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2015 Warning EMP Attack on America a€“ Life After an EMP -90% of all Americans will die within 18 months after an EMP event. 2015 Warning EMP Attack on America a€“ Life After an EMP-90% of all Americans will die within 18 months after an EMP event. Because our infrastructure has a large gap in its electronic securities, there can be what is called an EMP attack. Most items which are dependent upon computerized electronics would fail to work, or in a best case scenario reset them to their default manufacturing state. Granted, you may have a birth certificate and a social security, but if an EMP attack occurs, how is such information verified?
And being as that the government is not known for just taking us at our word, there will be no real way to tell who is who. Those which performed the attack could easily infiltrate the United States as citizens so long as they have the (easily forged) printed documents.
Where I am sure that emergency backup will be used in a no power situation, there will be millions which will be without power indefinitely. Air conditioners (in hot weather) cannot regulate the temperatures for the elderly and so man will perish due to heat stroke. Hospitals will not be able to use essential equipment like defibrillators or even electronic IV systems.
Yes, most vehicles can have the electronic system bypassed to run strictly off of the compression elements. However, most people do not know how to perform this task and so those vehicles which are dependent upon sophisticated electronic systems and push to start electronic ignitions will find themselves without a means of transportation. Only individuals who are living off the grid and harvesting their own produce will be able to have fresh fruits and vegetables. Because the produce in grocery stores is kept fresh by refrigeration and electronic monitoring systems, an EMP may disable such systems. At minimum, the EMP will shut off the power not allowing the refrigeration process to work. Possibly one of the greatest threats of an EMP would be that we would have no communications. Where it is true that direct contact can be made with letter and such, strategic planning as well as news reports and updates would be stopped. Those which are dominated by their electronics and mobile devices will see the highest rate of fatalities.
Those which have learned bushcrafts, firecrafts, and other such needed skills will be those which are most threatening to the government. It can be predicted that an EMP will force survivalist to go deep below the grid in order to survive. If an EMP were to occur, there would be several other catastrophic disasters which would occur as a result of it.
Immediate Martial Law a€“ Under the guise of trying to maintain and restore order an EO would be implemented almost immediately giving the president full power. Financial Collapse of the economy and a cease to foreign relations a€“ As our money will be unavailable import and export will cease.
National Plague a€“ The center of disease control in Atlanta, Georgia is very likely to have a breech in the containment as most of these are based upon computer based systems. Being as how power, refrigeration (which keeps a great deal of the diseases dormant), security, and power are all based upon sophisticated computers, an EMP would put the nation at risk for several plagues.
Radiation and Nuclear Meltdowns a€“ where I would hope that these systems have a backup source to regulate and monitor them. Take into consideration what happened in Japan and multiply that by all the plants which are in the Nation.
First imagined as a troubling after effect in the wake a nuclear attack, EMPs have recently reemerged as non-nuclear e-bombs that silently attack precious electricity. 4 Horses Of The Apocalypse Are Upon Us, The Series, John Hagee [IV Videos] Breaking: Why Humanity Needs This Doomsday Seed Vault?
What’s your biggest concern about surviving life after an EMP attack destroys our grid? But before I do, I could first use your help so that I can make sure these experts focus on teaching you the medical skills you’re most concerned about battling when the SHTF. If you could share your biggest concerns with me in the comment section below, I’ll make sure and target some of the upcoming trainings at those concerns.

If you’ve never watched take some time to now, and ask yourself, how could you better medically prepare if forced into this same scenario? I’m concerned with infections, bad flues or pandemics, dental problems, and injuries requiring surgery. What I have found on many offering these things are they don’t have explicit directions or enough Pictures if any. I understand alot of things since I have been in the med field & growing our own foods. Egg shells ground to a powder & scattered to put calsium back in the soil, great for tomatoes.
I have some medical training as an EMT, but more in depth knowledge about major trauma, including information on suturing and other ways to seal trauma would be nice to have. Acquiring supply of antibiotics, pain,cardiac, asthma, diabetes, etc meds prior grid down. Everything to do with medical treatment with no access to medical facilities from major wound trauma to disease treatment and control. I’d like to be able to recognize, and treat food-borne, and other lack of proper sanitation illnesses, such as E-coli or cholera. Hello Chet, I am interested in the topics that Troy and Krys listed in their posts.I would also like information on parasites and viruses and the natural items that can be used to combat the problem. I can’t help this but i have thought about the same concerns as most people on here have about meds. So for me, this solution would be a very efficient solar refrigerator, with a backup system to protect it from being wiped out by an EMP or CME. I find all of your information extremely educational and you can feel free to send it to my inbox.
I guess what I need to ask is can you give me as much info as possible about as many possible things to prepare for in an event.
If you read or watch much in the way of mainstream news, you probably get the idea that the world is falling apart. In short, things may not be as bad as you would think by watching the news, but they’re still not good. When you consider the recent disasters that have hit the Eastern Seaboard, the devastation in New Jersey after Hurricane Sandy, and various environmental disasters, why would you not spend some time prepping to bug out? Prepping doesn’t have to mean that you spend all of your time getting ready for the end of the world as we know it (TEOTWAWKI). How many out there are in an area that is often hit by hurricanes, tornadoes and earthquakes?
Assuming that a full scale breakdown of society occurred, we could safely assume that we would see fuel shortages, food shortages, strain on medical services, and wide scale looting and rioting within twenty four hours. After a month, the nation’s clean water supply is all but gone, leading to a rise in gastrointestinal distress, dehydration and various other health issues.
Would you rather follow the norm, with people who don’t save, don’t know how to take care of themselves, and have no clue what to do in a disaster?
I like planting my vegetable gardens and cover crops from the grocery store… I never thought about doing the same with mushrooms. David Goodman is a naturalist and hard-core gardener who has grown his own food since 1984.
David writes a regular column for Natural Awakenings magazine in North Central Florida, posts on the Mother Earth News blog, owns a nursery of hard-to-find tropical edibles and grows roughly 1.5 zillion plants on his one-acre homestead.
He currently has over 20 intensive beds, multiple field plots, over 100 fruit trees, two food forest projects in different climates and a series of ongoing experiments in-progress - all of which bring him closer each day to complete food security.
David is a Christian, an artist, a husband, a father of seven, a cigar-smoker and an unrepentant economics junkie.
At its simplest explanation, an EMP would cause a major override to surge protectors and to electronics nationally. Even devices which do not work off of electricity would be affected as the EMP would disrupt radio waves as well as satellite communications. We are already seeing martial law strategies being implemented in cities with have suffered natural disasters, if there is a catastrophic event executive orders for a national state of martial law is probable.
A burst of energy that fries electronic circuits within a blast radius, an EMP could theoretically knock out a power grid if it were large enough.
Syria War Spurs Opening Of a€?Doomsdaya€™ Arctic Seed Vault [Video] 35 Personal Security Tips 35 Personal Security Tips Food Storage Recipe – Cereal Candy Pumpkin Donut Recipe – Using Only 3 Ingredients!!!!

High Blood pressure, high cholesterol, kidney medicines, allergies, diabetic meds as examples. Being a Ham operator I do know a few things & would suggest many read the Ham Books to learn as they say the scheme of things.
Broken bones & large wounds should be addressed along with when to know your out of your depth and need someone with more knowledge. I’m interested in all three of your programs but I feel very vulnerable in the medical knowledge.
I use a Silver cloth with a current controlled battery tied onto the cloth over a wound and everyone(over 25 people so far)that has used this has had excellent results. It is a full face mask that comes with a glass kit but I just tried putting it on with my glasses on and it fit just fine with a little bit of shifting it around. How to treat acute conditions that need antibiotic therapy when there are no more antibiotics available. It was just last year a veteran friend and I were talking about how things are going to hell in a handbag quickly. I want to know as much as I can about as many scenarios as I can, if you are willing to do that. We have seen renewed calls for misguided gun control measures, political wrangling that makes no sense, a ballooning federal deficit, and a ramped up effort to ignite social warfare through higher taxes, excessive entitlements and calls for a transition to political and economic policies that have never worked. Would you feel comfortable if your power and water were knocked offline for more than a few hours? Looking at that list, doesn’t it look like anyone who isn’t taking measures to prepare for the worst may be a little crazier than you?
Or would you rather spend a small amount of time fortifying your lifestyle to be able to adapt to nearly any situation?
If I understand the process correctly, it’s easy to grow oyster mushrooms on straw wrapped in a plastic bag, provided you pasteurize the straw first in a boiling water bath to neutralize competition. That in turn could send a major city back to the Stone Age, or knock out a strategically significant military installation in an instant.
There are very small gaps where your glasses arms are but if you cinch the straps real tight the gap almost disappears. I would also be interested in the identification of plants that can be used as pain killers and antiseptics.
Duke this good can grow most herbs in small areas and indoors or by goin to the baking isle at the store it is a good read as well as informative keep up the good work chet the info. The bad news, is that cracks are starting to show in the foundation of our political system, and especially in our money supply. Also, since you are reading this, you realize that if you have joined the ranks of the preppers, that most people look at you like you’re some sort of lunatic. While we may not see things resembleThunder Domeanytime soon, being prepared for the unforseeable is better than a good idea. They may also be somewhat skewed to emphasize the very real importance of trucking to American society. It would be nice to discuss off the grid energy replacements and hooking the house up to the power without detection especially from looters.
Also please send everything you have plus anything that is listed above that has been missed by you. You are putting out is very usefull also i can give you the name of another site that you can buy med.kits complete for even doing mior surg. I kind of put the idea of what is happening to our country on the back burner, that is until I started seeing more signs. I have come across a few articles on things that didn’t cross my mind until I read them like the medical emergencies.
I need to be prepared as much as I can be and know as much as I can possibly know not just for my family but others in our community that will need our help.

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