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LDS Emergency Resources provides disaster support, preparedness training and food storage prep.
First aid list:  a small first aid kit should always be handy as disasters are becoming more and more frequent.
Keep escape routes in your home: in case of an emergency, like fire or gas leak, there should be an escape route so that one can save himself escaping through the back door. Discuss with your friends and family well before hand where to meet when separated: keep a relatives’ place as the meeting place outside your house. Keep important documents safely:  it is a good idea to scan your important documents such as passports and family documents and save it on your email so that it can be recovered later on from any computer.
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CHECKLIST - How to build an LDS 72 hour kitLDS Emergency Preparation and 72 Hour Kits The best advice any survival expert could offer you, is to prepare for the types of catastrophes (natural or otherwise) youd face where you live. CHECKLIST - How to build an LDS 72 hour kit3 good reasons why Latter-day Saints need a 72 hourkitReason #1 - Prepare Ahead of Time - You simply cant guess whenthe next dilemma or perhaps serious events like a terrorist attack,natural disaster will occur.
CHECKLIST - How to build an LDS 72 hour kitpermit and wherever permitted, planning for and creating a long-termsupply of survival basic food stocks such as wheat and other grains,legumes, beans, as well as other main food staples.Question #3 - Do we need a 72 hour kit for everyone?YES, everyone. CHECKLIST - How to build an LDS 72 hour kitWe offer a large variety of survival kits from single person baggie 72hour kits to 20 people, multiple day options. CHECKLIST - How to build an LDS 72 hour kitLDS 72 Hour Kit ChecklistSHELTER - FIRE - FOODAs you begin prepping, look at everything you buy and make sure itfits into one of the three words - shelter - fire - food.

CHECKLIST - How to build an LDS 72 hour kit? Aqua Blox 3 Pack - pre-packaged boxes of waterEmergency Food Supplies Everyone reacts differently during a crisis situation.
Build Your Own 72 hour survival kits it’s quite easy to assemble as well as instructions on how to put together that will allow you to live completely when emergency comes. Introduction Presently, disaster preparedness has been on themind of almost every individual. To Survive = Need Survival Kits?In order to survive in a disaster you will require certain equipment. Raise Up Your Chances It is important to note preparing early before a disaster can help raise your survival chances.
Shut Down Your Home in 5 Minutes? Natural gas : Most valves are located outside , and require a wrench for shutoff. Shut Down Your Home in 5 Minutes?Water: To shut down your house’s water, simply locate and turn off the main water valve, which typically is located in the basement. Shut Down Your Home in 5 Minutes?Electricity: If flooding is possible, locate your main circuit box and shut off the main breaker. Tips to Buy Your Survival Gear? Pick the right SIZE and still fulfill the FUNCTIONS desired.? Set your budget $$$.
We also have the LDS food storage calculator which will tell you how much food, sugar, milk etc. Canned meat and fruits are available which can be bought over the counter for use when a disaster strikes. However, we also offeryou the option to build your very own 72 hour kitNOTE - Below is a list of 72 hour kit essentials.
Therefore, start with thebasics and set aside at least enough water to last 72 hours, and thenplan for more using 55 Gallon Water Barrel Package.Emergency Water Your emergency water supplies need to be potable aswell as portable.

Especially in theworld today that is unstable and exposed to anumber of catastrophes and emergency events, itis a necessity to be prepared. Emergency kits of preparedness and survival disaster kits are essential for any individual that wants to be ready. Please understandthat you dont need all of this; pick and choose what best suits yourindividual needs, circumstances and financial means. Keep in mind that you may have to be on the moveand lugging a gallon jug of water will be a pain. This stocking up will help in disaster management and one can be prepared for his survival in acute conditions.
He sees the coming storm, knows the forces operating to produce it, and calls aloud through His prophets, advises, counsels, exhorts, evencommands-that we prepare for what is about to befall and take shelterwhile yet there is time.
You shouldnt be duped into supposingthat simple because you bought or built a personal 72 hour kit that youhappen to be done. However,consider each item in this LDS-focused 72 hour kit checklist againstthe specific types of disaster situations you will most likely face withinyour area.Finally, understand that your LDS 72 hour kit needs to be made up ofseveral more compact crisis-specific survival kit sections.
An individual might go a few weekswithout any food on the other hand, most people cant last more than3 days and nights without having drinking water.Dont Plan On The Calvary Showing UpThink back on what happened after Hurricane Katrina. Youremergency plans need to made with the single fact that the Calvarymay never come and youre going to be completely on your own.This single factor is why having good drinking water must absolutelybecome the most important factor of one’s personalized emergencystrategy.

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