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Flash Mode C- All 6 light bars flash once simultaneously with a brief pause between each flash. Your use of this website constitutes acknowledgement and acceptance of our Terms & Conditions. Samcom Electronics is a Singapore-based ISO 9001:2000 certify company ,established since 1980. The company's core competencies are in the areas of design, development and in the manufacturing of emergency lighting products.
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Wire the controller's black (- ground) and red (+ power) to the power source accordingly. Focus on Quality : Attesting to the Company's belief in developing a leading edge and in providing innovative solutions, Samcom has in place, a comprehensive quality management program at every stage in its processes, from design, to manufacturing and to meet the specifications of their customers. Powerful & Cheep Circuit LED-716 Emergency Light Schematic Diagram LED-716 is one of the most powerful and very cheep circuit. 3-Option switch or Pattern change OptionĀ  1 = Full LightOption 2 = OFFOption 3 = Normal Light Backup Time of the Emergency Light lamp. Battery backup timeĀ of the emergency LED light Circuit At Option 1 ( Full light) = 4-6 HrsAt Option 2 ( Normal Light) 10 HrsHere is the full story that how did i make this post and share with you guys.Actually, someone bring me a DP-716 Emergency LED Light lamp.

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