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Texts and descriptions are fine and dandy, but to see planet Earth for what it is is another thing altogether. Wait, so according to your theory, Pongo, planes should fly at very low altitude too to use less fuel, right? Such space weather events cause auroras and, when very strong, can produce radiation events that could cause our satellites to fail. Now, special cameras aboard the Interstellar Boundary Explorer, or IBEX, spacecraft have snapped the first shots of this complex space environment.
The white lines show a model of where magnetic field lines are expected in Earth's magnetic atmosphere.
But when they looked closely, the group realized they didn't only have a picture of a quiescent plasma sheet.
Because researchers believe this phenomenon generally occurs deeper in the magnetotail, the IBEX team is considering other explanations for the event, as well. A computer-generated image of IBEX and its two imagers specialized to detect neutral atoms in Earth's magnetic field and out to the edges of the solar system to provide images of space that cannot be photographed with traditional cameras. IBEX is the latest in NASA's series of low-cost, rapidly developed Small Explorers spacecraft. This combined with the fact that their mass is vastly greater than a birds may benefit them to fly higher to distance themselves from earth's weak gravitational pull.
The jellyfish "tail" is known as the magnetotail and it flows off to the right in this picture, away from the sun on the "night side" of Earth.

But until now no one has been able to take pictures of these fascinating processes in the plasma sheet. Instead of recording light, these two large single-pixel cameras detect energetic neutral atoms. David McComas, principal investigator of the IBEX mission and assistant vice president of the Space Science and Engineering Division at Southwest Research Institute in San Antonio, Texas. The various images appear to show a piece of the plasma sheet being bitten off and ejected down the tail. The Southwest Research Institute developed the IBEX mission with a team of national and international partners.
As long as you can produce enough lift, it will be easier to fly as high as possible than at ground level. NASA's IBEX mission recently captured the first images of the magnetotail and the plasma sheet. Magnetic field lines pull apart and come back together, creating explosions when they release energy. Such fast-moving atoms are formed whenever atoms in the furthest reaches of Earth's atmosphere collide with charged particles and get sent speeding off in a new direction. Since its October 2008 launch, the IBEX science mission has flourished into multiple other research studies as well. The Earth can be, round, flat, cubic, toroidal or whatever you want it to be, and the birds would still fly at that altitude.

However, from my limited understanding of planes, I understand it's very dangerous for them to fly at lower altitudes. Disconnected bits of the tail called "plasmoids" get ejected into space at two million miles per hour. Called Energetic Neutral Atom or ENA imaging, the technique captured unprecedented images of the plasma sheet. In addition to supporting magnetospheric science, the spacecraft has also directly collected hydrogen and oxygen from the interstellar medium for the first time and produced the first ENA images of the outer edges of the bubble surrounding the Sun, called the heliosphere.
They fly high because the thinner air reduces drag, it has very little to do with danger and nothing (at all) to do with gravity.
Russel Close to the globe, Earth's magnetic field wraps around the planet like a gigantic spherical web, curving in to touch Earth at the poles. As you move to the high altitudes where satellites fly, nothing about that field is so simple. Instead, the large region enclosed by Earth's magnetic field, known as the magnetosphere, looks like a long, sideways jellyfish with its round bulb facing the sun and a long tail extending away from the sun.

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