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Local filmmakers Rodrigo Dorfman, Altha Cravey, Penny Simpson, and Charlie Thompson of the Center for Documentary Studies will participate in a panel discussion on the UNC campus in conjunction with the 25th anniversary celebration of North Carolina’s Latin American Film Festival. Hosted by the Consortium in Latin American and Caribbean Studies at the University of North Carolina and Duke University, a reception will follow.
The 2011 Latin American Film Festival screenings, exhibits, and events will be held in the Triangle and in Greensboro November 6-20. All photographs, texts, videos, and other artwork appearing on this website are © 2016 by the artists.
Australia’s BIGGEST and FREE celebration of Latin American music, dance and culture will pump-up the fun to GRANDE volumes when the annual Darling Harbour FIESTA Festival kicks-off this October 2014. From multi award-winning Uruguayan animations to Venezuelan comedy and a feature-length documentary about the Kallawayas of Bolivia, the three-night program of Spanish-language films with English subtitles spans a spectrum of genres to suit all ages and tastes.
Screened at the Montreal, Vancouver and Cleveland International Film Festivals, this feature length film by director, Toshifumi Matsushita, is a charming coming of age story in the Quechua language.
This feature length, gentle comedy about family ties across generations, won multiple awards in the 2012 Venezuelan Film Festival.
Circo Esperanca wanders through southwestern Brazil, charming townsfolk with their outrageous acts and sideshow freaks.
The NC Latin American Film Festival celebrates the power and artistry of Latin America's film and audiovisual production. The Festival was founded in 1986, by Sharon Mujica and for more than two and a half decades has shared both classics and new releases from different genres of a rich and prolific Latin American cinema tradition. Audiences have been exposed to a wide range of critical and responsible narratives from Latin America and the Caribbean.
The Festival is produced and organized by the Consortium in Latin American and Caribbean Studies at the University  at UNC-CH and Duke University and directed by Miguel Rojas-Sotelo. The festival also promotes other film related activities throughout the year, including film series, documentary work, film discussions, and film screenings. The Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) announced the Latin American movies that will participate this year in the schedule. Posted by Juan Gavasa on August 22, 2014The 39th edition of the Toronto International Film Festival highlighted the participation of 39 films that are the first or second production of exceptional filmmakers from Canada and all over the world and that will be displayed in the 'Discovery' section of the Festival. The fake charges directed to some 'Lorena Ruiz', start plaguing Olivia, who has to descend to the dark labyrinths of Chile's Charging System in order to face the unknown woman.

La Salada presents the experience of Argentina new immigrants, through three stories that take place in La Salada, Argentina's biggest and most informal street market. In his second film, the Colombian director Oscar Ruiz Navias (Crab Trap) follows young street artists as they explore the vibrating and exciting environment of Cali, the director's hometown.
Desperate to grant the last wish of his daughter, who faces the terminal phase of an illness, a man in grief sees himself in a vortex of blackmails and trickeries in this raving and stylized thriller of the Spaniard young director. In the densely populated Sao Paulo, a young architect discovers a clandestine cemetery as he walks by the construction site of his first important project. Monthly newsletter featuring articles hand picked by our country managers from the best content across PanamericanWorld. Monthly newsletter featuring articles hand picked by our country managers from the best content across the Caribbean Region on PanamericanWorld. This year’s festival will feature a series focused on narco-trafficking and the related themes of violence, corruption, injustice, and migration.
He has a map that marks the location of the lost El Manila treasure and goes in search of it.
Thirteen year old Kunturi lived a traditional life with his family near a salt lake, Uyuni. Her name is spelt the same backwards and forwards and she is often teased at school because of it.
Its mission is to provide a space in North Carolina for Latin American images, sounds, and stories to reach a wider audience.
Beginning with only 3 films, the Festival has grown to encompass up to 16 campuses in the Triangle, Greensboro and the Charlotte areas, with up to 50 screenings. The Festival has invited important filmmakers and directors from many of the 26 countries of the region, it has shown films in 13 languages (not only Spanish), and has become a bridge between universities and cultural centers in the region.
Partnering with educational and cultural organizations helps to bring exciting material to the area.
Nevertheless, in every step she takes in this underworld, the line between the identities of Olivia and Lorena gets blurry. While some terrible memories get to surface, he must fight his consciousness and question his own heritage. But his disorderly gambling behaviour gets him into trouble and the crew maroon him on an uninhabited island.

His three devoted children, Montserrat, Anita and Salvador, make the difficult decision to send him to hospital.
When Anina gets into a fight with a girl named Yisel, their punishment is sealed in envelopes which they’re forbidden to open.
They keep their audiences laughing but when the show is over, Benjamin ponders his existence and his lack of a real home. The Festival provides filmmakers the opportunity to showcase their work in a stimulating and community friendly context.
In response to the demographic changes in North Carolina, the Festival has also screened multiple films and invited speakers on issues such as migration, globalization, and new political landscapes in the Americas.
When it arrives in the town on Macha, where the ‘Tinku’ festival takes place, Kunturi’s life changes forever. But with Carlota his loving granddaughter as a willing accomplice, he plots to escape and sail from Venezuela to Salvador de Bahia in Brazil, as he once promised his deceased wife. One day he runs away to lead a normal life with a wife, a stable job and a place to call home. This movie was selected in the competition for 24emes Rencontres Cinemas d’Amerique Latine de Toulouse, France. It’s here that he falls in love for the first time with Ulala as they share a simple but profound dream: to run across the immense white sea that is the Salar de Uyuni, until they reach the end of the horizon.
This beautifully animated film won Best Film in the 2013 La Habana International Film Festival and is Uruguay’s submission for Best Foreign Language Film, Oscar Academy Awards 2014.
The Clown is a touching comedy-drama that explores the beauty of following our dreams and the road to self-acceptance. As Obdulio begins to understand the lyrics, he starts to write his own Murgas, which is later performed by the mysterious Carnival band. This multi-award winner, including Winner of the 2012 Huelva Latin American Film Festival is also Brazil’s entry for Best Foreign Film at the 2013 Academy Awards. Reminiscent of Cinema Paradiso and Fellini films and suitable for all ages, this movie celebrates life, friendship, and the magic of knowledge.

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