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A generator is used for emergency back up when there are consecutive days without sun or wind. If you're going to go off-road with your vehicle it's important to protect your gas tank because if no gas, no go. The Off Road Air Suspension system on a Jeep, truck or any SUV allows you to raise and lower the vehicle when needed according to the terrain you'll be exploring.
Being prepared can not only help you on the trail but also others who are not as well equipped.

Hopefully you never have to use your vehicle emergency survival kit, but it is better to be prepared. Solar Panel Arrays track the Sun so that they can efficiently capture the Sun's energy source. A generator is used for emergency back up power generation when the sun and wind are absent for several days or when you have a day of heavy energy requirements and you don’t want to drain your batteries. There are additions that you can buy such as the U-turn system that helps tremendously with the alignment when traveling in rough terrain.

In the system described, the wind generator converts wind power to electrical power which is stored in the batteries in the Power House.
It’s important to service the generator approximately every 500 hours, which means every two to three years you need to change the oil and the air filter.

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