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The Bombay High Court, while hearing a public interest litigation (PIL), has asked Maharashtra government to consider whether the report prepared by Creative Responsible Integrated Systems Foundation (Crisys Foundation) can be accepted and inform the Court on other steps that can be taken to help snakebite victims. While hearing the matter in detail, Justices VM Kanade and PD Kode pointed out, “We have heard the learned amicus curiae (JD Mistry). The High Court has directed the police in Thane, Maharashtra to ensure that members of Crisys Foundation, which has been helping tribals in the district in case of snakebite, are not obstructed by anyone in carrying out their work. The Bombay HC gave the directive after hearing the PIL filed by Dr Sarita Parikh and Apoorva Agwan, both members of the NGO. If you found this article useful, why not sign up here to receive daily updates from Moneylife straight into your mailbox?
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Banking Developments, 1930-1 932 - FDICHouse passed the bill, known as the Emergency Banking Act.
THE NEW DEALThe Emergency Banking Act provided for federal bank inspections, thus helping restore popular confidence in the wake of widespread bank failures. FDR - Part IV: The First 100 DaysCongress convened on the 9th, and passed the emergency banking legislation FDR wanted - quickly and without a lot of debate. Legislative History of Money in the United States251-275, Federal Reserve Act, Establishes the Federal Reserve.
The Banking Act of 1933 - JStorEmergency Bank act are authorization of national bank conservators, legalization of . Economic Rape of America - Government Rape, Anarchy, and MurderOn January 10, 1961 the Secretary of the Treasury issued the "Emergency Banking Regulation No.
From money in politics to criminal injustice to voter suppression and beyond, how can the U.S.

Felony charges dropped against VA Republican caught trashing voter registrations before last year's election.
In an article by Ian Urbina, The New York Times' now has their story up about the Senate's Emergency Paper Ballot legislation as filed earlier today by Senators Boxer and Dodd. The BRAD BLOG broke the story earlier today in a bit more detail, and along with the actual bill filed. So as the good Senator B, doesn't get the idea we were dissing her bill to the NY Times (We weren't! The statement they used from us, had originally preceded a full direct quote explaining that Election Directors from states like Florida had expressed concern that they might need a Federal mandate in order to take advantage of the this paper ballot legislation. In Florida's touch-screen-only counties, for example, which comprise some 50% of Sunshine State voters, even the Provisional Balloting is done electronically on touch-screen systems! Beyond that, given the short time left here, we're delighted to see this legislation move forward! Someone (I know BBV.org has a start on it) should make provision for training and implementing paper ballot counters, if Brad and his miracle-workers do succeed in ushering this bill into law. I believe that the best way to educate and motivate the public to increase voter participation and to improve the accuracy of the election process is a nationwide vote2win compaign. There was some resistance to the work carried out by the NGO from Anantashram Trust and some adivasis, including an ex-sarpanch and a social worker.
He has also invited our attention to the various provisions in the said Act and the comprehensive mechanism which has been evolved by the Gujarat Government under the said Act to provide emergency medical services to its residents. The Federal government insured people's deposits in banks against losses caused by public panic. The FDIC examines nearly 8,000 state-chartered banks that are not members of the Federal Reserve Board (FRB).

It is established fact that the US Fed Government has been disolved under the Emergency Banking Act March 9, 1933 48 Stat.
We originally called on Congress in article published here a week ago today, to introduce and pass such a bill before their Election Recess coming up at the end of this week. Not by any means!) in the comments attributed to us in the piece, please us allow a clarification.
State election code in Florida, we're told, does not have provisions allowing such elections officials to make paper ballots available, even if they wanted to. The said report contains details about snake problems in India; the main causes for deaths on account of snakebites and the reasons why prompt action is not taken. The report also considers global solutions, which have been found by various countries, including Bombay High Court.
Australia is where the largest number of snakebites is reported every year and the report is about the snakebite management in Australia.
It also takes into consideration whether it is possible to have a Public Private Partnership between Crisys and the Government of Maharashtra. It has given statistical data about snakebites in Maharashtra and the other States in India.

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