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Going back to the Washington storm, another storm came along later and was equally ferocious and destructive.
You may look around and discover that you do not have a single amateur radio operator in your membership.
I encourage the students to join up their local municipal emergency preparedness programs, get involved in their local EOC's (Emergency Operations Communications Centres). Leaders Communications Plan - A basic plan to follow for putting your communications resources together. I recomend that church leaders and their emergency communications specialist and emergency preparedness specialists have a look at some files on the Mercury SE web site. Leaders often feel a bit lossed in certain areas of their callings especially when the calling is new. Almost 100 Boy Scouts, leaders, emergency responders & community members volunteered at the request of Jeff Duncan, High Uintah BSA District Committee member, to offer their skills to create a real life response scenario. The evening began with training in CPR by EMT and ambulance personnel, then Scout groups rotated between a number of scenarios. Classic Life Guard brought in their life flight helicopter and discussed their role in severe auto accidents. Moulage (a term for creating fake wounds) was applied to volunteers who acted out specific injuries and memorized vital information to pass along to their Scout responders.
The images will just be enlarged on a new page which you can print or save to your computer. You are,  of course, right from the time you may have been the oldest of siblings in your family and may have been asked by your parents to set a good example.
Are you staying on top of what's happening in the lives of your members and your administrative responsibilities in your calling? Consider what happened in an area in Washington State a few years ago when a ferocious Pacific storm came through. A bishop was told that there was an amateur radio course coming up put on by some members of the church.
The story goes that the church sent in a bunch more volunteers to help and this time sent in some amateur radio operators who had portable communications stations. Here, in BC and Alberta, we have had literally hundreds of members and or relatives and their friends take Basic certification courses.

There they get to be with other volunteers, practice getting on the air on weekly nets, practice message handling, get some knowledge and experience with packet radio, and get to see how a large emergency preparedness operation links together. This is a scouting event put on once a year around the world and is an opportunity for interested scouts to chat with other scouts around the world. That was the question put to Duchesne County Area – Venture Scouts in the parking lot of the Roosevelt West LDS Stake Center on Lagoon Street. The Roosevelt Fire Department demonstrated auto extractions on cars donated by Hirschi’s Body Shop and Palmer Tire. Duchesne County and Altamont Ambulance assisted Uintah County Community Emergency Response Team volunteers as they did a full blown 2 car collision training with 13 injuries.
This information was necessary to assess safely and effectively; IF, HOW and WHO they should assist until first responders arrive on scene. He was told that it would be free, no cost to him at all, "would he be willing to take the course. They were able to radio out for help from specialists in helpful specific fields plus call in equipment necessary to get the job done.
They would all have a good start on any electronic and electrical theory and that is useful as a radio amateur.
You will need appropriate WECS (Ward Emergency Communications Specialists) people for your wards, and SECS (Stake Emergency Communications Specialists). If any of you seasoned leaders have anything useful to contribute to the new leaders that may help them come up-to-speed please share it here.
It was a successful evening and at close many Scouts were asking questions about how they could earn the Emergency Preparedness and First Aid Merit Badges.
The radio communications helped cut the time down to regain some normality to less than half. He went to the local Industry Canada office and showed them his certificates and was able to pick out a call sign and get his Basic certification without any additional courses or even having to write another exam.
This is unheard of but it happened all thanks to two members who were inspired to instruct some quick Basic amateur radio courses. We as LDS should not expect to have a corner on the market by a bunch of us getting trained up, we need to be prepared to work within our community. It’s a good way for future church leaders to get exposed to radio communications in a fun really digestible way.

You probably already have BSECS (Bishop's Storehouse Emergency Communications Specialists).
Now, besides being a great example by your actions, and we are told that we will be held accountable by our actions, what makes a good leader? He did have to study the appropriate Canadian RIC's (radio Information Circulars) to understand what was required of him legally. The course was a Friday evening and Saturday up until around 2 PM when the exams were put on. Our stake centre, as an example, is marked as being a reception centre in case of a disaster such as a large earthquake.
So far we have had many young men under 12 years old get their Basic amateur radio certification.
Likewise, if you have any good links to share on the subject send them along and if they are suitable I'll post them. If you were in a similar situation how would you stay on top of the responsibilities you have?
It has a small ham station set up in it, mostly for training purposes but would be an assett if the building had to be actually used as a reception centre. In other words -  HF bands are not allowed by that mark but will allow you to work VHF and UHF bands and above. If you get 80% or higher you have access to all of the amateur radio bands, something you should aim for. If you were in Salt Lake city with a highly dense member population that may seem practical but that isn't like the rest of North America, some wards and stakes are very spread out. The students really need to continue learning because these sort of courses are just a start.

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