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Presiding Bishop Causse Dedicates the Palmyra Bishops’ StorehouseApril 18, 2016Journal Released of 19th-Century Mormon Leader George Q. Heavenly Father knows that emergencies are part of what we’ll experience on earth and has inspired the prophets and apostles to tell us how to prepare.
Cassidy sat on the living room floor examining all the items in her emergency backpack—granola bars, hard candy, canned tuna and crackers, a coloring book and crayons, a flashlight with batteries, a small travel game, a whistle, an emergency blanket, paper and a pencil, and other small things.
When they reached the closet, Mom pulled down Cassidy’s backpack and got out the flashlight.
Looking out the window, they saw that the electricity was out all over the neighborhood, and a thick fog had rolled in. The family gathered in the living room with their emergency backpacks and everyone chatted excitedly. Read aloud: Members of the Church have been counseled for many years to be prepared for adversity. Before your FHE, gather together the basic supplies you’ll need to get a 72-hour kit made for each of your family members.
Aleah is a graduate of Southern Virginia University, where she studied English, Creative Writing, and Dance. A lot of people are interested in either obtaining or creating a kit to “grab and go” in case they must be evacuate. A key point that I make is that “all kits are not created equal.” With headlines blaring about the natural disasters taking place world wide more and more newspapers and TV ads are touting their solutions for the best evacuation kits on the earth. For example, not too long ago I heard a very opinionated person in a store declare: “Never use a bucket as a kit container if you have small children because you can’t carry a bucket and carry your child – you’ll have to leave one or the other behind.” Talk about absurd!
First, if your kits are ready and waiting to be grabbed in an emergency, you’ll have plenty of time to put both your kit and your kid in the car, stroller or wagon, or whatever mode of transportation you’ve already decided on. Second, it is one of my recommendations that buckets make much better kit containers than many other options. In “personal preparedness,” the operative word is personal (unless of course you are making a different point, and then the operative word is preparedness). Before you jump on any faddish bandwagon, think it through first and then sensibly make up your own mind. During a mock disaster and evacuation drill in the summer of 1985 the following “garbage can incident” was reported by a Red Cross director in Provo, Utah. Free ScripturesThe Mormon Church distributes free copies of the King James Version of the Bible and the Book of Mormon. There are hundreds of reasons why you may use your kit, and none of them have to do with a disaster. On a pseudo-camping trip with my family, we left all the good stuff at the campsite; we were off visiting some site.
Actually, these are a new pair of tennis shoes, but somebody gave them to me and I thought they were kind of ugly so I put them in my bag with an actual pair of socks stuffed in there as well. So what kind of things do you need to have in your bug-out bag or your 72 hour kit at home? These can be natural disasters, accidents in our home, or problems within in our community. Dad searched his backpack for his emergency radio and began to listen for a weather report.

Whether it is a fire, tornado, or earthquake, discuss with your family what they should do in each situation.
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For that reason I thought today’s blog should contain some words of caution to help you make your decisions – or even re-make – your evacuation kit decisions. You choose which container – of all the good choices – will best fit your needs and find the ways to make it work. All Rights Reserved.This website is not owned by or affiliated with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (sometimes called the Mormon or LDS Church). I do have a little bit of ideas though, that I know that, when they put food and supplies into life rafts on ships – I worked on cruise ships a lot – they put food and water in for the estimated amount number of people for 3 days. It’s an ensemble of tools and supplies, needed to sustain life, minimize suffering, maintain dignity and independence and facilitate appropriate actions in an emergency requiring evacuation. So I have an extra pair of shoes – especially if you happen to be working in an office in high heels – do you really want to have to walk a somewhat long distance in high heels? It’s entirely possible that during a disaster you won’t be able to get home the way you normally get home. Let’s say you have to leave your home and you have to leave there in a hurry and you have to leave your house maybe unprotected.
Sometimes, an emergency can be something as simple as a storm that leaves us without power for a few days or something very dangerous like a fire in our home. One of the ways that we can prepare for an emergency is by having a 72-hour kit or emergency kit made. She quickly pulled down everyone’s backpack, and Cassidy got out the flashlights so that everyone would have their own light.
Then, complete one of our emergency preparedness activities found at the bottom of this page.
With the guidance of Church leaders, individual members and families should prepare to be self-reliant in times of personal or widespread emergency. Include where you can meet if you get separated and what important contact information to have children memorize. For a long time “they” (and you know who they are) have continued to recommend that garbage cans should be used as a container to hold the contents for an evacuation kit. As the drill progressed, it was brought to the attention of the authorities that an elderly, disabled lady who lived across the street from the command center, required help to evacuate. Well, I went through it, like I did with the other things, I tried to find out what is the history of a 72 hour kit?
I solely wrote that down – I thought that was a really great way to really describe what it is. I’ve never used it in a disaster, in an earthquake, in a tsunami, in a hurricane, in a fire – I’ve never, ever used one in that instance.
I was with my mother and my father – I think it was just the four of us – somewhere in the middle of that, my father decides that he really has the need to go to the bathroom. And often times, we just get used to driving to and from work the very same routes, without thinking about other route possibilities. If you have some kind of medicine that you are required to take and you need it to have a supply of, if you needed to leave your house and you needed to have those medicines immediately available to you, you’ll need to have those supply medicines.

A 72-hour kit is a normally a backpack or container that has everything you need for two days in case of an emergency. The views expressed by individual users are the responsibility of those users and do not necessarily represent the position of the Church.
But I’m gonna expand it a little bit beyond the 72 hour kit and talk about some other arrangements.
Fortunately, they actually constructed a brand new bathroom there in the facility so my father jumped out of the car, ran out, went into the facilities and he comes back out and says “There’s no toilet paper”. And it was out in Death Valley so water was not really hurdling around Death Valley, obviously.
So the kind of kit you’d store in your car is far different from the kind of kit you would store in your home. But if for some reason – weather, riots, earthquakes or roads broken, those kind of things – you might not be able to go your normal route. You really wanna leave every one of the things you hold dear and precious to you on your computer? Once all the items have been gathered, talk with each other about why each one is important. I guess you can probably say that we can go way back to the nomads that were moving all over the sands – but who came up with the 72 hour kit? I went “Aha – I have toilet paper!” I reached in the 72 hour kit, pulled out an emergency roll of toilet paper and he was good to go. And so, as we’re cleaning up the wound, trying to do it with the first aid kit, I went “Ah, I’ve got sterilized water!” Looked under the foil bags, in the corner, used that to clean up his wound, clean up mine and spend everything else after it. These are 3-4 examples on how I used my 72 hour kit or my disaster kit, whatever you wanna call it, in a non-disaster scenario. And now they’re flushing it with chlorine so people won’t be able to use water for 3-4 days. Cause in your home, you’re certainly not going to have to walk around or anywhere else – but you might have to if you’re in your car. And so you can certainly drive around aimlessly, trying to figure out the best route to get home, but if you have an area map, you can certainly open that map up and say “Okay, this is where I am and this is where I want to go” – just a plug for next month’s meeting, that’s all what we’re gonna cover, all in depth: If you were leaving, have to evacuate, where are you gonna go?
Then, pick a place to store your kits and ensure everyone knows where they are and can get to them.
Their response was, “It weighed a ton!” “It” was a thirty-gallon garbage can, filled to the brim.” (Excerpt from Preparedness Principles, Salsbury, Horizon Publishers, 2006, p. We all wear our seatbelts and not because you get up in the morning, you get into your car expecting that you’re gonna get in an accident. I looked and looked, trying to figure out where the emphasis on people having a kit that made them prepared and they should be able to prepare themselves for 72 hours – I could not find out who came up with the 72 hour notion. But you wear it because it’s a convenience in case you do have an accident – you are in an emergency, you are covered in that direction- same reason why you’d have a 72 hour kit.
Lots of things to consider – we’re gonna talk about that next time, we’re gonna talk about things to look out for on a map.

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