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NEW YORK -- Touting a turnaround marked by its most-watched year in network history, the National Geographic Channel held its first upfront presentation for advertisers and media in New York on Wednesday.
In addition to the aforementioned Brain Games and Alaska State Troopers, NGC has given second-season pickups to Wicked Tuna, The Legend of Mick Dodge, Ultimate Survival Alaska, None of the Above, Life Below Zero, Drugs Inc.
And this summer, Nat Geo will bow The 90s, a follow-up to its The 80s miniseries that looks at the decade of Friends, O.J.

Forces in Afghanistan in 2010 after making unflattering remarks about the Obama administration, and especially Vice President Joe Biden, in a Rolling Stone profile.
Wild Life merges the light-hearted party fun of Scene It?, Buzz!, and other quiz games with the stunning visuals from National Geographic archives. The game is full of fun puzzles and quizzes that range from multiple choice to anagram to video observation.

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