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One of the more comedic anime to air during the Spring 2012 season was Kore wa Zombie Desu ka?
Ayumu Aikawa, a normal teenage boy turned cross-dressing zombie-masou shoujo, finds himself caught up in battle after battle as old enemies return and new ones take to the stage. Continuing with its success in the first season, Dyson Air Multipliers also make frequent cameos in the second season. The animation quality was consistent throughout the series, and the character designs were kept the same as the first season, which is what I would expect from Studio DEEN. Yeah, I was expecthing the thing with Chris to conclude in this season, but considering how they left off, chances are good that there’s going to be a third season.
It’s a good series to watch if you just want to kick back, relax, and enjoy something funny.
Hopeing for season three, because this is the best anime i have watch, im not watching other anime until this anime have a good ending, i promise and plege until i die. Enter your email address to subscribe to Nopy's Blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.

Un pregunta, yo se que saldra una ova de la segunda temporada, pero es el capitulo 11 de la segunda temporada, de casualidad tenes informacion de cuando saldra esa ova. Thankfully, his harem of Eucliwood Hellscythe (the necromancer that saved him and turned him into a zombie), Haruna (a genius masou shoujo), and Seraphim (a vampire ninja) are still living with him. I’m a little miffed that they ended just as they were getting into a bit of the back story of the world. Fortunately the comedy was still hilarious, the fanservice was sexy and all the characters were very likeable like in S1. I like random and druken comedy, like Gintama, and S2 of this anime is just as crazy as well. Produced by Studio DEEN and lasting only 10 episodes, this anime continues where the first season left off and continues to add more characters and more craziness.
For example, one of the new characters in this season is Chris, a pink-haired fairy that’s always drunk (go figure), and pukes rainbows. Except for some of the more hilarious moments, I probably won’t remember much of the series after a while.

It included things like fixing Haruna’s magical chainsaw, curing an ill Eucliwood, reconciling with an old enemy, finding a way to defeat a new enemy, and upgrading a cross-dressing zombie.
The disconnected plot makes it hard to remember what happened because each arc seems like a separate story with the same characters, and you end up forgetting about the less important ones.
There is very little plot continuation between arcs and it seems almost like the story was written in a drunken frame of mind.
That’s not a bad thing though, since the main selling point of the series is its crazy drunken comedy. Sarasvati also has a thing not for Ayumu, but for his ass; how many girls out there actually fall in love with someone’s ass? I thought this season was funnier than the first, and it is definitely the funniest anime so far this year.

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