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The H-field is orthogonal to the direction of propagation in a plane wave, as well as perpendicular to the E-field.
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MRI's use field's above $4$ $Tesla$ yet it seems very complex and requires massive power & cooling.
We integrate this to find the B-field on the x-axis at the coordinate $x$ for a solenoid with $n$ windings of current $I$, and with the x-axis as its symmetry axis. For an example (as requested in comments), suppose a solenoid of length $1 m$ and radius of cross section $0.1m$, having $1000$ no of turns per unit length($1 m$) carrying current $1 A$ and filled with air which makes $\mu = \mu_0$. Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged electromagnetism magnetic-fields or ask your own question. How do I encourage users to supply information that might not be available, if it is available? Does there exist a complex function which is differentiable at one point and nowhere else continuous? Is the overall mortality rate for being in a spacecraft in space or bound for space about 4%?
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Field lines of a positive and negative charge of the same magnitude placed close to each other.

The variation of field lines of an electric dipole as the two charges move towards and away from each other. Since the field is conservative therefore we could have brought the charge from any arbitrary path and could have taken it back along any arbitrary path and the work done should be equal in all cases. For a brilliant discussion of Electrostatics and other such topics of Physics I recommend "Fundamentals of Physics" by Resnick, Walker and Halliday.You may buy it by clicking on the link to the left. One can see this by noting that the upper and lower halves of the solenoid contribute equally to the field at center.
A chart in any junior level science class contains the picture of our solar system showing planets revolving around the sun in definite orbits. Such a system of two charges of equal magnitude but opposite sign placed close to each other is known as an electric dipole. It seems that it might be simple and possible to create a powerful electromagnet and the poles are near a $Tesla$ .
The direction of rotation of the current flow and the direction of the B-field build a right-handed screw. The fields have strengths ranging from 1 to 7 T in air, it is not very difficult to produce these fields in material like iron as they boost magnetic fields by factors of 1000.
Also the formulae were correct before too as at that time $n$ was loops per unit length and now it is total no. If you see a real picture of our solar system then you'll find that no such orbits exist in reality.

Broadly speaking fields are divided into two categories - conservative and non conservative.
But to make such fields in air 1000 times energy is required and therefore these scanners utilise high power, coolants and nowadays superconducting wires too.
What's the meaning of these two words?DEFINITION OF CONSERVATIVE AND NON CONSERVATIVE FIELDTake any two points in the field. He had misconceived the space around any charged object to be filled by 'lines of force' - the old name of electric field lines. If in all cases the work done by the field gives you the same value then the field is said to be conservative. They are drawn only to help you understand the concepts of electric charges and their interactions in a better way.
These lines are drawn with the following considerations: Electric field lines begin from positive charge and terminate on negative charge.

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