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With the exception of water, long term food storage might be the most important part of preparing, some might even say more important than water because of how easily our food supply line can be cut off and how far food has to travel in today’s world to reach our table. Most of us in the United States have never gone more than 24 hours without food and have no idea how it will affect them, and although we can survive without food for a few weeks, if will be our main priority long before that.
If the average person were to walk into your home and see a Legacy food bucket they would probably make some wild assumptions right off the bat, but when you think about it, other than the shelf life and quantity, how different is long term food storage food than a box of hamburger helper?
Long term food storage, water storage and preparedness in general is nothing more than insurance for the future. Having a large supply of long term food storage food during the great depression would have been more valuable than gold. Imagine you or someone in your family had lost their job for an extended period of time, with money being tight it would be a daily juggling act to pay the bills and buy food for the family.
Imaging there was a natural disaster like an earthquake, or a hurricane like Katrina, if you had a few weeks of food stored that’s one less thing you have to worry about, and could literally be the difference between life and death. My point is that long term food storage is not all about doomsday and does not make you a “doomsdayer.” Everyone is different and storing food for emergencies is just the smart thing to do. Pantry Food: When it comes to food storage it doesn’t just mean having long term food storage buckets and freeze dried foods, food storage starts with what you stock your pantry with.
This can be more cost effective than making a large purchase because you can go to the store and buy a little extra food each time and slowly build your food storage. On the surface this sounds great, but is you buy a year’s worth of food from the grocery store you need to make sure it gets used and rotated properly. Dehydrated Food: This is where long tern food like Legacy food comes in, I call this my second layer, this is food that can be stored and organized much easier and longer than grocery store food.
Legacy food storage products are prepared and packaged in a way that makes them shelf stable for up to 25 years, so even if nothing happens in the next 10 years, you still have your food storage and you haven’t had to throw anything away.
DIY Food Preservation: There is another option that you have and that’s storing all the ingredients yourself and preserving your own food. We don’t store a lot of flour and grains though, storing items like these require a couple of things, they require the knowledge to use them, and the ability to cook with them.
That being said, these are good skills to learn because nothing beats a home cooked meal, and in a situation where food is not that plentiful a simple loaf of bread will taste like heaven.
When it comes to long term food storage whether its Legacy foods, canning or pantry foods it’s important to remember that everyone’s tastes are different.
To get the best value when you are shopping for long term food storage products make sure you shop like you would at a grocery store by comparing cost by weight and calories. In a survival situation we need to know how many calories we are taking in, not how many servings we are eating. One of the reasons we chose to sell Legacy food products is that they stand head and shoulders above everyone else in almost every category.  Legacy Food Storage products are GMO free, have no MSG, yeast extract, hydrogenated oils, caramel color, or any artificial flavors.
I hear quite a bit about how high in sodium is in dehydrated food products so I just want to add my 2 cents, take it for what it’s worth to you. All dehydrated food from Mountain House to Wise Food to Legacy Food has a high sodium content.
In the end it’s really up to you how you go about your long term food storage, but the important part is that you do it, and not just talk about doing it. Reusable ice gel pack for long term transportation and cold chain maintenanceReusable cold gel pack for long term transportation and cold chain mantainence. Long Term Corrosion InhibitorCorrosion Inhibitor Long Term Formula   Designed for machined surfaces and assemblies subjected to long periods of storage or adverse shipping conditions. Long term supply Large Type Metal Crusher Can Pulverize Scrap Bicyce and Scrap Motorcycle1.Large Type Metal Crusher Introduction Driven by the reducing motor. Long-term supply Instant Grape Fruit PowderGrape Powder Grape flavor, rich in Vitamin C, contain a lot of sugar and a certain amount of citric acid. Why dehydrating food for long-term does not work has been on my writing list for some time. I get really frustrated when I see people charging for online classes or YouTubes on dehydrating food for long-term food storage. As far as short term food storage goes you can read all the posts on my blog for FREE or use the book that comes with your dehydrator. The main reason I buy freeze dried food is because it has one component, the vegetables or the fruits. Not all #10 cans are equal in ounces, just because it is a #10 can it may weigh a whole lot less and cost more than other #10 cans.
Be sure and consider shipping costs, the shipping might be cheaper but is the food more expensive than their competitor? Make sure you know where the food in your #10 cans is coming from, what country is the supplier getting the food from?
Check the expiration dates, most companies put a date that tells us when the food was packaged AND will state the shelf life. Decide if you want to make meals with your food storage or buy ready to eat meals by adding just water.

If you can’t eat the pasta, for instance, in the stated shelf-life time period stated on the can, buy less of that product.
Whether you buy dehydrated or freeze-dried food or can your own food storage, that’s awesome! One of the upsides of the ongoing economic crisis in this country is that more and more Americans are recognizing the importance of being prepared for emergencies. What concerns me the most is not a nuclear bomb landing in my back yard, it’s our electrical grids vulnerability’s, economic instability and basic supply and demand.
If you had a six month supply of dehydrated food that wouldn’t be such a huge hurdle, and would alleviate some of the stress you might be facing. Some people store as little as a months’ worth of food, and some people store year’s worth, it’s really up to you what you decide to do. You have no doubt heard the saying “eat what you store, and store what you eat” and this all starts with pantry foods. The downside of this is that this food will only last so long, most boxed meals and canned food last between 6 months to 3 years. Regardless of how well organized you are and how good your rotation system is, you are bound to lose some of it to expiration.
It’s good to have a good short term food supply, but at some point storing and rotating all that food will become nearly impossible. Lisa and I do some canning (nowhere near what some other people do) and this can be a good option as well. Long term food storage products like Legacy foods require a heat source and water, whereas making biscuits or bread require much more preparation.
Children can be pretty picky, and it can be almost impossible to get them to eat something if they don’t want to. Before you spend your hard earned money on long term food make sure you try it and see if the family likes it. It can be pretty confusing to pick the right food storage product because anyone can use whatever serving size they choose. At the bare minimum a person will need around 1500 to 2000 calories a day just to survive, the more active you are the more calories you will need. This is because of all the processed foods we eat and all the additives and preservatives added to them to make them taste better and last longer.
Sodium is a mineral that is required for maintaining blood pressure and a normal fluid balance in the body, in a long term emergency situation it is better to have too much sodium than none at all. If you eat Legacy foods, or any long term food storage product daily for a year with nothing else you are bound to have problems.
Some of these long term food storage ideas might work for you, and some might not, but having something stored away for an emergency is always better than crossing your fingers.
There are some definite foods you cannot or would not want to dehydrate, but the books tell you those items. Freeze dried or (FD), you will see this when you order your food storage, is a special process to dehydrate the food. However, most of this preparation seems to be centered on surviving for extended periods of time within the confines of the home. Proper clothing: You need to make sure everyone in your family has proper clothing in their backpack for walking, sleeping and combating any type of weather condition that may be encountered.
Adequate Shelter: Another essential element for outdoor survival is adequate shelter, especially in areas subject to harsh weather conditions. Proper First Aid: In an emergency situation, proper medical care may not be readily available. If you have the time and ability you will be able to can your full food supply, or just supplement your long term food storage products. Most freeze dried food companies have sample packs you can buy, and there are a ton of videos on YouTube that will show you what to expect.
This is why canning, gardening and having alternatives is so important, you never want to put all your eggs in one basket. Yes, I love my dehydrator to dehydrate excess food from my garden and food I can’t eat that sits in the refrigerator before it needs to be trashed. Please don’t get sucked into paying for YouTube classes and online training to learn how to dehydrate food for long term storage life. If it has no symbol like (FD) it’s dehydrated and therefore, we should know it is dehydrated and not (FD-freeze dried).
The freeze-dried method is first, flash frozen then a low-level heat is applied to the product inside a vacuum chamber. I can cook every day with it and I save money because I’m not going to the store when I run out of something.
While prolonged home survival is a necessary first step in any emergency preparedness plan, the fact remains that disasters such as earthquakes, floods and fires may require home evacuation at a moment’s notice. But making sure you have enough water that is both potable and portable for outdoor survival is not as easy as it sounds.

Compact and light weight tents are always a good choice, along with tarps which pack easily without taking up much room. I lose patience when people are trying to sell the idea that you can dehydrate food with a dehydrator at home when you read the experts are telling us another story. But I also buy some dehydrated vegetables, but very little because their shelf life is so much shorter. When I teach classes I have served every freeze dried fruit or vegetable available on the market.
I like the idea I can eat the fruit and vegetables as a quick snack directly out of the can. I’ve eaten self-canned blueberry pie filling that was five years old and it was delicious.
And those families that are unprepared will be forced to fend for themselves, leaving bulky supplies of food for long term storage behind. For starters, you’ll need at least 1 gallon of water per person per day—possibly more depending on conditions. For outdoor survival you want self-contained meals in small packages that fit easily into backpacks and are just as easy to prepare. And since many areas experience a change of seasons, clothing should be rotated accordingly.
You will also need lightweight blankets and sleeping bags, both of which are available through suppliers of emergency preparedness goods. So your first aid kit is especially important. You’ll want to include first aid supplies to clean cuts and scrapes, bandage and stitch wounds, relieve pain and administer necessary medications. I don’t recommend dehydrating your own food for long-term storage because in reality it will only be good for about one year, if you are lucky. That’s not going to happen with the cost of utilities in my neighborhood during the summer. It’s one of the most affordable, light-weight and compact ways to purchase food for our storage or everyday cooking. I have made chicken salad, tacos, lasagna, chicken enchiladas, etc. with freeze dried meats. In an effort to keep that scenario from happening, here’s a look at the 5 essentials each family member will need in order to survive outdoors for at least 72 hours. Since 1 gallon of water weighs 8 pounds, a 3 day supply for one person will weigh 24 pounds. As it is with clothing, it’s critical that your shelter is reevaluated throughout the year to make sure it’s always weather appropriate. Special considerations for family members with existing medical conditions—that may worsen in an outdoor survival scenario—should also be factored in. I realize under certain conditions you may get 2-3 years out of your own dehydrated food if you keep the temperature in your storage area at 60 degrees.
They rehydrate quickly and taste as close to their freshly picked original flavor and texture as possible. These items should be stored in individual backpacks or “bug out bags” which can be retrieved at a moment’s notice.
Since carrying that much weight isn’t practical, you’ll want to have some water purification systems on hand that are light weight and easier to transport than bottles of water. There are a number of online suppliers of food for emergency preparedness who offer a variety of great tasting, prepackaged meals for outdoor survival.
Clothing that is loose, comfortable and can be layered to adjust for extreme temperature swings is also recommended.
There are water purification drops, filters, and self contained purification bottles that can be easily found at many stores. You’ll need to do your homework to make sure that the meals you buy meet the specific nutritional needs of each family member.
You’ll also want to include sunscreen, hats and other items that offer sun protection regardless of the season.
Ready to drink water is commercially available in easy to carry pouches and you’ll want to have enough on hand to ensure safe travel until you can find a suitable water source for purification.
All foods should be sampled in advance to make sure that even the pickiest eaters will find them palatable.
It was a volunteer church group that did not know how many oxygenators to put in each #10 can. Plus the oxygenators were not properly supervised, meaning they were left open and no longer worked.
Yep, I am saving those two cans to make omelets for the neighborhood when a disaster strikes….or just for fun with the neighborhood someday!

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