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The author went on to express his faith in the existing gas lighting system, operated by the Haggart Manufacturing Company (located on the north side of Nelson Street). 1885 James Oscar Hutton installed a 100 horsepower generator on the Credit River to power his woollen mills in Huttonville. This installation began the story of electricity in Brampton. 1886 A 2,200 volt line was built to bring the first electrical power from the Huttonville plant to downtown Brampton.
The first lamp to be illuminated by electricity in Brampton, shone so brightly that people across the street were able to read the fine print of a newspaper.

The reluctance of the townspeople to accept electricity was dispelled following this event. 1903 John McMurchy, who had been operating the Huttonville Generating Station since 1897, purchased the plant in 1903. The market opens to competition on May 1, 2002. 2000 The Brampton Hydro-Electric Commission is dismantled and ownership of the utility is turned over to the City of Brampton. To accommodate this growth, Hydro One Brampton builds a new transformer station to service the expanding residential development in the north-west end of the city.

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