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To destroy a tank, hit it from the side which requires the biggest angle revolution of the barrel (it takes a lot of time, so we should blow him up before he'll be able to fire at us).
If mercenary using LAW has enough level of the marksmanship we should destroy the second tank without any problems (1), placing our soldier in the shown place (2). I'd link directly to the page, but it's kind of annoying to have the screenshots on 1 page and the actual review on the other, so I'll just paste the review here and link the images along with it.This is, in my opinion, one of the finest games ever made. Ancient Empires 2!It has great graphics, campaign, plenty of maps, multiplayer, story, AI, everything!That's the best mobile phone game ever made and there wont be better.Yeah, it's for mobile phones only.
Man the series was over all good, I hope the game can compensate for what the series lacked and its general weaknesses. IIRC, they never expected to go beyond season 1, and thats probably why they ran out of ideas so quickly.
Pay an attention to which direction tank's barrel is revolved and then attack from the opposite one. It's important to move whole team there and - besides throwers - place them properly so they kill enemy quickly.
But before we eliminate mentioned machines, move our squad, keeping away from the center of location, to the southern-east edge of the.
Firing from that distance won't show our position to the soldiers nearby the tanks, so we'll have a time to switch weapon and draw back to the safe place. Unfortunately all doors are locked so we won't do it without a mechanic with high mechanical. Fan translated japanese versions are on the net somewhere)Turn based RPG with ATBThe game begins as a wanderer named Bartz investigates a fallen meteor. If you don't already know, you've not only been living in a hole in the ground, but you where born there, and will likely die there.Warhammer 40K. If you ever wanted to build your own death star (or dozens of them ) grab this one, planet destroying included.
There, he encounters several characters, one of whom reveals the danger facing the four Crystals that control the world's elements. However, you'll be taking on the role of a Company agent sent to Fox River in order to figure out why a fine, upstanding citizen like Michael got sent to prison in the first place. When you're approaching the goal, check the vicinity because you may find 3-person patrol (as on the screen above).
To eliminate them, set people among the trees so the Thor with KH PSG 1 with telescopic lunette can fire at them from a long distance. The success of games such as Command & Conquer, Warcraft II, and Close Combat reveal the potential for similar offerings. Each hero, unit or facility is a card that can be added to your play deck.Board game mechanics. Don't worry, you'll get to interact with many of the shows characters (more Bellick!!) along the way.
Bartz and his party must keep the Crystals from being exploited by Exdeath's influence and prevent his resurgence.Story aside, I love this game because of the job system. The Imperium of man wages war against the forces of chaos, the heretics, the xenos, and the FRAKKIN ORKS!!!

You have great options to design pretty much everything, you design ships, bases, fighters, drones (which can work in many ways, it all depends on what you put on them, they can be long range tactical missles, interceptors and stuff), ground troops, defensive platforms, sattelites and I probably forgot about something. There is vast technology tree with some funky technologies in late game, planet blasting isn't such big deal here when you can for instance turn whole solar systems in one big black hole. Its great fun to design stuff as you don't have preset functions for ships its all about what you will load in their hulls, your freghter doesn't have to be plain normal freighter, it can be armed to teeth if you want, you can bulid mobile shipyards to aid your fleet repairing damaged ships and producing fighters and drones to replace losses, or just build not military variant and send it to big asteroid field to build mining sattelites (of your design too) all around, build orbital defensive bases to secure wormholes, deploy defensive sattelites etc.
Once you gain more abilities as you move on, you can switch to the Freelancer class and use any two abilities from any job.
Its also important to keep your ships supplied with fuel and ammo or they will quickly become useless immobile pile of metal. Downside is somewhat bad interface and not pretty graphics, but if you'll get over it its one of the bestest games out there .
Space Empires V is available too, it has real time 3d combat engine and stuff but Proportions mod for it is still in works . We've got options: training missions, scenarios, random scenarios, campaigns…all available for your entertainment pleasure. The difficulty settings available for each mission include opponent quality, turn limits, and real-time vs.
My favorites: Wights - they drain life from enemy units whit which they heal themselves and units devoured in that way after fight come back alive (sort of) as undead servants, that way you have proper defense for newly conquered cities .
If I don't play as evil doer who raises volcanos in middle of opponent capital city or simply nukes it I'm sure to take some books in sorcery to utilise wind walking (?), basicaly its fly spell, sounds generic? Then try this on warships - one of mightiest units in game, and to spice things up you can turn it to ghost ship (if you have skillz in death magic that is). Theres a story-mode with set missions but some of them (that fight with forescythe, and Wylon's flight) are near impossible.
This allocation menu allows you to select what your mining stations are bringing up from the ground every turn. Instead, you will be managing them so that you will always have what you need to continue production and power generation every turn. He goes to this fair, meets this girl, and runs into an old friend who made a teleportation device. Everything from your vehicles, to your buildings, to your infantry, all use raw materials to come to be.
To do this, you must use your small initial funds to build a team of mercenaries whom you send to the country in question.
You go from there, to the appocalyptic future, to seeing dinosaurs, and causing many a time-paradox', including accidentally breaking reality. You also use raw materials to resupply your units with ammunition [YES, THEY NEED AMMUNITION.]. You must recapture it zone by zone and in the process find a means of earning money to hire more mercs and buy better equipment. Fuel is what your power generators use to supply your base with energy to continue working. Things like using factories [Just having a factory does not drain your power, but having it produce units will.

And while your mercs' ability to absorb damage may be a bit unrealistic (how many point-blank head shots can one person really stand?), it certainly makes the game more playable.Jagged Alliance 2 deviates from the original in its campaign structure. Finally, Gold, which is dragged up from the ground and refined into gold credits, to buy upgrades for your units. While the map is still divided into zones, you no longer simply move and fight on a zone-by-zone basis. Gold is rare, and it is a lengthly process to convert into credits, but having credits to spend on your units could very well make the difference between victory and defeat. Towns are your primary targets, and you must take and hold these while training a militia to protect them while you are away. Zones between towns contain wandering troops of enemies, and you have the option of retreating, fighting, or having the computer resolve the combat situation for you when you encounter resistance (though the latter almost always leads to unnecessary loss of life).
Numerous buildings are available for construction, from storage tanks to habitats for the colonists. The large number of military units allows you to pursue the military strategy of your choice. By making many units unable to attack certain other units, or, in the case of this ground attack plane, having very specialized units designed to halt the Rush tactic, can take out particular units with ease while remaining safe from harm.The key to success is to combine many types of units together. There is no one unit that can do everything [The Alien Attack Plane is REALLY close to that though, thankfully, it cannot be built by the player and can be removed from the map for capture with a quick pregame option setting.]. While a missile crawler squadron sounds like a really good idea offense wise, with long range and hard hitting shots, you have to factor in their low scan range and hypervulnerability to ground attack planes, with their slow movement speed, your fleet of expensive missile crawlers will soon be a stain on the enemy front door, which he will no doubt scrape up with a bulldozer to turn into raw materials and build up his next attack against you.
Instead, a smart player will send some infiltrator units to their enemy, stealthily disabling enemy units and defenses before moving in for the kill, with armored tanks to soak up damage, and missile crawlers backing the rear with mobile antiaircraft and scanner trucks. With numerous missions, a campaign mode, and multiplayer support, do not expect this game to get old anytime soon.
All structures [With the exception of turrets and radar installations, though it is always a good idea to link your turrets to your base to automatically resupply their ammo.] must be linked to the resources they require. The factory is linked to a generator, which in turn needs fuel to operate, which is in turn, linked to either a mining station or a loaded fuel container. It is entirely feasible to maintain an 'Outpost' of sorts using supply trucks and fuel trucks, but most commonly, bases will have at least one mining station to allow them to operate in the event of their resource line being cut off.)(Last image here.
I started on an island roughly 75 by 75 meters, and branched out onto the mainland and started my own metropolis, as you can see on the mini-map. For the 'highway' that the picture is focused on, my engineer units first built water platforms [Metal platforms built on water bodies which allow you to build on them, but block access for sea units.], a section of bridge [The 'meshy' looking squares.
While looking TOTALLY BADASS and being incredibly functional, in a warzone outside of an 'controlled environment' [I used cheats to super power my missile launchers to plug enemies across the map to keep them at bay.

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