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The life of a teenager can be a crazy one, full of gossip, embarrassing moments, partying, and illegal activities. Cafe de Flore ????? Love makes the world go round, but it can also turn your universe inside out.
Skyfall ????? Sam Mendes brings a stately look with stunning visual touches to the most recent Bond movie. Craig’s harried, stern Bond is as inscrutable and wordless as ever, while his nemesis (Javier Bardem) proves a camp, creepy foe.
In Our Name ????? Suzy, a private in the British Army, returns to a rundown estate in Newcastle after a stint in Iraq and finds it tough to reconnect with her daughter (Chloe Jayne Wilkinson) and squaddie husband. The unfussy shooting style, the casting of actors both familiar from television and unknown and, of course, the dramatisation of a hot-button social issue all recall the films of Ken Loach. The Machine ????? Good British sci-fis don’t come along very often, so this stylish slice of a dystopian near-future should be welcomed by fans of the genre.
Touchy Feely ????? In this observational ensemble comedy from US indie filmmaker Lynn Shelton, we meet a massage therapist (Rosemarie DeWitt) with a fear of touching others. Allison Janney’s widowed Reiki practitioner is as warm and soothing as a worn flannel shirt, and even Ellen Page, as the dentist’s anxious daughter, lets her hair down a bit, although the script is on the clunky side. Detachment ????? ‘American History X’ director Tony Kaye’s dissects of the US school system in this film with a striking ensemble cast – Adrien Brody, James Caan, Lucy Liu, Christina Hendricks and Marcia Gay Harden among others. Enjoy more movie magic with our pick of the best films in cinemas right now and the ten hottest film events in London this week.

Claudia Bushman's book America Discovers Columbus displays the bronze doors designed by Randolph Rogers in 1863 for the Capitol of the United States.
This movies are based upon the likes of teenagers, such as first love,  rebellion, attraction, friendship, glamor or conflict with alders.
Here we have compiled a popular list of teenage movies 2015 for you, just go through it and select a movie which you like and make a party with your teenage friends and sing a friendship song. Best Teen Movies are a big part of our life, culture, country, quotes, life lessons, and fashion statements that stay around your whole life.
Here are ten films new to the catalogue in September 2014, all critically assessed by our expert film team.
That much is clear in French-Canadian writer-director Jean-Marc Vallee’s time-skipping drama, which fuses passionate emotions with ecstatic filmmaking to startling effect. But it’s impossible to argue with the sentiments and churlish to suggest that any voice given to these powerless girls isn’t entirely worthwhile.
Centering on a morally conflicted computer expert working on a robot weapon for his army boss, it’s an engaging story that owes a clear debt to the likes of ‘Blade Runner’ and ‘Metropolis’.

It doesn’t quite work, but the directing style is at times audacious, resulting in a fascinating, hypnotic and sometimes powerful failure. Yet it’s a deft self-portrait of her bumbling misadventures, recalling early Woody Allen retooled for a new century.
So many character come through high school with sexual themes, this themes are very common in new teenage movies, and you can see the charts also in which you will find all top teenage movies are topping the list of charts. But really best teenage movies are like a university for young generation they get all lessons of life, which they did not get from any school, college and from parents also, so must watch the list of teenage movies 2015.
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