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National Geographic Channel's first-ever docudrama, Killing Lincoln, combines re-creations with historical insight in a thrilling chronicle of the final days of President Lincoln. Jesse Johnson portrays John Wilkes Booth in the television film Killing Lincoln based on the best-selling book by Bill O'Reilly.
Theres’s a scene early in Killing Lincoln that’s both an eerie coincidence of timing and a reminder of what Lincoln screenwriter and historian Erik Jendresen means when he says there are many details about the assassination of the 16th U.S.
In showing John Wilkes Booth’s prowess as a stage actor — reviews at the time hailed Booth as one of the most promising young actors of his generation — Killing Lincoln recreates Booth’s performance as Richard III in a stage production of Shakespeare’s play at Cleveland’s Academy of Music in May, 1862, three years almost to the day before he would murder Lincoln on April 14, 1865 — Good Friday. Jendresen could not know, of course, that Richard III would be in the news the week Killing Lincoln finally airs. Killing Lincoln, a National Geographic made-for-television film narrated and hosted by Tom Hanks and starring The Killing’s Billy Campbell as Lincoln and relative unknown Jesse Johnson as Booth, premieres Sunday on Canada’s National Geographic Channel, the same night it makes it U.S.
Richard III’s skeletal remains were identified earlier this month in Leicester, England, after being found buried in an unmarked grave beneath a supermarket parking lot, where they had lain undisturbed since 1485.

The discovery of Richard III’s remains and their later identification though DNA, has sparked a reassessment of the reviled king’s place in history, and possibly even a revision of history. Jendresen, a historian and Emmy Award-winning co-producer of the HBO miniseries Band of Brothers, saw no need to revise history when writing Killing Lincoln, however. Killing Lincoln has little in common with Steven Spielberg’s Oscar-nominated feature film, Jendresen said.
And then there’s this, from Gilligan’s Island creator Sherwood Schwartz: “There’s a lot of underlying philosophy to the characters on Gilligan’s Island. My first TV memory was of being menaced by a Dalek on Doctor Who — the original, scratchy, black-and-white Who. I was there to witness "the new dawn of the sitcom" in the mid-1990s, followed — inevitably — by the glut of terrible sitcoms in the early naughts, a glut that led, directly and indirectly, to the rise of reality TV. It was an immense mistake, and an immense tragedy — something I think he came to realize toward the very, very end.

Ours is really the story of the tragedy and the irony of history that, after the ending of the Civil War, the signing of the surrender and passage of the 13th Amendment, Lincoln had a moment — literally — of perhaps 48 hours in which he was able to shed all the grief and pain and burden of responsibility he had been living with. They’re really a metaphor for the nations of the world, and their purpose was to show how nations have to get along together . We get a glimpse of that man in our film, a glimpse of the man with some of the weight off his shoulders, for just an instant before it all ends. Or, if you prefer, TV is a metaphor for the nations of the world, and Gilligan’s Island was really a message about why we don’t all get along. The security Lincoln had around him was there solely to get him from place to the next, not be there with him.

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