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A decade ago today, more than 50 million people lost power during the great Northeast Blackout of 2003.
Power outages cost the economy between $18 and $33 billion a year, according to a recent report from the Department of Energy. Obviously, power outages are unpredictable by nature and "we'll never be able to eliminate [blackouts] entirely," Jay Apt, a former NASA astronaut and physicist and director of the Carnegie Mellon Electricity Industry Center, told Reuters.
This week, the Obama administration called for an increase in spending to upgrade the nation's electrical grid as we face the "increasing incidence of severe weather." The Department of Energy report doesn't mention any numbers, but experts estimate the cost somewhere in the hundreds of billions.
People walk out of downtown Manhattan towards the Brooklyn Bridge on August 14, 2003 in New York City. Thousands of New Yorkers walk along the Brooklyn Bridge away from Manhattan August 14, 2003 in New York City. Pedestrians and traffic leaving downtown Manhattan crossing the Queensboro Bridge after the onset of the largest power blackout in American history, August 14, 2003. New Yorkers sleep and wait for their train August 15, 2003 at Grand Central Station in New York, New York.
Brooklyn residents eat by candlelight August 14, 2003 in a Brooklyn restaurant during the power outage.
The Manhattan skyline is dark as the sun comes up on the morning after the massive power failure caused the largest power outage in the nation's history.
The Northeast Blackout of 2003 was a massive power outage that occurred throughout parts of the northeastern United States and Ontario on Thursday, August 14, 2003.
I looked outside my window and saw people in the park talking and trying to figure out what was going on. About a half hour later I took my flashlight, and walked down the 6 flights of stairs to mingle with the people in the lobby of my apartment building, those on the street, and others trying to keep cool in the park.

Back in the lobby, where the building staff was hanging out, I met my neighbors, who live just across the hall, Julie, Jim and their baby daughter, Grace. I ate dinner with Jim and Julie on their terrace and relaxed in the breeze that had taken hold.
Just before dark, I went home, left the hall light in the ON position, opened my bedroom window, spoke to family and friends who live out of state and were concerned, then fell asleep with little effort. On a remote view, I saw the next terrorist attack being in Michigan with terrorists coming in from Canada during the blackout. On August 14, 2003, the power went out at 4:12PM across the Northeastern United States and Southeast Canada. Estimated time of arrival is 10 business days + shipping time, unless coupled with products that have a longer stated production time. This All Over Print design is made with high-quality, 100% spun polyester that delivers the look and feel of organic cotton without ever cracking, peeling or flaking. We print our shirts using dye-sublimation, a technology that allows for us to produce these insanely vibrant all over designs. The Manhattan skyline is dark as the sun comes up on the morning after the massive power failure caused the largest power outage in the nation’s history.
An aging electrical grid, a series of technology flaws and a few overgrown trees led to a cascading series of outages stretching from New York City to Ohio and up into Ontario, Canada. That number can shoot upwards of $75 billion during years with extreme weather events, such as 2012's Superstorm Sandy. Although not affecting as many people as the later 2003 Italy blackout, it was the largest blackout in North American history.
I heard stories people trapped in stalled trains, walking through the tunnel system, coming up through manhole covers in the street.

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Due to this process, the product may contain smudges or irregularities along the seams or under the armpit of the sleeves. That number can shoot upwards of $75 billion during years with extreme weather events, such as 2012′s Superstorm Sandy. It affected an estimated 10 million people in the province of Ontario (about one-third of the population of Canada), and 40 million people in eight U.S. It stays wrinkle free and soft to the hand forever, able to withstand summer festivals, late nights and world domination with style and grace. Each item is a unique, 1 of-a-kind product, printed exclusively for the customer who ordered it. Verizon trucks and other emergency vehicles were seen and heard everywhere, yet there was a calmness in the energies.
Integrating such sources requires adapting a system that is finely tuned to balance the amount of electricity being used with the amount of electricity being generated with fickle winds. Swanson Getting animated about the smart gridWhether we want it or not, the "smart grid" is on its way. David Biello reports February 12, 2009 What If the Smart Grid Isn't So Smart?New analyses show that equipping consumers with real-time information about electricity prices could crash the grid.

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