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Picking up where the last movie finished, Jacob has been pronounced dead by paramedics and is taken to the City Morgue along with his many victims, which includes his mother (Nancy Bell).
See No Evil 2 bares a few similarities with the Friday the 13th Series, in particular the relationship between Jacob and his dead mother and his supernatural rises from the dead. RL continues to read and write crossing a number of genres, but still loves watching a good scary movie. While at NYCC I had the chance to participate in some roundtable interviews with the directors and star of WWE Studios’ See No Evil 2, Jen and Sylvia Soska, aka the Soska Sisters, and WWE superstar Kane aka Glenn Jacobs.  Below you’ll find the questions that I asked the talent involved as well as a little summary of some of the other questions that were asked.
Firstly, I just want to say that the Soska Sisters are really nice, exciting and fun to be around.  They came in and gave everyone a hug before we started showering them with questions.
Movie Buzzers: Will you be appearing in the film as well since you tend to act in your films? Movie Buzzers: Why did you decide to return to the role of Jacob after initially being killed off? On last week’s “WWE Monday Night Raw,” Kane lost his match to Roman Reigns and then went back to The Authority despondent.
However, the WWE rumors that have popped up are not positive for more serious fans of professional wrestling. These WWE rumors could not bode well for Kane, because if he is wrestling as a character from a movie, the WWE will cost him even more credibility as a wrestling character. Hottest Miami Heat cheerleaders in the 2016 NBA PlayoffsThe Miami Heat are in the 2016 NBA Playoffs taking on the Charlotte Hornets in the 1st round and rooting the team on are the super hot Miami Heat cheerleaders.
One thing that stands out is his hands are very relaxed which takes away from the weight of the chain and axe.

His mother is a religious nutcase who regularly kept Jacob (Glenn Jacobs: WWE Smackdown) locked in a cage, and tortured him during religious ceremonies. This is a good adaptation of a Slasher movie, ticking all the boxes and keeping the audience entertained. After raising three daughters, RL lives in rural Victoria with her husband and furry son, chocolate labrador, Max. We retired from acting after American Mary and then people said your expletive idiots for doing that.
Evil Dead’ Roundtable Interview Highlights with Bruce Campbell, Sam Raimi, Lucy Lawless and More!
Without saying a word, Kane simply handed his mask back to Stephanie McMahon and walked off as she held it in her hands.
This second go-around has some positive buzz as it is directed by cult favorite directors The Soska Twins (“American Mary,” “Dead Hooker in a Trunk”). PWS reports that the WWE wants to find a way to tie in Kane’s character with “See No Evil 2.” This could mean bringing Kane back – not as Kane – but as Jacob Goodnight to wrestle at events. Plus, if the WWE wants Kane to portray Jacob Goodnight in the ring to promote “See No Evil 2,” how long will it be before Hornswoggle starts to accompany him to the ring as The Leprechaun? Subsequently, Jacob was turned into a psychopathic twisted killer, hell bent on purging his sins. In two hours it is Amy’s birthday, and she had planned to go out drinking with her friends, but volunteers to work late to help Seth manage the overload of incoming bodies. Will senses Seth’s attraction to Amy and, being an overprotective brother, tries to stop him from asking her out.

After a tiff, Amy walks away to cool off, and Will and Kayla hit it off and start making out. From the time she was young, RL has been an avid reader, and was introduced at a young age to the works of Edgar Allen Poe, and Stephen King. She is currently editing her first novel, which she deems ‘soft’ science fiction; A Lunatics Guide to Interplanetary Relationships, and hopes to traditionally publish.
We love you guys, we want you to do more stuff like Hitchcock but I just never want to jump the shark and be an uninvited guest in my own film.  Like everybody stop the movie, it’s the directors cameo, calm down. The sisters have promised that their horror movie will not be generic and they have proven to have a good track record with creating powerful women, making it look like Jacob’s victims might have some fight in them this time around. Intriguing Horror fans, the film’s open ending left room for a sequel and now eight years later See No Evil 2 is unleashed. Seth returns to working on preparing the bodies for burial or autopsy while the birthday party continues without him.
They find much more than they were looking for, when Jacob returns from the dead to finish what he started. RL takes inspiration for her work from her love of all things strange, weird, and the funny situations in everyday life.

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