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Survival Preparations: The World We Live In Today Is Not Necessarily The World We Will Live In Tomorrow.
A CME Or EMP Does Not Have To Be The End Of The World But Unfortunately For Most It Will Be.
The power’s out, the phones are dead and a sense of panic is growing in the general public. Long Term SurvivalWhat starts as a tragic natural disaster can quickly turn into a long-term survival scenario.
The age of lightning-quick world news has brought almost cinematic tragedy to our televisions and computer screens. More and more people have taken heed, though, and are diligently preparing for something they hope will never happen.
As we have seen with major storms across the country, Mother Nature is capable of pushing us back 100 years in moments. Your emergency kit should include a serious and durable flashlight like a SureFire G2X Pro, extra batteries, an emergency hand-crank radio such as the Midland ER102, candles and a first-aid kit with any medications needed. While some spending cash was handy for the week-long challenge, it is critical if you are going it alone for a month. As we get into a months-long survival situation, fuel for your generator will start to be hard to come by. A portable water filtration system has limitations in regards to how much water it can process before the filter gives up.
While rife with challenges of its own, a stand-alone fuel tank can be the difference between electricity and darkness.
Again, you’ll need to expand your emergency first-aid kit and general gear kit to reflect your extended challenge. A garden and livestock of some type are going to become important during a year-long crisis. Clothes are still going to important, but the ability to repair them now becomes a necessity. For your safety and the safety of those around you, it’s very important for you to never discuss what you have in your cache. You must learn fundamental skills ranging from gardening to emergency medicine in the field.
The ability to survive on your own without any governmental support has gained popularity over the last few years.

We will not spend time theorizing on just why you would have to be on your own for a prolonged period of time, but rather how you will do it. You are encouraged to begin with a preloaded kit like the Chinook Medical Gear Emergency Preparedness Medical Kit Level 3.
Never carry your entire reserve with you, and make certain to have a secure storage area for it. If you are planning on preparing for six months on your own, then we need to expand and adjust our planning once again.
Katadyn is still our go-to source for pumps, but it would be prudent to have two units now, along with larger water storage containers.
While you should still keep cash, you should also prepare yourself with items people may barter for.
This now applies to both personal protection and hunting, so we will add a rifle to the mix. Lightweight and easy to use, it is capable of taking deer-sized prey as well as small game.
People serious about long-term survival and preparedness collect and further purify rain water as a means of improving their water reserves. However, there are places such as post-earthquake Haiti that show us a year may not be enough for a government to respond. When coupled with the physical hazards of a storm, finding these resources can be a challenge. Waterproof matches are also one of the most important items to include in this survival kit.
This same lack of electricity will eliminate the ability to use credit cards because the card readers will be lifeless. If you are willing to plan for a month, then we need to expand your planning to accommodate this longer period.
The cliche comment seen on social media by the unprepared regarding preppers is “I know where I am going if things get bad.” The idea is that they will storm the property of the prepper and take what they need.
The planning going beyond a year really is more about personal preparation than it is goods.
Even in the most advanced country in the world we are susceptible to cataclysmic events capable of leaving us alone and without any support. In the end, it will be up to individuals to manage an existence in the event of a major catastrophe.

There are basics steps everyone should take regardless of whether or not they live in an area prone to storms and other natural disasters. The upside to the new awareness regarding disaster preparedness is that companies have begun selling their wares.
You should start gathering dry wood at this point in order to build heating and cooking fires.
People and companies install them to help manage their fuel without having to hit the gas station constantly. Right alongside those will be demand for batteries, flashlights, simple tools, rope and other “nice to have” items. Break up the ammo and store it in more than one location in case one lot is damaged or stolen. This is effective against bacteria and other organisms, but you should be cautious about chemical contamination as well. Unfortunately, many people see these images and still maintain a sense of intentional denial that it can’t happen to them.
Multiply this times the number of people in your household and you will get an idea of how much water you really need. This crowd will not prepare for a prolonged challenge, and they may see you as a source for something they need. Trying to “live off the land” is extremely difficult and requires a dedicated effort to succeed. The images of empty grocery store shelves prior to a hurricane will be nothing compared to a year-long catastrophe.
If you have warning of an imminent emergency, then you can also capture water from your tap before the system goes down. Companies such as WaterBob sell specific kits to help you safely and sanitarily store water in the bathtub for long periods. It will be a desperate time for many, and they have the potential to take serious measures. You should also consider cold-weather gear since the seasons will be moving by and it could be brutally cold depending on your location.

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