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WASHINGTON (March 8, 2013)—National Geographic Cinema Ventures (NGCV) announced today that it will distribute the giant screen film “Jerusalem,” which takes audiences on an eye-opening tour of one of the world’s oldest and most enigmatic cities.
National Geographic Cinema Ventures is responsible for production and distribution of giant screen, 3-D and specialty films.
Cosmic Picture was founded by Taran Davies and Dominic Cunningham-Reid to produce dynamic giant screen and theatrical films to entertain and educate audiences about culture, faith, history, science and the environment.
Founded by George Duffield and Meg Thomson, Arcane Pictures’ mission is to make powerful and moving films. Based on the best-selling book by O’Reilly and Martin Dugard, the film will chronicle the life of Jesus of Nazareth through the retelling of the intense political, social and historical conflicts during the Roman Empire that ultimately led to his death. Puede eliminar las cookies que ya estan almacenadas en su ordenador, pero pueden impedir el uso de partes de nuestro sitio web.

After years of working with various government ministries and religious and community leaders, the filmmakers were granted the exclusive permits necessary to capture aerial shots above the Old City of Jerusalem, and throughout the Holy Land. Arcane is at the forefront of combining documentaries and the power of cinema to change the world. Jesus lived at a time when the Roman Empire dominated the Western world, and he made powerful enemies while preaching a philosophy of peace and love.
Its most recent film, “The End of the Line,” won the inaugural Puma Creative Impact prize for the documentary that achieves the largest social impact in the world.
Today, more than 2.2 billion people follow his teachings, but the intimate historical details of the time usually remain secondary to his story. The film tells the stories of real-life inhabitants of the ancient city and of prominent archaeologists exploring the enduring appeal of this unique crossroads of civilization. Aside from the breathtaking scenery, “Jerusalem” also explores some of the surprising intersections between Judaism, Christianity and Islam, which come together in this sacred city. In the television dramatization, the described "great king and warrior" Herod the Great is portrayed by Emmy Award-winning actor Kelsey Grammer — long admired by fans for his television persona Dr.

In addition to Herod the Great, his son, Herod Antipas, the tetrarch of Galilee and Perea, features prominently in "Killing Jesus." Anitpas (played by actor Eoin Macken), according to the biblical account, was accosted by John the Baptist for marrying his brother Philip's wife, and referred to as "that fox" by Jesus during his ministry. But rather, all of them equal, to me, to everybody else and that they're strong," Sleiman explained."It's a wonderful thing that I get to do this everyday that I come to set," he added. This uneasiness leads Herod to order the murder of all boys under age 2, but a young Jesus and his family have already escaped.Moving 26 years into the future, we follow Jesus as he starts to develop and spread his message and begins to amass a following of devout believers. The three-hour program will air in 171 countries in 45 languages and also in Spanish on Nat Geo Mundo."Killing Jesus" is produced by Scott Free Productions. For National Geographic Channel, executive producers are Charlie Parsons and Heather Moran.

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