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I don't know if I'll actually be able to make the Road Warrior Event Weekend in November, but it's got me thinking about building (or just planning) a somewhat practical survival vehicle (given that internal combustion engines in a post-gasoline era is not exactly practical). What's funny is that when I first started thinking about this, the Jeep Cherokee was the first car I thought about.
Plus the parts availability, both OEM and aftermarket, can't be beat.Keep in mind this isn't my idea of a purpose built Survival vehicle, But If need be I can use it.

I have searched the internets in vain to find an equivalent site for four-wheeled vehicles.
I'd definitely keep some kind of side protection, even if it were expanded metal over a hinged frame. The pickup trucks used to service railroad cars have an exterior roll cage (two tubes that run from the front bumper over the cab to the bed) to protect the cab and I like the idea (and the look).

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