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How does the voltage across each light bulb change as you add more and more bulbs to a parallel circuit?
How does the voltage across each light bulb change as you add more and more bulbs to a series circuit? How does the number of coils of wire wrapped around a nail affect it’s magnetism (as measured by the number of paperclips it can pick up)? Each question is designed so that students have something to measure and will be able to use those measurements to make predictions.
Some of the experiments, like the nail electromagnet, should have simple linear trends, with students choosing the advanced option having to find an equation to fit their data for the predictions. This has also provided the opportunity for them to apply what they’ve just learned about drawing circuit diagrams (we use this set of symbols).
Natural phenomena like this are great for students to analyze because they require the integration of multiple concepts to explain.
The Earth's magnetic field deflects charged particles around the planet, although some do get redirected down toward the poles, making the arouras. Most of the ions are deflected around the Earth but some get focused down toward the poles. I like the second video they post because, at the end, there is a splatter of interference from all the charged particles affecting the detector. Students enjoyed doing it, even though it was challenging making the coil just right so it would spin easily. At the end, some students wanted to figure out just how fast they could get the motor running. All the sparks did lead to a discussion of how arc welding works, however, which I was able to tie into the maths of transformers; cheaper arc welders (like this one) take in 20 Amps at 120 Volts, and output 70 Amps at 22 Volts.
So, simply moving a magnet next to a wire, or through a coil of wire, will induce a voltage in the wire.
Relative Motion: moving the coil of wire around the magnet would create the same voltage as moving the magnet through the coil. Conservation of Energy: By moving the magnet, you convert the kinetic energy of the motion to electrical energy.
So the greater the voltage you want to create, the more energy it will take to move the magnet. Current Direction: Moving the magnet back and forth will switch the direction of the current back and forth as well, creating an alternating current. The voltage induced in a coil depends on the number of loops and the rate at which the magnetic field changes (as well as the resistance of the coil material — better conductors will permit a greater voltage). If we make a coil like the ones we used to make the motors, but took out the battery from the circuit then the motor would not move.
Generators (mostly) create electrical currents by rotating wire coils inside magnetic fields. A generator adapted from our motor would only have a current as long as the copper wire from the exposed side of the coil was completing the circuit.

Wind turbines and hydroelectric turbines use wind and water respectively to spin their wire coils directly. Most other power plants produce heat energy to boil water, which creates steam, which is piped past the turbines that turn the coils. Motors and generators are essentially the same, except that motors use electricity to produce mechanical energy, while generators use mechanical energy to produce electricity. If you use superconducting wire, you can create an extremely powerful superconducting magnet that can be used in magnetic levitation (maglev) trains.
A charged particle is deflected from it's forward motion when a magnetic field is turned on. Note that the deflection only occurs when the particle is not traveling parallel to the magnetic field lines.
The big, old styled TV’s use this to shoot electrons at the screen to make the picture. The Earth’s magnetic field deflects the charged particles ejected by the Sun, protecting the planet. Just like charged particles are deflected when they run into a magnetic field, charges running through a wire will create a magnetic field that will interact with external magnets to cause the wire to move.
The force on the wire is perpendicular both to the direction of the current and the lines of the magnetic field.
If you reverse the current in the wire (send it the other way) the force will be in the opposite direction. You can use this principle to create a galvanometer, which is a device that detects electric currents, or to build motors. As lava cools, the magnetic minerals in it orient themselves with the Earth’s magnetic field. Montessori Muddle by Montessori Muddle is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 United States License. Each day a different image or photograph of our fascinating universe is featured, along with a brief explanation written by a professional astronomer. The demonstration given below explains the nature of magnetic field due to a current carrying circular loop.
The strength of the magnetic field at the centre of a circular coil carrying current is proportional to the number of turns in the coil (n). The strength of the magnetic field is inversely proportional to the radius of the circular coil i.e.
Although we know that the magnetic field originates from several sources, exactly how it is generated and why it changes is not yet fully understood.
For example, once they’ve measured the voltage across four bulbs in series, they should be able to predict the voltage across the bulbs in a series of ten.
Instead of gravity, the attractive force that holds the water droplets in orbit is generated by the static electric charge on the knitting needle and on the water droplet. This has the potential to provide good auroral displays, possibly at lower latitudes than normal.

At the poles, these ions hit nitrogen and oxygen molecules (that make up 98% of the atmosphere), exciting many of them. Because of small imperfections inherent to hand-made parts, we found that the armatures would bounce, ever so slightly, with each rotation.
Disdaining the online instructions, they went for more power, hooking up all the batteries they could scavenge from the other groups before I had to make them stop.
A moving magnetic field induces an electric field (and thus a current) in a wire (from Faraday’s Law).
The faster you move the magnet, or the more coils of wire you have, the greater the current. If you have a lot of coils and are creating a large voltage, the magnet is going to be harder to push through the coil because the induced electrical field induces a magnetic field that opposes the original magnet. However, if we rotated the coil ourselves, mechanically, as it sat over the magnetic field, we would create a current in the wire. So if a moving charged particle encounters a magnetic field the two magnetic fields will interact and the motion of the particle will be deflected.
One way of telling how old basalt rocks on the seafloor are is by looking at the direction of their magnetic field. If you require further details regarding the transaction data, please contact the supplier directly.
So a deep brown leaf embedded in the ice will absorb more heat than the clear ice around it, warming up the leaf and melting the ice in contact with it. This works because gravity and electromagnetic forces follow similar rules (inverse square laws). So the students recorded the sound using their laptop, and then counted rotations off the recorded sound wave.
They did manage to weld the insulating varnish on the coil wire to the paperclip contact before the end. Electrical power plants are set up so that the rotating coil (also called an armature) is always in electrical contact, but when the coil goes through the second half of its rotation the current is reversed in direction.
Since the Africa and the Americas are moving apart, slowly over millions of years, there is a suture in the Earth’s crust in the middle of the Atlantic ocean where new seafloor is made from erupting, under-sea volcanos. This switching back and forth of the direction of the current in the wires is how alternating currents are created.
As a result, there are magnetic stripes all along the Atlantic Ocean (and all the other oceans too) that have recorded each time the Earth’s magnetic polarity has reversed.

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