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You've been warned that the Internet is something of a security minefield--that it's easy to get in trouble. Adobe's Flash graphics software has become a big malware target in recent years, forcing the company to push out frequent security patches. If You Have to Go There: To help protect against Flash-based attacks, make sure you keep your Flash browser plug-ins up-to-date.
Scammers love Twitter since it relies so much on URL shorteners, services that take long Internet addresses and reA­A­place them with something briefer. Some link-shortening services, such as, attempt to filter out malicious links, but it seems to be a manual process, not an automatic one. Although phishing and infected e-mail attachments are nothing new, the lures that cybercrooks use are constantly evolving, and in some cases they're becoming more difficult to distinguish from legitimate messages. Torrent sites (such as BitTorrent) are often used for sharing pirated music, videos, or software, and are a trove of malware. Ben Edelman, privacy researcher and assistant professor at Harvard Business School, thinks torrent sites are the most dangerous places to visit, since they don't have a business model or reputation to defend (by comparison, many porn sites rely on being deemed trustworthy). If You Have to Go There: It's probably best to avoid torrent sites entirely, given their untrustworthy content, but if you must visit, use a secondary PC to protect your main system. Porn sites have a reputation of being less secure than mainstream sites, but that assumption doesn't tell the whole story. And as mentioned earlier, many porn sites operate as actual, legitimate businesses that want to attract and retain customers. If You Have to Go There: Be suspicious of video downloads, or sites that require you to install video codecs to view videos (see the next threat, below). If you watch or download video online, you've likely been told to download a video codec--a small piece of software that provides support for a type of video file--at least once. If You Have to Go There: Your safest option is to stick with well-known video sites such as YouTube and Vimeo. As in this example showing restaurants in a San Francisco neighborhood, some smartphone apps, such as Yelp for iPhone, use your physical location to provide you with information on nearby businesses or points of interest.Apple recently updated its privacy policy to reflect changes in how it handles location data in iOS 4.
If You Have to Go There: Be particular about the location-based sites, apps, and services that you use.
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This four-part series will tackle four primary drivers that are re-shaping the cyber security landscape and will continue to do so over the next three to five years.
In the previous installment of this blog series, we tackled the IT talent shortage and its impact on cyber security. Last year, the number of global cyber security attacks rose an astounding 48 percent over 2013 numbers, according to research from PwC.

So, who is behind these attacks that IT professionals are charged with thwarting for their enterprises?
Nation State Governments: Governments have been hacking each other for years for a variety of reasons, but over the past few years a trend of nations hacking enterprises has begun to emerge. Cyberthieves: The landscape is full of criminals that perpetrate hacks purely for financial gain. Organized Crime: Rather than doing all of its damage through violence and intimidation like in the past, increasingly organized crime rings are pulling off major cybersecurity heists and profiting immensely. There’s no question that the Denver Broncos beat the Carolina Panthers thanks to their defense.
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That Google search result that looks as if it answers all your questions may do nothing but create a serious tech headache. You can do everything you can think of to protect yourself and still be taken by a malware infection, a phishing scam, or an invasion of onA­A­line privacy.
Thankfully, our friends at the Department of Homeland Security have made our work of classifying Web threats a little easier. A shortened link that supposedly points to the latest Internet trend-du-jour may be a Trojan horse in disguise. My junk mailbox has a phishing e-mail that looks like a legitimate order confirmation from Amazon.
That said, it may be hard to tell the "legit" porn sites from malware-hosting sites that use porn as a lure. Usually, these bits of software are perfectly legitimate (for example, the popular DivX codec), but some less-than-reputable download services or video sites may direct you to download a piece of malware disguised as a codec.
The policy now states that "to provide location-based services on Apple products, Apple and our partners and licensees may collect, use and share precise location data." You can read more on Apple's new privacy terms and what they mean for you. As shown in the screenshot at right services such as Yelp provide good examples of useful location-aware apps. Our parent company, IDG, receives advertisement revenue for shopping activity generated by the links. By downloading these posters, you agree not to use them, or any of the images contained within them, for commercial purposes.
And considering the level of success cybercriminals had perpetrating data breaches (think Sony and J.P.

For instance, a unit of the Chinese Army, which allegedly began operations in 2006, has targeted bio-pharmaceutical firms in the U.S.
These criminals use phishing, malware, spyware, bots and other methods to steal personal information (like credit card numbers, personal information, medical records or account login IDs and passwords) that they either sell or use themselves.
For example, last year a Russian gang perpetrated a massive theft, swiping 2 billion usernames and passwords as well as 500 million email addresses. There are a frightening number of hackers out there with the skills and motivation to commit serious cybercrimes. Defense alone carried the Broncos while Peyton Manning was out earlier in the season, and it carried them all the way through the post season, culminating in a 24-10 championship victory.
The fun you had watching that hilarious video you downloaded may not be worth the misery it can cause your system. Flash cookies are small bits of data that their creators can use to save Flash-related settings, among other things.
If you make a habit of it, it's a given that you'll be attacked at some point," says Roger Thompson, chief research officer with security firm AVG. Security software company Trend Micro provides a good example of what these attacks look like.
On the other hand, weigh the privacy implications of services like FourSquare or the new Facebook Places feature, and consider how much you feel comfortable divulging.
Because the buttons are attached programmatically, they should not be interpreted as editorial endorsements. You agree to the terms and conditions of this site and agree to not alter or modify the posters in any way and to not remove the copyright message. Why is the lack of qualified information security professionals a more troubling conundrum for organizations than it was even a few years ago? One of the primary reasons is the evolving cyber security threat landscape, which is fraught with a growing number of attacks of ever-increasing complexity.
Morgan), 2015 is likely to bring a similar spike in intrusion attempts and make life more difficult for those professionals charged with security operations management. Last year, for example, a group of hackers seized control of 1,600 accounts on Stubhub—the online marketplace for tickets to sporting events, concerts and other shows—and stole $1.6 million in ticket value. Government agencies tasked with fighting organized crime are still scrambling to assess and figure out how to combat the threat but have had inconsistent success thus far. Here are some of the hazards you may encounter, how dangerous they are, and what you can do to stay out of harm's way.
TweetDeck and Tweetie for Mac have preview features that let you see the full URL before you go to the site in question. Brand-new malware can be tricky to catch, but the delay in opening may allow your antivirus software to get the necessary signatures. If you do wish to customize a poster, or obtain the file in a much higher resolution, or to not have the copyright notice displayed – please purchase it from the store or contact me.

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