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Showtimes, reviews, trailers, news - msn movies, Read reviews, watch trailers clips, find showtimes, view celebrity photos msn movies. Beyond sunset: phases twilight - digital, Civil twilight is the brightest phase of twilight and occurs from the moment the sun dips below the horizon and lasts until the center of the sun is geometrically 6. The Possession (released on DVD on Monday 21st January) tells the story of what happens when a young girl becomes possessed by an evil demon. Rome, Italy: Maria Rossi sits in a psychiatric hospital after committing a triple murder during her own exorcism. Reluctantly agreeing, Father Micheal is plunged into the heart of a crisis when he learns that Father Lucas also becomes possessed and he is the only priest who can perform the exorcism in time to save Father Lucas. In a change from the familiar appearances of priests in possession horror films comes The Convent. Philadelphia police Detective John Hobbes (played by Academy Award nominee, Denzel Washington) and his partner, Detective Jonesy (John Goodman) are investigating a spate of homicides apparently committed by a copycat killer.

Well, how about if it turned out that the voice was in fact a demon intent on taking over your entire body? And to celebrate this release, we have put together out top 10 list of possession horror films! Twenty years later, her daughter, Isabella begins to investigate exorcisms for her documentary in a bid to understand her mother.
Travelling to Rome (we think it might be a while before we visit Rome again!) to attend exorcism classes where he meets Father Lucas (played by Anthony Hopkins). The only trouble is, can he risk conducting an exorcism without becoming possessed himself?! Drunken frat boys and Goths frequent an abandoned school chapel in which a massacre of nuns took place fourty years before. What she finds is both harrowing and terrifying as Isabella begins to become embroiled deeper with the world of demonic possession.

Realising Father Micheal’s (Colin O’Donaghue) scepticism, Father Lucas charges him to attend the exorcism of a pregnant, 16 year-old girl, who is possessed.
When a teenage girl is kidnapped for a satanic human sacrifice, the ‘devil worshippers’ inadvertently summon a real demon and promptly become possessed themselves! Expect exorcisms and possessions aplenty in this rollercoaster of one woman’s terrifying attempt to get to know her mother.

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