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Using highways to generate kinetic energy from cars is not a new idea, but designer Fang-Chun Tsai has put a twist on it. The Magneter system would see cars fitted with a magnetic device on the underside of the chassis. The best part about this system is that it looks like the installation of a magnetic device would be relatively simple. Please note that gratuitous links to your site are viewed as spam and may result in removed comments.
As for the wind turbines along highways, I believe they do use truly wasted energy as the air is being put in motion anyway by passing cars. I really wish that folks would better understand basic physics, and the fact that energy doesn't come from nowhere. This is just a grossly inefficient way to burn gas to generate electricity -- one would be far better off burning the same amount of fuel in a dedicated, properly tuned, efficient power plant. As the body oscillates, there is a transformation between kinetic energy and potential energy, maintaining the total energy constant.
The constant interchange of energy between potential and kinetic forms is essential for producing and maintaining any type of oscillation.

He proposes using the kinetic energy from speeding cars to change a magnetic field to generate electricity. As a vehicle drives, it would charge an electricity generating device that would be installed on the road. Technically it would be harder to push air away if the air is blocked very close to the car because it then gets compressed. This is not really running on hydrogen, it still uses ordinary fuel but a small amount of hydrogen is added that acts as an additive to improve the combustion of the fuel. The only place such a concept would have any value would be in situations where the vehicle would need to slow down. This is like the reverse of electric vehicles, powering the electric grid from gasoline engines, not the right direction. In the case of the oscillating bob of a simple pendulum, it loses kinetic energy after passing through the middle of the swing and then stores the energy as potential energy, as it rises to the top of the swing.
The system could be easily installed in existing cars, and it could pave the way towards a self-sufficient energy grid. But a wind turbine stands at a few meters away and does not have such an impact on the car.

Some sort of external regenerative braking system (say motorway off ramps etc.) or a driver initiated action (ie braking the vehicle) would activate it - but otherwise? The sum of the potential energy and the kinetic energy values remains constant as represented by the horizontal line. When the deforming force is released, this potential energy manifests in the form of kinetic energy which makes the body to move. In the case of oscillating layers of air, when a sound wave passes, kinetic energy of the moving air molecules is converted to potential energy when the air is compressed.
On newer engines the impact might even be negative due to the power use to create the hydrogen.
In the case of electrical oscillations a coil L and a capacitor C in the circuit constantly exchange energy, this is stored alternately in the magnetic field of L and the electric field of C.

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