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When storing both dried and cooked foods for extended periods of time, nothing beats having a dependable vacuum sealer on hand. When I was a Personal Chef, I would cook one- to two-weeks' worth of meals for my clients that would store away in either their refrigerator or freezer. Leftovers that you just don't want to toss, but it will be a few days before you know you'll have the opportunity to eat them, will be ready for you when you are ready to go. The secret behind food sealing is keeping your food away from the four spoilers which are Oxygen, Moisture, Heat, and Light.
If you'd like to explore vacuum sealing, you need a dependable sealer that will be easy to use -- in fact, I recommend you go a step further and get more than just a super basic sealer - you'll be happy you did. The sealer we currently use is no longer available, but we've done the research and found another great option for you! One thing I really love about this particular sealer is that it adjusts the speed of the vacuum depending on whether you're sealing dry food or food with liquid in it.

THAT SAID, if you are uncomfortable with it, you can always just seal your stuff up, then remove it from the bags before heating. One question I had myself (and which many people ask me) is: Can food sealer bags be recycled?
You attach the other end of the hose into the specially-made canisters and containers made by FoodSaver, and you can suck the air out just as you would with the bags. The one you would likely be most happy with is the Foodsaver Quick Marinator because it's a nice size, the container is well made, and you can use it to seal anything -- in other words, it's not just a marinator. Our content is protected by Digital Millennium Copyright ActDo Not Copy Without Permission. 5 6 Gallon Mylar Pro Bags 20x30 + 2000CC Oxygen Absorbers Long Term Food StorageAmerica's #1 Choice for food storage - FREE Shipping!
100 500cc Oxygen Absorbers for Mylar Bags or #10 Cans Long Term Food Storage O2Super QUICK and FREE Shipping - Superior Quality - WOW!

If you have a few good recipes, you can whip them up on a day off, portion everything, then seal them up.
This way you can not only make "bags" from a long roll (much cheaper to do it that way), but if you're sealing something more delicate (like cake or kale chips), you can tell the machine to start sealing when you can see your food would get completely squished if it kept going. Costs a little more at the outset, but I'm sure over the long term it would be a savings for you.
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