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In the original Bug Out Bag Essentials post we went over some of the basic must have items for a Bug out Bag packing list as well as some general tips about picking a bag and survival strategies.
Survival knife – this differs from a standard knife in that the handle is usually hollow and packed with survival gear, making it a mini Bug Out Kit all by itself. In the survival community there is some debate between the utility of a hollow-handle survival knife as described above and a traditional full tang knife as being the best option for a BOB. Water container – any water bottle will do but I would suggest a CamelBak or similar type of hydration system as they carry a large volume and their integration into the Bug Out Bag make them easy to carry. Water Purification equipment – this can be in the form of water purification tablets of something like a LifeStraw or Steripen.
Personal Hygiene kit – This is not required for survival but it will significantly help morale, which is one of the pillars of surviving any adverse situation.
Pepper Spray – this will stop both unfriendly humans and feral animals in their tracks. Cash – ATMs and Banks are unlikely to be functioning, $400-$500 cash is the recommended amount. Sleeping Bag or Camping Hammock – This will keep you warm and off the ground when sleeping.
Survival First Aid Kit – to bandage basic wounds and keep simple illnesses such as diarrhea or stomach problems caused by scavenged water and food sources. Medications for 2 weeks – You will want to exceed the 72 hour rule here because if you make it to safety in that time frame you still do not know when you will be able to access a pharmacy or hospital that has your particular prescriptions on hand.

Foul Weather Gear – This should be customized for your locality and climate as best you can. Wet Naps – These are great for cleaning up dirt or blood when there is not excess water around.
Gatorade Powder – You are going to be on the move and exerting yourself, possibly more than you are accustomed to.
Duct Tape – I will not go on endlessly about the many uses of Duct Tape here, its utility is widely known.
Super Glue – This should be added to any emergency first aid kit as it is an outstanding way to close up small to medium sized wounds and blisters. These advanced Bug Out Bag essentials make an excellent foundation for any Bug Out Bag packing list and many of them can be found in premade survival kit options. If you found this post helpful please Like, +1, or Tweet it using the social media buttons at the top of the page. Over on the Urban Survival Site there is a list of 50 survival items that are often overlooked. No one wants to be in a situation where they have to drop everything and leave in an emergency but given the increasing uncertainty in today’s modern world many wise people are choosing to prepare themselves in the event of the unforeseen. The majority of these people (myself included) are not fear-mongering paranoids but everyday citizens who have taken a rational look at the world around them and undertaken simple, basic steps to protect themselves by building a Bug Out Bag (BOB) and creating a Bug Out Plan for themselves and their families. Make sure you can carry your BOB comfortably – you may have to walk for a long distance to safety.

Keep it SIMPLE – you are not trying to build a mobile home that you will carry around. Pack things that make you self sufficient – If you are thinking about an item that you will need to pair with something that you are going to need to source on the way, forget it.
Multitool – infinite uses, to learn how to pick the BEST multitool for your personal survival needs, you can see our comprehensive guide HERE. Spare socks – If you pack any spare clothes at all, put these at the top of your list. Hand cranked radio – to get information on the situation as it develops, see our overview of emergency radios right here. Hopefully no one will be faced with a situation where they are forced to flee their home but as you can see with some simple planning you can take steps to ensure the safety of you and your loved ones.
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