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Channel 4 and Microsoft’s Xbox Entertainment Studios today announced an innovative co-production deal for bold new drama series Humans, based on the hit Swedish sci-fi drama Real Humans (Akta manniskor). Written by British writing partnership Sam Vincent and Jonathan Brackley (Spooks, Spooks: The Greater Good), Humans is an English language adaptation of Sveriges Television (SVT) and Matador Films’ acclaimed series.
Set in a parallel present where the latest must-have gadget for any busy family is a ‘Synth’ – a highly-developed robotic servant that’s so similar to a real human it’s transforming the way we live.
Channel 4 Head of Drama, Piers Wenger says: “In Humans, Sam and Jon have not only crafted an ingenious and imaginative thriller, but they’re also asking big, thought-provoking questions about how we live. Executive Producer Kudos, Jane Featherstone says: “Exploring themes of love, discrimination and integration, this thrilling, beautifully written series allows us to get under the skin of what it means to be human in the most compelling way. Whether anyone likes to admit it or not, what you wear has the potential to define who you are to people who have never meet you or who you are meeting for the first time.
Hofstra University is a very diverse, liberal arts college, this means there are people here from every walk of life, every country and every artsy major you can think of, and many that are not artsy at all. In my opinion the biggest decision we as college students face when it comes to how to dress is whether to dress up nicely for class or to scrub out and go in sweat pants. Another stereotype about greek life is that greeks don’t make friends outside of their social circle.
At Austin Peay State University prominent stereotypes flood our almost one hundred year old campus while smaller stereotypes trickle through. Another prominent stereotype at the Peay are athletes.You can tell from a mile away if a student is an athlete based on their athletic apparel, tennis shoes and the pack they roam with. Majors play an additional role to stereotypes such as art majors, photography majors, communication and nursing majors. Stereotypes are sometimes inevitable and people are going to make assumptions of the person they think you are regardless of who you really are on the inside and regardless of where you are in your life. Did you know that stereotyping is something that is encountered each and every day?  The Problem with society is that we cannot accept that we are all different.  Many people have seen others as different from themselves but feel that they are in the majority of people that are alike. A stereotype is a preconceived, oversimplified, exaggerated, and often demeaning assumption of the characteristics that an individual has due to his or her membership in a specific group. If one is looking to engage in a little people watching, there are two kinds of places perfect for such a pastime: any cafeteria, or any party. At the same time, it’s also easy to see where the pursuit of multiculturalism has succeeded at Kutztown. A spokesman for Fox confirmed it had been cancelled but it is expected the broadcaster will sell the programme on to other networks because of the potential to make money from international sales. The series began in 2149 where the human race is on the brink of extinction and struggling t to find even enough air to breathe.The premise is that the planet is so overdeveloped, overcrowded and over-polluted that mankind is in a perilous position so a team of scientists create a portal to the past and select a number of people to send through. Miss Conn, who plays doctor Elizabeth Shannon, opts to go back to prehistoric times with her husband and children where people are attempting to re-build civilisation in the Terra Nova colony.The humans are sent back 85 million years to the late-Cretaceous period and battle to survive against a backdrop of dinosaurs and prehistoric dangers. Produced by award-winning Kudos (Emmy Award-winning The Hour, Utopia, Broadchurch, The Tunnel) the new 8 x 60 series will share a 2015 premiere broadcast window on both Channel 4 in the UK and the Xbox platform in North America. When a rushed-off-his-feet suburban father of three buys a refurbished second-hand Synth, he hopes it will relieve some domestic pressure and paper over the cracks of his marriage.
I’m thrilled to be working once again with the team at Kudos and to be partnering with Xbox to bring this extraordinary and epic series to the screen. As human beings we all make judgments about each other based first on physical appearance, because it is what is first presented to us, and second on personality.
Due to this fact many people here dress in very expressive ways from colored hair and combat boots, to flowy skirts and across the forehead headbands. There are certainly pros and cons to either but as far as I have noticed, here at Hofstra as far as wardrobe goes this decision has the most potential to define how others view you. Firstly, because the campus is so small, it would be impossible to have fraternity and sorority buildings. For example, some believe that people who are greeks only care about people in their circle of friends. Some will see people who are in greek life and think about the stereotypes mention earlier.

Generalizations of who someone may be based on what they look like, what they wear and who they interact with. Former Sigma Phi Epsilon President, Jandro Herrera believes that our campus has evolved from what you would see in a high school setting, “I just think that our campus stereotypes have evolved from what you would consider high school stereotypes. You always want to be interview ready, being a part of Sig Ep we pride ourselves on being presentable, put together and ready for success,” says former Sig Ep President. Austin Peay’s Baseball boys in particular stick together like a pack of loyal lions all wearing their numbers and baseball athletic wear with pride.
There are still others that populate our campus such as the typical freshman girl-dresses up her first semester of college as in comparison to a senior girl in her last semester of college that rolls up to class in her hat, Norts and comfy tee shirt.
They all are diverse stereotypes and are usually easy to spot by the eye but of course there are always exceptions to every stereotype. I completely stereotyped him as a “Thug” of someone who constantly gets into trouble and they style of clothing he choose to wear.  However I found that stereotyping has lingering effects that hurt people in a very real way, leaving them at a disadvantage (Kemick, 2012). People want to be noticed and stand out as an individual, but they are more concerned with appearing as part of a group. A party is where you can see how people really are, when no authority is watching, and they’re doing their best to impress everyone around them.
But sharing their life with a machine has far-reaching and chilling consequences – for this Synth, the cuckoo in the nest, is harbouring an extraordinary secret. It is ingrained in the very nature of human beings to try and categorize the things we are presented with in order to help us make sense of them, this is usually a useful tool of the human brain but it can become a problem when we try to categorize other people in this way. While there will always be the select few close minded people no matter where you go who judge others based on how they choose to dress themselves, Hofstra for the most part is a safe haven for creative expression where you can be free to dress however the mood strikes. As much as everyone would like to roll out of bed at the last minute every day and head to class nice and comfy, this look can give others the impression of laziness or uncaring when it comes to physical appearance.
Greek life is one of those topics people get into arguments about people will either disagree or agree with the way of living and actions made by people who are part greek life.
Yes, it is true that people within the greek life community care about people who are in their circle of friends, but doesn’t everybody? Every person chooses who they want to associate with and share their personal life, vales, ideas, and goals with.
There are many stereotypes in our diverse world of people but some are more prominent than others especially on a college campus.
The Greek community at Austin Peay holds up to the status quo of the typical Greek persona and type as what you would see at any other University or college. But Kutztown University is close to the places that are big, places like Philadelphia, New York, Baltimore, Pittsburgh, and Toms River.
But in a cafeteria or at a party, you get a very clear picture of what kinds of people there are, who they hang out with, what they do in their spare time, and what kinds of clothing they wear.
Firstly, you may notice that the cafeteria itself seems to be split up into different sections based on race. There’s the potheads, who will be sitting on the couch the whole party, wearing tie-dye, beanies, and unwashed hoodies. It appears to me that it’s the freshmen that are most concerned with their appearance, and their inclusion in a specific group. This list ranks all the good Native American movies so you know what to watch first if you are looking to learn more about the culture and history of these people. While stereotypes are a quick and convenient way to organize people into groups and make judgments, it is not fair to categorize people in this way because we rarely ever fit neatly into one stereotype and thus you end up making unfair judgments about what you assume a person is like before getting to know them.
On the other hand dressing to the nines every single class can give others the impression of pretentiousness, or that you think you’re better than everyone else.
I mean, you are not going to care about a complete stranger who you know nothing about compared to a close friend you have known for a year or longer and who shares the same goals and values as yourself. Yet, not everyone is like that some try to go beyond their circle of friends and make friends who have different ideas, values, goals, and background, but it depends on each person. People should not be judged as antisocial for being with people who think the same way as them.

The student body consists of people from all of these places, and innumerable more from all parts of the country, and even has a significant number of foreign students.
The ragers, with a drink in each hand, Greek lettering on their chests, and ironic trucker hats. As students journeys toward seniorhood, they clearly become increasingly indiscriminate about who their friends are or what they wear.
These are films that focus on American Indians and their cultures as part of the story's central theme - famous films like Dances with Wolves and The Last of the Mohicans are widely known, but this list also includes lesser-known films like Smoke Signals and Skins. This being said, of course there are some stereotypes at Hofstra University, as there are everywhere in the world, but here what you wear does not have to define you. While these assumptions are far from fair they are real and people will truly come to believe these things.
Yes, it can be seem as outcasting everybody else, but everybody does the same even if they are not part of a greek organization on campus.
As tiny and remote as Kutztown seems, it really has a wonderful mixture of all kinds of people from all sorts of cultural backgrounds. So while there is still clearly some racial division, it’s getting better and better every day. The jocks, with their basketball shorts, ostentatious sneakers, and sports jerseys. The divas, with their spandex leggings, Ugg boots, North Face jackets, Abercrombie shirts, and massive Rayban sunglasses.
I do my best not to discriminate, but, if you ask me, it’s upperclassmen that are the more interesting people, especially at parties. Some of these rank among the best war movies ever produced while others are heartfelt dramas who also have a place with the best costume drama films.
My best advice would be to find a happy medium that works best for you and rock on with it! They will stay with the people in their circle and not socialize with other people, but it doesn’t mean they are unsociable.
Many clubs have restrictive membership policies which do not permit Jews, African-Americans, Indians, Arabs, women, and others to join.
Stereotypes about women, religious groups, minorities, ethnic groups, and so forth are often based on this type of reasoning. Unfortunately, factions exist, and they are noticeable, and they are sometimes uncomfortable. Try to be like an upperclassmen: less concern for appearance and ego, and more eager to make sure their remaining time at college is meaningful and memorable. Maybe they have a hard time making different friends, or to be more realistic some may actually really don’t want to be friends with people outside their circles of friends.
Drawing broad and very general conclusions based on insufficient evidence can therefore lead to harmful results, not only for the victim of the stereotype but also for the person doing the stereotyping (Mosser, 2011). And if you’re cynical, you might resent them all, all but the ones from your own group.
So sure, keep in mind that those who do not know you may be passing quick judgments but always remember that your personality is what truly matters and will shine through despite your wardrobe choice!
Making the stereotype true, but not all people who are in greek life will behave and think the same. But, even in what is almost 2014, people of differing races are still too uncomfortable to eat together, and it’s quite disheartening to see. Their braves, teepees, art, tomahawks, and skill with hunting buffalo are all veritable icons in American Indian movies. It's no small wonder then that they continue to find their way into Hollywood.This is meant to be a list of all the greatest movies about Native Americans of all time, but if you feel we've left out any of the best Native American movies, please feel free to add them to the list yourself in the hope that they will receive enough votes to become the top Native American films of all time.

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