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Days before the sun reaches its highest point in the sky, rays slant into the Holtún cenote. SODAThings go better with bubbles—or so it was thought by spa-goers, who often drank sparkling mineral water as part of the cure for what ailed them. On a photo excursion to Costa Rica, Lorenz wanted desperately to photograph red-eyed tree frogs. C-Boy (front) and Hildur lie side by side during an afternoon rain shower in Serengeti National Park. Guide Angel Canul is the last man out of Las Cala­veras cave, having made sure every tourist has emerged safely at the entrance some 60 feet above the water. Infrared light illuminates Hildur and a lioness from the Vumbi pride as they rest after mating.
Archaeologist Guillermo de Anda descends into the Holtún cenote minutes before the moment on July 19 when the sun is directly overhead. CUPCAKEThe downsized cake made its American cookbook debut in 1826, says food historian Andrew Smith.
Older cubs like these Vumbi youngsters are raised together as a crèche, or nursery group. Rarely has a fantasy adventure reached the levels of both fantasy and adventure that The Jungle Books reaches… it is wide-eyed and wonderful, a colorful and joyous spectacle that never loses its heart or its inclination simply to be fun. Once again, sadly, animation has effortlessly kicked the crap out of the live action DC movies.
Pee Wee’s Big Holiday has its problems… obviously the budget and the vision just wasn’t there, but if you keep yourself from comparing it to the classic Adventure movie of 30 years ago, you’ll find a light-hearted and well-intentioned comedy waiting for you. Because there is so much joy and goodness in the world, Game of Thrones is back to take a big steamy shit of sadness on your Sunday nights and we’re just going to sit there as it pinches off a rancid log right into our laps with a gigantic grin on our faces because we hate ourselves and we want to be punished.
A drastic upturn for a series that seemed hopelessly lost at sea with plenty of dramatic reasons to keep watching to see where it goes. It’s lazy writing, cliched situations, and repetitive dialogue with an occasional appearance of a zombie. During a recent capture P22 displayed symptoms of mange and tested positive to poison exposure (photo National Park Service).P22, Hollywood’s intrepid mountain lion that lives in Griffith Park, has survived against the odds.
He journeyed through the second largest city in America in search of a home, crossing two of the busiest freeways—the 405 and the 101–in the country. Truly, it’s something to celebrate that the city that gave us Carmageddon also has allowed a mountain lion to thrive—until now. I’ve been enthralled by this cat and his ability to survive in an urban setting since I first read about his arrival in Griffith Park in February of 2012. NWF staff tour the site of a proposed wildlife crossing over the 101 Freeway near Liberty Canyon (photo Beth Pratt)When staying in Thousand Oaks recently for a National Park Service briefing about the study, I arrived very late to the hotel and an obviously bored, but very friendly night clerk checked me in.
And until now, he has remained relatively safe, and perhaps more importantly, has given no indication he poses a threat to human safety as well.
P22 when he first arrived in Griffith Park in 2012 (Photo Griffith Park Connectivity Study)Yet despite his efforts at avoiding contact with people, despite our best intentions and our cheering him on from the sidelines, human actions may doom him after all.
Test results received last week confirm that P-22 has been exposed to anti-coagulant rodenticide, commonly known as rat poison, and is suffering from mange.
Tests conducted by the California Animal Health and Food Safety Lab at UC Davis showed diphacinone and chlorophacinone in P-22’s blood, two first-generation anti-coagulant compounds. During nearly two decades of research in and around the Santa Monica Mountains, NPS scientists, working with UCLA graduate student Laurel Serieys, have documented widespread exposure to common household poisons in carnivores, sometimes leading to death. NPS Researcher Jeff Sikich collaring and testing P22 (Photo National Park Service)The connection between exposure to anti-coagulant rodenticide and mange, a parasitic disease of the hair and skin, is still not fully understood.

After following P22’s adventures since the beginning, after joining in the effort to advocate for building a wildlife crossing for P22 and his kin, receiving this news of his exposure to poison came as a tragic blow.
NWF California Director Beth Pratt standing within shouting distance of P22 the mountain lion with NPS researchers.P22 and other mountain lions need our help. Los Angeles—and the rest of the world—now needs to prove to P22 his journey wasn’t for naught.
Some new photos and video footage of P22 show that the treatments the scientists gave him for mange and poison exposure may be working.
Our thanks to Griffith Park Connectivity Study and Miguel Ordenana for the recent photo of P22 below.
National Wildlife Federation’s new partnership campaign with the Santa Monica Mountain Fund strives to ensure that mountain lions have a future in the Santa Monica Mountains, in part by helping to support vital research and by working to create a wildlife crossing at the 101 Freeway. The National Park Service put together this infographic about the risk of rat poison and its threat to wildlife. National Geographic: America's Greatest Animals movie was released May 29, 2012 by the National Geographic Home Video studio. The 18th-century discovery that carbon dioxide put the fizz in fizzy water led to systems for producing soda water, then to sweet drinks like root beer, ginger ale, and cola. This once powerful city was built in about the ninth century, likely aligned with four sacred cenotes and with the sun’s seasonal movements. C-Boy feasts on a zebra while the Vumbi females and cubs wait nearby, warned off by his low growls. Vumbi females, stressed and fiercely protective of their young, get cross with C-Boy, though he’s one of the resident fathers. Cupcake gentrification spread in 2000 when Sex and the City’s Carrie Bradshaw nibbled one topped with pink buttercream.
Pride females, united in the cause of rearing a generation, nurse and groom their own and others’ offspring.
Local Maya got their drinking water here until about 30 years ago, when divers found bones. Despite the average home range of a cougar being roughly 250 square miles, he makes do with only eight in a park surrounded on all sides by the city of Los Angeles.
And Angelenos, for the most part, have rallied around him, from editorials in the LA Times calling for the building of wildlife crossings over highways to help cougars move freely across greenspace, to a writer in Los Angeles Magazine playing matchmaker when P23, a female cougar, arrived in the area.
His plight—and the plight of all urban wildlife in the Los Angeles area—inspired me so greatly that I became involved in helping to support the research of the scientists on the Santa Monica Mountain Lion Study through my work with the National Wildlife Federation. She gave me directions to the nearest Starbucks for my morning tea, and then asked me why I was in town. He spends the majority of his time in the natural and more remote areas of Griffith Park, dines predominately on mule deer, and lives up to his species nickname of “ghost cat” for being seldom seen. The National Park Service (NPS) study has previously documented two mountain lion deaths as a result of rodenticide poisoning. Recent legislation banned the retail sale of second-generation anti-coagulant rodenticides as of July 1, but does not impact the sale of diphacinone or chlorophacinone. Of 140 bobcats, coyotes and mountain lions evaluated, 88% tested positive for one or more anti-coagulant compounds.
Mange in wild cats is rare and only two other mountain lions in the 12-year study have developed mange, with both ultimately dying of rodenticide poisoning.
Noting his mangy appearance, biologists treated him with selamectin, a topical treatment for ectoparasitic diseases such as mange, fleas and ticks.
Just last month, I tracked P22 in Griffith Park with the amazing NPS researchers Seth Riley and Jeff Sikich, and stood within shouting distance of P22.

I asked Jeff Sikich today about his condition, “It appears that he has gained some weight since his last capture.
NWF is proud to support this particular campaign and, more generally, to educate Californians and Americans everywhere about ways in which we can successfully co-exist with and even help wildlife prosper in an increasingly urbanized landscape. The elephant, lion, water buffalo, rhino, and leopard are known as the legendary "Big Five" beasts living on the continent of Africa. Because good territory is a precious resource, fighting and displacing competitors are part of the natural struggle. De Anda believes the ancient Maya built a structure at the surface that caught the rays the same way. In the current TV series Cupcake Wars, dueling recipes feature ingredients like sweet tea and chocolate seltzer. Archaeologists have recorded the remains of more than a hundred people, usually shrouded by the water’s primordial darkness. And even though his small territory of Griffith Park is visited by ten million people annually, he has remained largely out of sight.
If P22 had a Facebook page, people would be avidly watching for changes in his relationship status. More is known about mange in bobcats, with previous NPS research finding that bobcats that have ingested rodenticide are much more likely to suffer from severe mange. Biologists hope the treatment is successful, but it remains unclear whether P-22 will fully recover.
I’ve lived and worked in Yellowstone and Yosemite, encountered wolves , bears, and bison in the wild, but standing on a hillside knowing P22 rested and listened as we talked nearby ranks as one of the best wildlife experiences of my life. It is difficult to tell for sure from the photos but it seems that his face may look better but his tail is still thin.
National Geographic: America's Greatest Animals movie This documentary travels half a world away to North America in order to profile which creatures pack enough punch to deserve the same title.
Packaged as a whole-grain health food in the late 1800s, cereal began to evolve in the 1920s into sugar-coated flakes, pops, and puffs.
Advocate for wildlife crossings or other improvements that allow wildlife to move more freely through urban areas to greenspace. Africa has a name for the most magnificent beasts on the continent National Geographic: America's Greatest Animals video.
I prepared to launch into my usual speech about how you are more likely to be struck by lightning than attacked by a mountain lion, when she said, “He’s safe there, right? As Christy Brigham, the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area Chief of Resources, states.
But now, there are other giants that must be recognized National Geographic: America's Greatest Animals review. Half a world away, there is an ensemble of creatures born of equal power and majesty National Geographic: America's Greatest Animals DVD for sale.
America's Greatest Animals takes us across North America on a revelatory mission: which of the continent's landmark creatures deserve to make the list' Which iconic giants command our highest level of respect, reverence and fear'.

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