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One of the upsides of the ongoing economic crisis in this country is that more and more Americans are recognizing the importance of being prepared for emergencies. Examples can include the Just in Case Meals from Prepared.pro, the good ole military Meal Ready to Eat, Eversafe Meals, Sure-Pak MREs, Mainstay meals and everything in between. This usually includes dried foods such as rice, beans, oats, salt, sugar and whatever else can be stored in a mylar bag. Care must be given not to store food products with animal by-products, such as dried milk or butter. If you want to have survival food preps that will last 10+ years, freeze dried food in #10 cans is the way to go.
If your long term survival plans go past a few month, you are going to have to raise your own food. Pinto beans – One thing to take into consideration is pinto beans, which are high in protein. Long after the #10 cans and mylar bags are empty, there is only a couple of solutions for storing food.
Lets say that someone brings a wildhog or a deer into camp.  What happens to the meat that is not eaten?  Doe sit go to waste, are you planning on making salted pork, or storing it in a jar?
With several cases of mason jars and a pressure cooker, its possible to store the extra food that is not eaten right away. Kevin Felts was born and raised in southeast Texas, graduated from Bridge City high school Bridge City Texas, and attended Lamar College in Port Arthur Texas. Hobbies include fishing, hiking, hunting, blogging, sharing his politically incorrect opinion, video blogging on youtube, survivalism and spending time with his family.
Information for preppers on all aspects of emergency preparedness, prepping and food storage. Everytime I get access to an old can, I open it and if it looks ok, I try it.  Some of the foods have lasted a surprisingly long time and look like new, others would gag a maggot.
This morning I opened several cans, a ham flavored TVP, potatoes diced and spaghetti elbo (their spelling) all canned by DRI-Harvest and a can of instant yams by Peter J Phethean Ltd. Looking on the website of DriHarvest foods they have the following statement about their shelf life.
Here you can see the contents of all four cans, the bottom are edible, The top two would scare me. All of the DriHavest cans showed surface rust and had been stored in a garage.  They were approximately 30 years old.
These cans were unusual in that the contents were in better shape than most of the cans of this age that I have opened.
While there are exceptions to every rule, for my personnel storage there are only a few long-term food storage companies that I purchase from, the top of the line being Mountain House.  But they don’t carry everything that I stock, so I also will purchase foods from Pack Away, AlpineAire Ready Reserve, Emergency Essentials and Honeywell Farms. Whenever you purchased food, look at the size of the serving and the number of calories.  Remember you need at least 2000 calories for a man and 1500 for a woman.
This entry was posted in food storage, Uncategorized and tagged long-term food storage, long-term storage food. I guess the good thing about these foods is that you are still around and have basically outlived them.
I ate green beans, tomato juice, and tomatoes canned 15 – 20 years from canning dates. June 27, 2014 by JeremyM Leave a Comment As we always say here at Crisis Survivor Tips, prepping doesn’t have to break the bank. Storing food for emergencies is one of the aspects of prepping that require you to shell out money.
You can reuse plastic soda bottles to store your dry foods in, instead of buckets and #10 cans.

So a good hack to save on money is to buy dry foods in bulk and repack them into soda bottles. Soda bottles come cheap and you can find them in trash bins or ask your neighbors for their discarded soda bottles. Let the bottles dry – this can take anywhere from 1 day to almost a week, depending on the heat and humidity where you live. Once the bottles have dried, you can now get your rice or beans ready as well as bay leaves. After filling the bottles with dry food, add a couple of bay leaves again before sealing the bottles tightly. However, most of this preparation seems to be centered on surviving for extended periods of time within the confines of the home. Proper clothing: You need to make sure everyone in your family has proper clothing in their backpack for walking, sleeping and combating any type of weather condition that may be encountered.
Adequate Shelter: Another essential element for outdoor survival is adequate shelter, especially in areas subject to harsh weather conditions. Proper First Aid: In an emergency situation, proper medical care may not be readily available.
When stored in hot locations, such as an outdoor shed, or in the trunk of a car in a get home bag, years can be shaved off the life expectancy.
One of the best ways to store food after SHTF, is by saving the food from your garden and then storing that food in mason jars. I have a lot of these cans put away, I can only hope I have not needed to open them after 30 years. Using 5 gallon buckets for beans and rice can be expensive, especially if you are going to store a 3 month to 1 year supply of food.
There used to be 3-liter plastic soda bottles, it was first seen in shelves in 1985 but soda giants Coca Cola and Pepsi discontinued them in around 2005. You can save more money by using them instead of buying expensive #10 can or 5 gallon buckets.
All you need is your effort and some simple supplies that you can recycle and reuse in storing your food items.
I never made protein bars, but I have made granola (recipe on Freedoms Phoenix) that is a great source of protein - and yummy, too! While prolonged home survival is a necessary first step in any emergency preparedness plan, the fact remains that disasters such as earthquakes, floods and fires may require home evacuation at a moment’s notice. But making sure you have enough water that is both potable and portable for outdoor survival is not as easy as it sounds. Compact and light weight tents are always a good choice, along with tarps which pack easily without taking up much room. When storing food items such as mashed potatoes, read the labels, and exclude any product that list animal fats.
The second time I tried storing foo din mylar bags, I made some superpails, and I do not think the project turned out very well.
Dehydrated has anywhere from a 5 – 10 year shelf life when stored in ideal conditions.
If you want food that will last 20 – 25 years, then you are going to have to pay the price.
Even if the harvested seeds are viable, the harvested seeds of the second generation may or may not be viable. But if you’re lucky to get 3L size bottles in different soda brands, they will be handy for storing bulkier dry foods. You don’t have to worry about mold or rot because the bottles can keep moisture out, and as long as you put them in a cool and dry place, you need not worry.

And those families that are unprepared will be forced to fend for themselves, leaving bulky supplies of food for long term storage behind.
For starters, you’ll need at least 1 gallon of water per person per day—possibly more depending on conditions. For outdoor survival you want self-contained meals in small packages that fit easily into backpacks and are just as easy to prepare. And since many areas experience a change of seasons, clothing should be rotated accordingly.
You will also need lightweight blankets and sleeping bags, both of which are available through suppliers of emergency preparedness goods. So your first aid kit is especially important. You’ll want to include first aid supplies to clean cuts and scrapes, bandage and stitch wounds, relieve pain and administer necessary medications. I would say a good range to shoot for is 20-years on a can like this, it a long time and still more then likely that the food is still good. In an effort to keep that scenario from happening, here’s a look at the 5 essentials each family member will need in order to survive outdoors for at least 72 hours.
Since 1 gallon of water weighs 8 pounds, a 3 day supply for one person will weigh 24 pounds. As it is with clothing, it’s critical that your shelter is reevaluated throughout the year to make sure it’s always weather appropriate. Special considerations for family members with existing medical conditions—that may worsen in an outdoor survival scenario—should also be factored in. These items should be stored in individual backpacks or “bug out bags” which can be retrieved at a moment’s notice.
Since carrying that much weight isn’t practical, you’ll want to have some water purification systems on hand that are light weight and easier to transport than bottles of water.
There are a number of online suppliers of food for emergency preparedness who offer a variety of great tasting, prepackaged meals for outdoor survival. Clothing that is loose, comfortable and can be layered to adjust for extreme temperature swings is also recommended.
There are water purification drops, filters, and self contained purification bottles that can be easily found at many stores.
You’ll need to do your homework to make sure that the meals you buy meet the specific nutritional needs of each family member. You’ll also want to include sunscreen, hats and other items that offer sun protection regardless of the season.
These are all good and can do the job of ensuring your stored foods last as long as possible.
Maybe using almond flour and egg white but I can**Q**t figure out what would hold it together. Ready to drink water is commercially available in easy to carry pouches and you’ll want to have enough on hand to ensure safe travel until you can find a suitable water source for purification. All foods should be sampled in advance to make sure that even the pickiest eaters will find them palatable. But if you can use a cheaper alternative that can do the job just as well, why not give it a try.

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