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If you’re on Pinterest or Facebook and could use one of those buttons above to help get word out about this post, I’d surely appreciate it! Since rice has such a long shelf life (if stored in airtight containers at 70 degrees it is capable of lasting up to 30 years) this is a great food source to purchase in bulk and save some big dollars.
If you don’t have a lot of pantry space, you can simply store these two liters under beds, in coat closets, even in that unused space between the back of your couch and the wall! Rice is a primary food source for over half the world’s population and a great way to make any meal go further. I know a lot of us are already squeaking by with our grocery budgets since the prices continue to increase and now many folks are bringing home less pay than they did before (not to mention those without jobs!) so this is a series I add to from time to time with tips and ideas to get more out of your grocery budget without requiring more from your wallet.
Allow rice to cool until warm but not cold, then place in zipper seal freezer bags and smooth flat (this helps it thaw faster). When it comes to long-term storage for liquids, keeping products in their original containers isn’t the safest option.

The high-quality, stainless steel fusti products from Aginox offer safe and effective long-term storage of liquids, such as water, vinegar, honey, alcohol, food-grade oils, and more. There are no folds or seams on the inside of the container, which means you avoid the particle accumulation that can cause bacteria growth and rancidity. A fusti is a storage container designed for safe long-term storage of food-grade liquids such as vinegar, oils, water, wine, honey, and more. It can serve as a side dish, an entree (when cooked with meat and veggies in it or topped with a little meat and sauce), breakfast, or dessert.
Then, combine the two either by stirring the rice into the sauce or by serving the meat over the sauce.
By adding rice to your entree, you can easily use half the amount of meat you normally would, which can make a serious dent in the most expensive part of your grocery budget. Whenever you need cooked rice, thaw in the microwave or add it frozen directly to dishes that have to cook so that the rice has time to heat up before serving.

Be careful because it gives off a moist heat and can burn skin if too hot when placed directly on it. This go around, I was short a few 2 liters so I temporarily stored some in gallon zipper seal bags until I have more 2 liters to use. Leave lid off and allow to dry for two to three days, or until they are completely dry inside. The high-quality design by Aginox also prevents contamination because there are no seams on the inside of the container—seams can trap bacteria and cause the contents to go rancid.

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