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First item that needs to be considered in establishing a Prepper food storage plan is budget. Once the decision has been made about the budget and how much each week or month there is to spend the second thing to consider is where to store it. Make a Homemade Faraday Cage ~~Misinformation and Prepping SPAM as survival food 2 Focus Points for the New Prepper The Pantry Primer: Adding Larger Food Purchases to Your Emergency Long Term Stockpile Do You Really Believe in God? Ideally, you will purchase your 3 month supply little by little, while taking advantage of sales.
If any of those reasons to not add to your 3 month supply bit by bit sound like you, you may choose to use your tax refund (or a big chunk of change) and buy a lot of it all at once. Our Babystep 3 teaches you all about figuring out how to make a list of everything you may need for your 3 month supply of food. We have been getting a lot of questions lately about our food storage calculators so we wanted to answer them in a post rather than just in individual emails and comments. In BabyStep 4 we have a long term food storage calculator which allows you to just put in the number of people in your family and it automatically fills in the spreadsheet with the recommended amounts to store for whatever period of time you selected (i.e.
If you are wanting to track non-food items, make sure to look at our 3 month supply calculator as there is a tab at the bottom that has a place for you to input those items. While we have put together instructional videos to help make it easy, we understand that there are some limitations with using excel calculators.
The reason we think this calculator is so cool is because there are SOOO many ways to customize it. Click here to find out the details and learn more about Thrive Life’s monthly Q program. Here we talked about all the SCARY food storage words that paralyzed us when we first got started. We weren’t afraid to show where we were 2 years ago, so the audience could see we really have come a LONG way. Recommit… If you fall off the Food Storage train, remember you can always come back on and work little by little. Ever think getting things done with kids around is too hard- plan on things taking an extra 15-20 minutes and involve them. Like Jodi and Julie, get a friend to try all the new and exciting things in the world of Food Storage.
We also met companies who have all sorts of different types of foods we want to learn more about.

Jodi also will probably dedicate an entire post to the lady selling honey of all sorts of varieties and flavors, while Julie tells you how much she drooled over some awesome storage containers – but alas this post is TOO LONG! If you’ve been following us for awhile, you know at the beginning of  last year we had some New Years Resolutions. My sweet mom (Grandma Lori) donated her food dehydrator to me when we first started to learn about food storage. Stay with us as we venture into new challenges this year and see if we manage to keep at least SOME of our resolutions.  Let us know what some of your resolutions are in comments or head over to our Facebook Discussion and share with everyone.
For months now Jodi’s mom has hinted that she would like us to help her get her food storage organized, under control, and finished! We will be updating the Extreme Makeover Index Page with all the posts we do – so make sure you check it out. If the a€?one extra can each weeka€™ method is necessary then this question is not too difficult. Make a plan to have as least one extra of something on your food and non-food list each week.
When we were helping Grandma Lori with her Food Storage Makeover, she did a big bulk buy for most of her 3 month items, and it worked great. One recommends a 2300 calorie diet with 300 lbs of grains and 75 lbs of powdered milk (this was the original recommendation given to members of the LDS church back in 1978). However, for families with nursing mothers or small children it is important to use the higher recommendation for milk in order to provide adequate nutrition. Don’t forget if you order through our Thrive Life links you get discounts off of retail prices. Jodi shared a lot of her lessons learned about how people with small budgets can use food storage to SAVE money. Find a space or shelf where these a€?extraa€™ items can be placed away from the regular everyday use items. A more recent recommendation has been to increase the calories to 2400, raise the grains to 400 lbs, and lower powdered milk to just 16 lbs (this is based off of a research study done in 1979).
Here are some suggestions for those who dona€™t know where to begin or see it as an impossible task. If you can always have one extra of the things you use on a regular basis then you have the beginnings of your storage.
Another reason we use the higher milk recommendation by default is because if you were unable to find ways to cook your food, you can actually sustain life by ONLY drinking powdered milk for quite some time.

It can be as simple as buying one extra can of tuna fish or peanut butter each week when it is on sale. Decide that you will not use these foods for a year unless, of course, you get into a situation that you must, such as loss of a job.
Flour, sugar, salt, tuna, canned or dry beans, oatmeal, mayonnaise, ketchup, canned milk, etc, but ONLY things that are used regularly. Place bags of flour, sugar, rice, or similar loose type items in a zip lock bag to help keep them fresher and protected from small holes.
Always look at the store ads and see if any of your items are on sale and stock up as much as your budget allows. Make a list of all you spend each week and figure out how much each week or month you have to spend on storage items. Powdered milk is a good storage item but if your family hasna€™t ever tried it then trying to get them to like it in an emergency situation will be very difficult.
It may take a little time to figure out how much you have to spend however it will be well worth the effort. You might consider adding a quart of mixed powdered milk to a gallon of your regular milk just to see how they like it then work up to half powdered and half regular milk. Bent cans can leak or let in air which will deteriorate the food inside and nobody wants to open a can of rotten food. This allows you to get used to the taste of powdered milk so that, if and when the time comes, it wona€™t be such a big adjustment. If larger canned storage items are in your budget then look around and see where there may be some a€?hiddena€™ spaces.
Basic things we use might be toothpaste, tooth brushes, floss, denture cleanser, feminine hygiene products, shampoo, body wash or bar soap, contact solution, bandages, flashlights, batteries, candles, matches, etc.
Under the beds, under a small cloth covered table or even in the corners of the bedroom closet.

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