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Iveco Power represents the new version of the catalog of spare parts for trucks, vans and buses Iveco (including military vehicles and fire trucks) of all previous versions of programs called Iveco Compact and distributed on CD. Desde el ano pasado los paises  del sur del continente americano han estado celebrando el bicentenario de independencia de la colonia espanola. La Independencia de los Estados Unidos en 1776 y la Revolucion Francesa en 1789 dieron hincapie para que muchos revolucionarios en latinoamericana vean mas real la posibilidad de una independencia de la corona espanola.  El primer pais en independizarse fue Haiti  en 1804, esta revolucion sento un precedente universal que condujo a la abolicion del sistema esclavista. Fue un proceso belico muy intenso e heroico que permitio que todos estos paises puedan determinar su destino politico y economico por si mismos.  La colonizacion espanola duro alrededor de 300 anos y dejo profundas raices culturales y representantes de un mestizaje que muchos son representantes en Latinoamerica. En realidad lo que festejamos ayer en Argentina es el bicentenario de la Revolucion de Mayo, el comienzo de un proceso que llevaria a declarar la Independencia recien en 1816. Muchas gracias por tu aclaracion, tienes toda la razon, falto aclarar el festejo de esta fecha en Argentina.
Hola,la hora de salida oaiicfl es a las 8 desde ley independecia, pero a veces se da una tolerancia de 10 a 15 minutos..
While neither of the two gentlemen say openly that their re-election is the one and only purpose of the maneuvers, one can deduce as much, since no other purpose would explain their acts.
I’m the first to admit that Honduras needs some reforms to decrease corruption and increase the rule of law and democracy.

Forms of government, with Presidential Republic - the present form of government in Honduras - in the center.
The democracy can thus be strengthened by Congress, today, without changing the fundamental form of government.
This blog was originally set up to inform about the events of the political crisis in Honduras 2009, and that information can still be found in the archives. Ano atras le clavaron un mango en el cogote a Nicolas para pedirle algo… ?Que fruta le pegarian hoy? Hoy en dia se llama Madre Patria a Espana y miles de personas curiosas por su descendencia espanola investigan el proceder de sus apellidos, lugares y se sienten identificados. Never mind that the poll was fixed, and never mind that it had not been decided in democratic order.
What these presidents are doing is, however, the polar opposite – while managing to convince part of the population that they are doing it to help them. A parliamentary democracy increases the rule of law and decreases corruption, there is empirical data to support that. It will still be a Republic, the President will still be separate from Congress and elected directly by the people for a single four-year term.

With this little graph I hope that I have illustrated what can done to protect and improve democracy on the continent instead. The content gradually shifted to debate reforms aimed at increasing democracy under the rule of law, and thus raise the standard of living for all in the country. The only change is that his cabinet must be approved by Congress, and that Congress can fire them if they disapprove of their work.
And now the new president, Porfirio Lobo, is using the same arguments, the same words, while trying a different strategy that at the end of his term will lead to the same result: The constitution being thrown out so that he can be re-elected. They claim that it is done to give more popular democracy, but it is done at the expense of rule of law.
Also, the decisions must be taken by the Cabinet in a quorum, although formally it is the President as the head of the executive who will sign off on them.

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