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In the past we’ve made a photo about violence together and this time I joined Joris on his adventure to capture a Barn Owl in flight. At dusk we settled in our secret hideout spot and waited for the owl; Joris with the remote control held firmly in his hands.
When you check out his website you’ll see Joris managed to capture the owl with infra-red triggers. He has just returned from Chili to document a blue whale conservation project for the Dutch National Geographic Magazine, so keep an eye on his blog! RECENT POSTSNo Place Like Home featured onMy photo series about human (dis)connection with nature has been featured in the Life Framer Collection. Unpleasant secretions, probably derived from rank plants consumed by the larva, cause insect eaters to avoid the Queen Butterfly.

If you ever feel rejected by someone, you can tell yourself they just haven’t evolved to meet your needs. She pulls the raw wool into a rough strand, carefully paying it out to the whirling bobbin.
A thrunk filled with camera gear, thermos with coffee and Booka Shade vibrating through the air.
The moment we were about to give up, a bright white Barn Owl appeared, Joris quickly pressed the remote control and the camera was triggered! He made a great photo series which secured his nomination for the National Geographic Emerging Nature Photographer Award. To photograph the Lacewing, Zahl focused his camera on the petal, then waited for the creature to crawl into range.

After looking at it, I still think this is a Monarch, but I guess National Geographic would know, right?
Carrying pollen grains caught on the hairs from male to female flowers, the bee helps propagate many farm crops.
Others have tongues too short to reach the nectar, and so are not attracted to deep flowers where they would pick up pollen. If the owl was going to fly out that night we should be able to capture him on chip at that spot.

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