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The fourth annual Budweiser Made In America Festival, curated by Jay Z, is scheduled for Saturday, September 5 and Sunday, September 6. To accommodate the venue construction and two-day festival, gradual road closures along the Benjamin Franklin Parkway and in key sections of the Fairmount neighborhood will begin the week of August 25, with increasing closures up until the start of the Festival on the morning of Saturday, August 31.  The full extent of the closures will extend through Tuesday, September 3.
Delays can be expected and motorists are advised to use alternate routes, and allow for extra driving time, in the areas near these festivities before and during Labor Day weekend. Wildlife ‘Abundant’ in Chernobyl Exclusion Zone Дикие животные в Чернобыльской зоне отчуждения">John: Why is this news? HAVING IT 'MADE:' A woman, who according to a Los Angeles County Sheriff's deputy, is intoxicated, sits after she was handcuffed by the authorities during the Made in American music festival in Los Angeles, Calif. During Sunday’s show at Grand Park there were four felony arrests, including one for battery and the rest for possession of narcotics, besides three misdemeanor arrests, including one charge of public drunkenness, the Los Angeles Police Department said.
Sunday’s full day of events included top-billed stars John Mayer and Kanye West later in the evening. On Saturday, 29 people were arrested, 23 for misdemeanors, most of them involving infractions related to alcohol, the spokeswoman said. The two-day festival’s Philadelphia edition was briefly halted on Sunday by driving rain, organizers said. 56 year old Let Curvers was found after a tourist spotted her car near Baker Lake and alerted authorities.
It looks like Donald Trump will be heading our way next month ahead of the Washington state primary. Analysts say sometime next year the retail store is expected to bump their membership fee from 55 to 60 dollars, and the executive membership would go up by ten dollars to $120 per year.
The college says the Missionaries' mascot is non-inclusive, imperialistic and incorrectly implies Whitman is a religious school. She was arrested while protesting Congressman Jim McDermott's decision to support Hillary Clinton instead of Sanders with his superdelegate vote. Even though it is on Labor Day and it is called “Made in America", this fest has nothing to do with manufacturing jobs. Jay Z and Budweiser brought the Budweiser Made in America (MIA) music festival to Philadelphia’s Ben Franklin Parkway for the fourth Labor Day weekend in a row, on September 5th and 6th.
Philadelphia’s Mayor Nutter has been clear in his love for the festival, not only with the cache of being hip-hop icon Jay Z’s favored city, but with the infusion of income from 64,000 people each day (it was only 45,000 in previous years) on a weekend when many Center City residents clear out and hit the Jersey shore for the last time of the summer. The festival sits between Philly’s skyline and the foot of the stairs of the massive Philadelphia Museum of Art. Rapper Earl Sweatshirt of the now defunct Odd Future hip-hop crew led the crowd in a spirited and highly profane shout-along regarding sexual intercourse and freckles. The bandmates all went to the same performing arts high school in Minnesota, and singer Jake Luppen bragged of his performance in Oliver Twist and some “mean” tap dancing skills. Oddly, even though it is on Labor Day and it is called “Made in America”, the fest has nothing to do with manufacturing jobs. On Sunday in the main stage, budding 20-year-old, electro-pop star, Halsey, embodied that multi-cultural theme.
On Saturday, Philly’s own star, Meek Mill, still hot with his once #1 album, Dreams Worth More Than Money, was about as popular as anyone on the bill but Beyonce.
Mill soaked in the local love and at one point declared, “This is North Philly.” Now, to appreciate the irony of that statement, you have to know that North Philly, where Mill grew up, is probably as tough and as poor as any neighborhood in America. Toward the end of a long, hot, dusty day, Mills’ closed out his heavy and hard hitting, North Philly-inspired set at 7:30. This year saw plenty of successful and acclaimed rock acts, but none of the major, arena-filling variety of years past (e.g. With a main stage sitting at the foot of the Philadelphia Museum of Art where Rocky famously trained, Jay-Z's inaugural Budweiser Made in America festival boasted a lineup spanning genres from indie rock to EDM.
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Day 2 of Jay-Z‘s Made In America Festival: Drake brought out two surprise guest which included 2 Chainz and French Montana to perform “No Lie” and “Pop That“. Meek Mill brought out Drake as a special guest during his concert at The Fillmore Silver Spring in Silver Spring, Maryland on August 24th. DerickG recorded on video Drake’s first tour stop of his Club Paradise tour in Miami, Florida. In the above video, you can see some footage of Drizzy Drake performing his hit song “The Motto” and showing some love for DeMarcus Cousins at the Social Nightclub in Sacremento, California after watching the Sacramento Kings vs.

Drizzy Drake had been sick and suffering from the flu, but he didn’t let that stop him from having an awesome show down in Tucson, Arizona. Kanye West, who has previously been tapped as a headliner at the festival in Philadelphia on Saturday August 30, will also perform in Los Angeles on Sunday, August 31. Beyonce gave the audience at the Made In America festival an encore of her On the Run tour, complete with feminist messaging and a tribute to the '90s.
An hour into her set, Bey's running through her history-making self-titled album, whose songs already feel like classics less than two years after the album dropped. Tidal announced the platform will live stream select performances from the Budweiser Made In America Festival. Cole, Meek Mill, De La Soul, Big Sean, Fabolous, Earl Sweatshirt, Vic Mensa, Action Bronson, and many more. The 2012 edition raised over $350,000 for United Way of Greater Philadelphia and Southern New Jersey. Nutter released details about the City of Philadelphia’s plans to welcome back for a second year the “Budweiser Made in America” Festival, an exciting, two-day music festival during Labor Day weekend.  The event will be locally produced by Live Nation on the Benjamin Franklin Parkway and will benefit local United Way organizations.
As a result of last year’s Festival, United Way of Greater Philadelphia and Southern New Jersey is investing more than $350,000 into education and workforce development initiatives. In Los Angeles authorities were asking concertgoers to stay hydrated amid extremely warm temperatures. The MIA brand has returned to Philly alone now—the MIA concert in Los Angeles last year was apparently a one-time deal.
Now, adjacent to the MIA stages are several high rise apartment buildings, several catering to more elderly clientele. The two biggest stages (out of five) oppose one another and acts alternate so one is always playing. Chicago rapper Vic Mensa veered from rap, to covering Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit”, to soulful slow stuff. Acclaimed lead singer Frances Quinlan was compelling with some at times raging fierceness-meets-complex-modern-rock.
They are firmly in the Afro-pop track, with a singer with a big voice, radiant three-part harmonies, and a lot of band chemistry. Actually, though, some of that music theater training pays off—he is a pretty dynamic singer with a powerful voice.
It is pretty clear what “made in America” means to Budweiser, but what about to the counter-cultural leader, Jay Z, a guy who made his name eschewing America’s traditional, i.e.
Between songs, Halsey told the crowd that her parents were there, from relatively nearby Newark, New Jersey, and that she wanted to bring them out and thank them for their support.
To declare that an area as overlooked and often seemingly abandoned b the rest of the world as North Philly could also exist at the base of the Art Museum in the middle of Center City is somehow, well, pretty damn funny, but also a strong declaration. Instantly the second stage started with melodic and standout indie rock band, Death Cab for Cutie, from Seattle.
He struts, swaggers and skips his way through great classics and songs from latest, Post Pop Depression. Rita Ora, Run DMC, and Odd Future performed despite that fact that Philly was pouring rain. The two-day event is scheduled to be held simultaneously at the city's Grand Park and at Philadelphia's Benjamin Franklin Parkway on the weekend before Labor Day. With two more years under a contract with the city, MIA will remain a Philly Labor Day institution for the near future.
Walking down the Parkway Saturday afternoon, I found it was at points barely passable, but it worked. They effectively dared the crowd to not enjoy them and they had the songs and the skills to back it up.
Formerly day glow-attired hip-hop legends De la Soul, the year’s Rap Golden Era representatives, took the main stage.
The Weeknd kept the R&B love vibe going to the end of the night with songs from his about to be number one album, Beauty Behind the Madness. Much of the crowd had to do little more than turn around to see Death Cab, or maybe turn around and walk a hundred feet or so. They continued into some of their extended, atmospheric jams and were at times mesmerizing.
From there, Beyonce brought her slew of hits and female empowerment message, going back to her Destiny’s Child years.

In years past, a major rap or R&B headliner has gone one night and a major rock act, the other. Group member, Dave, suggested that probably not everyone there even knew who they were, but when they got to “Me, Myself, and I”, the entire crowd came alive, clearly showing otherwise.
Guitarist Nathan Stocker explained that the quickly rising band’s lives have “been pretty non-stop.
Halsey explained how her bi-racial upbringing impacted her, in that her dad listened to the best rappers of the time, and her mom to the top rock bands, and what a gift that was to have such broad cultural influences to draw from in her own career.
Again, the juxtaposition of North Philly with these really sensitive (and talented) white guys from the Pacific Northwest, seemed like a mistake—like the equivalent of the Blues Brothers at Bob’s Country Bunker, or something. As strong and aggressive as Meek Mill’s set had been, and as long, hot and dusty as the day had been was, it actually seemed precisely the time for soothing songs like “When Soul Meets Body” and the surging closer, “Transatlanticisim”. Is it rock’s slow, aging “death” or is the genre, like others, simply fragmenting into lots of great sub-genres but without all-encompassing, central figures?
Even his stage banter switched back and forth between languages, with a common theme — wooing the ladies. In Philly, meanwhile, the fest will return for the third year in a row with Kings of Leon, DJ Tiesto, The National, Steve Aoki, Pharrell Williams and J. We haven’t had too much time at home since March.” Though only a couple of years out of high school, Hippo has already played on Conan O’Brien, received major press, done SXSW, and toured with some major acts. This led into “The New Americana” and the line “Raised on Biggie and Nirvana, We are the new Americana.” You could probably throw Wu Tang and skateboards into that particular mix, as well.
Mill brought out superstar girlfriend Nicki Minaj, to the crowd’s delight and she sang and Mill performed “All Eyes on You”.
Knowles further quoted noted feminist writer Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie and, timely enough, MMA star Rhonda Rousey.
Royce's bachata music, a genre traditionally consisting of lovelorn, romantic songs, drew a swarm of fans, most of them female. A grassy area next to Park Side Place apartments is turned into a frenzied club scene, packed wall-to-all as Botnek and other deejays work the crowd. Royce played off his heartthrob status, imploring women to tweet at him and bringing one lucky lady on stage to dance, handing her a rose afterward. One thing that really got the fans attention is Drake made several references of real friends and fake friends… He didn’t really hint at anyone, but just an interesting note. Next is the Tidal stage, where Jay Z’s new Tidal music streaming service is streaming lo-fi rockers Bass Drums of Death, and they sound great. Guitarist Adam Slack explained that while Americans may see glam as a ”bit of a novelty or a bit of a joke… I think it started in Britain so we take it a little more seriously.
Monae has been on the road since the release of 2010's The ArchAndroid album, crafting her live show into a futuristic vaudeville in the process.
Her performance displays both artistic and technical prowess, showcasing Monae as an artist whose style channels Prince and vocals rival those of any storied R&B diva, with dance moves swiped straight from Michael Jackson. Her Jackson reverence permeates her whole set, as she moonwalked across the stage and followed with a spirited cover of I Want You Back.An equally impressive backing band matched Monae's dynamic stage presence.
The band, the project of vocalist and keyboardist Michael Angelakos, delivers a brand of electropop that is sugar-coated and grandiose, translating well to the massive sound system of the main stage.The band's newest record Gossamer was released in July, and the evening set heavy with new material fell flat with the crowd, despite the high quality of the songs.
New single I'll Be Alright was a highlight, combining all of the band's trademark moves — crashing synths, scattering drums and Angelakos' sky-high vocals over chipmunk-tuned samples. But Angelakos' uneasy stage presence didn't help the crowd's disconnect, as the singer hurtled himself around the stage clutching only a microphone.When the band broke out hits from debut album Manners, the crowd transformed into a sea of waving arms. But the rival times were a blessing for Dirty Projectors' fans, who got to watch a stunning set from the Brooklyn indie band free of hard-partying dubstep fans.Frontman David Longstreth delivered his signature ambling guitar solos, his presence the gravitational point around which the red, white and blue-clad band revolved. But every so often, the band let its weirdness run wild, ripping piercing harmonies through the chorus of new single Gun Has No Trigger and flawlessly sailing through the intricate vocal parts on Beautiful Mother.
West, joined by Pusha T, Big Sean, 2 Chainz and Common, showcased new tracks Mercy and New God Flow with his crew before splitting off to perform several songs solo. With the crowd in near pandemonium, Jay and Ye closed the night with collaboration N----- in Paris.With a showstopping set, Jay-Z made it nearly impossible for any artist on Day 2 (the lineup includes Pearl Jam, Run DMC, Drake, Odd Future and Jill Scott), to top his performance.

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