You can use any number of free templates available online or find an actual plan published by an organization similar to yours and modify it as needed. Whether you have a small business or large corporation, the tactical considerations are the same.

Every business needs a disaster recovery plan, from small startups to massive government safe no matter what happens.
And all IT, whether it comes in the form of a mobile device, an email server or a cloud-based application, is susceptible to failure. According to a December study from EMC, data loss and downtime cost companies worldwide a massive $1.7 trillion (?1 trillion) in 2014. A quick Google search should turn up a raft of free resources for organisations to use in the DR planning process, including DR plan templates that span a broad spectrum in terms of length and complexity. This could happen because of a natural disaster, or as a result of technological failure or human factors such as sabotage or terrorism. If you can afford to lose a day’s worth of data in a given system, you set an RPO of 24 hours. However, most follow a similar structure, encompassing definitions, duties, step-by-step response procedures and maintenance activities. As time passes and your business grows, you’ll need to accommodate new systems and IT services in your DR plan. A clear DR roadmap facilitates the precautions that will mitigate the effects of a disaster and helps any organisation to seamlessly and instantaneously resume to normality. Moreover, a 2013 report from the Ponemon Institute and Emerson Network Power pegged the per-minute cost of data centre downtime at an astonishing $7,900 (?5,000).
The basic idea is to restore the affected business processes as quickly as possible, whether by bringing disrupted services back online or by switching to a contingency system. In today’s data-dependent world, the failure to bounce back from an IT outage could be enough to kill your business. Are you ready to implement a Disaster Recovery strategy, but aren't sure how to start the process. Our Disaster Recovery Subject Matter Experts are here to help guide you through the entire process.

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