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They fill the space around a magnet where the magnetic forces work, where they can attract or repel magnetic materials. It would be difficult to draw the results from the sort of experiment seen in the photograph, so we draw simple magnetic field lines instead. Magnetic line is an imaginary tool we use to describe the abstract concept of magnetic field. What are the results for single magnet bar and two magnet bars with same pole against each other? What kind distributions of magnetic lines can be observed if it is viewed from the front, side and top?
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I never thought about it, but from the sounds of that I imagine the effect of the magnetic field on the iron creates iron's own field, and each different substance or size and shape of the substance would create it's own unique dampening field properties?
Dave_O has it correct.A typical compass is a small, needle-shaped magnet mounted on a pin which allows it to rotate in a plane.
Maybe it would be kind of boring, but I would like to see this experiment done just for the fun of it.It would be hard to clean up the filings after dropped though without moving the magnets.
Thanks CanadysPeak,This thread has got me thinking about the aurora borealis as a different kind of example. Any source of magnetism, such as a magnet or electromagnet, is surrounded by a magnetic field.
When you bring a compass near an item suspected of being magnetized or having a magnetic field, the compass will turn and point toward the appropriate pole of the object. A famous experiment showed that a wire with DC electric current running through it created a magnetic field. By spreading fine iron filings or dust on a piece of paper laid on top of a magnet, you can see the outline of the magnetic lines of force or the magnetic field.
These devices are used to detect and measure magnetic fields in scientific experiments, in industry and even in people's homes.

Please include it as a link on your website or as a reference in your report, document, or thesis. For two magnet bars with same pole against each other, the magnetic lines are distributed like two repulsive circular arcs. The field is reluctant to go between the filings.Seriously, if you watch water run downhill, you will see the answer. I guess you could use electromagnets, but could you guarantee that the electricity supply is equal on each attempt? I guess you could use electromagnets, but could you guarantee that the electricity supply is equal on each attempt?Been there, done that.
That field can be detected by various devices, which can also give information about the direction of the field and even its strength.
When the electricity was turned on, a nearby compass moved to indicate a magnetic field was present. The North-seeking pole of the compass needle will always point toward the Earth's North magnetic pole. They use a electronic chip called a Hall effect device, which gives off a tiny electrical current when exposed to a magnetic field.
Devices can detected the field and also give information about the direction of the field and even its strength. We see gaps, but they are constantly moving around based on the gas particles and air currents acting in the same way as iron filings. At the sophisticated level, a gaussmeter can detect a field and indicate its strength, as measured in gauss units. The current is amplified with electronic circuitry and a meter shows the number of gauss (the units of magnetic field strength). But when iron filings are introduced to a Magnetic Field, they become Magnetized and attach to each other, end to end.
The formation of the gaps are based on the properties and characteristics of the particles in the magnetic field.

For iron filings, there will be a small area where there are more filings touching each other, the iron filings have a much higher permeability than the surrounding air, so the magnetic induction will be higher there.
You should, however, use degaussed filings as they may retain M, depending on their material. The higher induction will attract more iron filings, making the overall reluctance smaller, increasing the induction, attracting more filings, ad infinitum. While you will be able to view the content of this page in your current browser, you will not be able to get the full visual experience. Treating each strand as a set of individual Magnetic grains, all with poles lined up in the same direction, then each strand pushes the next strand away from it..
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With two large anti-parallel bar magnets, a gap appears in a region between the two magnets where equal and opposite field lines cancel.When iron filings are dropped into a magnetic field they become tiny magnets themselves, orienting anti-parallel to the prevailing field and creating adjacent gaps where their own field cancels the prevailing field. It is easy to visualize as a two stage-process: first, the filings are spread evenly over the magnetic field but all aligned in the direction of the field. Then, based on the scale and ferromagnetic properties of the filings they damp the field to either side, creating the apparent spaces between the lines that we see. Of course the two stages described here happen concurrently until an equilibrium is achieved. Because the intrinsic magnetism of the filings modifies the field, the lines shown by the filings are only an approximation of the field lines of the original magnetic field.

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