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Magnetic fields such as those of electric motors, loudspeakers or door closers cause the Nivarox balance spring to become magnetized and adversely affect the accuracy of the watch.
As early as the 1930s, watches used for special purposes were protected against magnetic fields.
While the earth's magnetic field is far too weak to pose any risk, magnetic fields from electric motors, loudspeakers, door closers or other such sources can cause lasting interference with the function of a mechanical watch. Nivarox balance springs are made of a temperature-compensating material which, in certain unfavourable circumstances, becomes magnetised. Materials that can be easily magnetized but have only low remanence a€“ (residual magnetization after exposure to a magnetic field) are referred to as a€?magnetically softa€?. The uncompromising development of professional mission timers (EZM models) a€“ such as pilot's watches designed for use in the cockpit of an aircraft - should always take the special circumstances of that environment into account and closely monitor any gradual changes in the field. The Magnetic Field Protection incorporated in some of our models greatly increases the level of protection, offering optimum protection from external magnetic fields on the rate of the movement a€“ of great benefit in daily practice (cf. In a study of 1000 watches by SINN's customer service department, nearly 60% of the watches received were magnetized, and half of these (30%) had severe defects caused by magnetic fields. Shieldite is a very rare mineral made of silicate and crystalline carbon with a unique molecular structure which is not to be confused with other regular carbon based minerals. There are 2 types of magnetic fields, natural magnetic fields and artificial electromagnetic fields which we refer to EMFs that are harmful to the human body. As shieldite is conductive it naturally syncs with the earth's magnetic field and when EMFs pass by Shieldite it absorbs the extra change in the electromagnetic fields so they align with the natural magnetic field of the earth that our bodies are compatible with.
It is the combination of the unique structure of Shieldite to absorb the EMFs and the BFIT infusion which allows it to safely store the built up EMF charge which gives Shieldite its amazing abilities. The earth's magnetic field is not a constant and  ranges through different levels of intensity and frequency as you can see in the above diagram. This animation shows how a particular stream of the solar wind sweeps through space, interacting with both Earth and Mars.
They found that while the pressure of the solar wind increased at each planet by similar amounts, the increase in the rate of loss of martian oxygen was ten times that of Earth’s increase. Such a difference would have a dramatic impact over billions of years, leading to large losses of the martian atmosphere, perhaps explaining or at least contributing to its current tenuous state. The result proves the efficacy of Earth’s magnetic field in deflecting the solar wind and protecting our atmosphere.
Now, by making measurements during a planetary alignment when the two planets were being hit by exactly the same part of the solar wind, the team have proved it in reality. They now hope to extend their work by incorporating data from ESA’s Venus Express spacecraft, which also carries a sensor that can measure the loss of its atmosphere. Venus will provide an important new perspective on the issue because like Mars, it has no global magnetic field, yet it is similar in size to Earth and has a much thicker atmosphere. This artist's impression shows how the solar wind shapes the magnetospheres of Venus (top), Earth (middle) and Mars (bottom). There are a number of upcoming planetary alignments that will provide good opportunities for such studies.
In addition, scientists are keen to observe how the increase in solar activity associated with the current solar cycle may affect the loss of atmospheric particles from all three planets. A camera visiting Venus, onboard the Venus Express spacecraft, has sent back its first pictures of the planet. ESAa€™s Science Programme Committee has extended the operations of ESAa€™s Mars Express, Venus Express and Cluster missions until 31 December 2009. Despite its magnetic field, Earth is losing its atmosphere to space at about the same rate as planets that lack this protective barrier against the solar wind. British astronaut Tim Peake ran a marathon in space in record time on Sunday, strapped into a treadmill on the International Space Station as thousands ran the London Marathon below.
ESA's Herschel mission releases today a series of unprecedented maps of star-forming hubs in the plane of our Milky Way galaxy.
For the 26th birthday of NASA's Hubble Space Telescope, astronomers are highlighting a Hubble image of an enormous bubble being blown into space by a super-hot, massive star. Join us on FacebookJoin our Facebook page which we will update from time to time about new videos, articles, blog posts and other activities. Contents1 ELF (Extreme Low Frequencies) protection2 Because ELF fields tend to overpass obstacles, the ELF protection has to be much bigger then the size of the source, so when the ELF field will eventually pass it they will be very week.

Therefor, when ELF shielding is used, we believe you should not use any wireless devices in side the shielded area. Since some of the ELF magnetic will pass the protection, it is recommended not to place sitting or sleeping area right next to the protection, but to keep a safety distance of at least 50 cm from it. This foil is very flexible but very expensive (expensive compared to RF blocking foils and also to other ELF shielding material).
The ELF magnetic fields blocking metal plats are similar to the ELF blocking foil, but they are not flexible and usually used only in the professional market.
ELF blocking Active systems – used in order to block a low frequency electromagnetic radiation field and to lower its level in a given point, but this is done by creating a second field in the same strength and in opposite direction to the one that was already there. Dirty electricity is a mid frequency electric current noise (100- 100000Hz) that is carried over the electricity wires in your house and that is generated by electronic devices, electronic power converters  RF equipment or external sources. The Dirty Electricity filters cut off these frequencies and ground them, so only the 50 or 60 Hz signal can be found on the wires.
It is recommends to test for dirty electricity (DR), with a special numeric meter, before buying any filters. The installation is very simple, just plug it in to the electric power socket, and it is on. We solve this problem by using a protective sheath consisting of a closed, magnetically soft inner case that includes the dial, the movement holding ring and the case back. Later, Magnetic Field Protection was integrated in pilots' watches due to the magnetic deflectors used in the radar screens found in airplane cockpits and ground stations. Irregularities in the rate of the movement are therefore the result of a magnetised balance spring, i.e.
If you place a hollow body made of iron in a magnetic field, you will see that a large part of the magnetic flux lines are bundled in the wall of the hollow body. For example, aircraft have not been fitted with conventional radar screens for many years now. During this study, the speed of the movement before and after demagnetization was documented.
Shieldite forms in clusters of 70-80 carbon molecules which create capsules (called fullerenes) to absorb the harmful waves EMFs produced. The Earth and our human bodies produce their own low level magnetic field which by no coincidence are at the same frequency (around 7-10hz). As shieldite has clusters which act as capsules this is where the extra charge from the magnetic field is stored until it fill completely fills up.
It is very important when using devices that transmute EMFs that they store the built up EMF safely without contaminating you and then you can safely discharge them. Shieldite is naturally calibrated to the earth's magnetic field and transmutes the EMFs to the correct levels based on what frequency the earth's magnetic field is at the moment. Unlike Earth, which has an internal magnetic field, Mars lacks a planet-wide magnetic field so the martian magnetosphere is smaller than the terrestrial one.
Unlike Venus and Mars, Earth has an internal magnetic field which makes its magnetosphere bigger. For the first time, scientists are able to investigate from the top of its atmosphere, down nearly to the surface. In order to install it and to apply it on walls you will need to drill holes and to screw the plates into the wall, ceiling and floor. In the point in which both fields are in the same strength you will be able to measure magnetic field of 0 mGause, but if you move towards one source (ELF original source or the active ELF blocker) the ELF levels will go up, they will still be lower than the original ELF source levels, but now they will be a mathematical sum of the two fields which are in opposite directions. The noise is carried around the house over the electricity wires and since the frequency is relatively higher the magnetic fields created by these currents mange to be emitted into the room itself and can be measured even 2 meters from the walls, in the middle of the room(compared with 50 or 60 Hz single that can be found and metered usually only very close to the wires, usually note more then half a meter).
Therefor they limit the danger of exposure to the LF magnetic fields in your house between 100-100000Hz.
It is also recommended to try and find the sources of the DR and to limit their use before installing the filters (in order to limit the number of the filters needed and by that saving money).
However, the restriction of Magnetic Field Protection to professionally used chronometers is proving absolute in today's world. Sources of magnetic fields which could interfere with the working of a mechanical watch are no longer built into modern cockpits. However, the specially designed protective cage used for this emits its own magnetic signature.

If the speed deviation before demagnetization was greater than 5% of the speed after demagnetization, a defect due to magnetic fields was assumed. Shieldite is actually electrically conductive itself which allows it to interact with the EMFs. New scientific research is even suggesting that each cell in our bodies has its own magnetic field which regulates the cell.
At Iyashi Source we use BFIT to infuse the Shieldite so the stored negative EMF charges do not leak out.
In the future we may periodically email with other great sales we are having and new product releases. This allowed a direct evaluation of the effectiveness of Earth’s magnetic field in protecting our atmosphere.
The plates are heavy and are made from a verity of metals with different magnetic characteristics. When it comes to magnetic field sensitivity, the modern balance spring is far superior to the older steel springs with regard to sensitivity to magnetic fields, because Nivarox springs are non-magnetic as required by DIN 8309. In order to produce this Magnetic Field Protection, we use a closed, magnetically soft case interior that includes the dial, the movement holding ring and the case back. Magnetic field influences were also found even when the wearers weren't aware of any contact with sources of magnetic fields. Like carbon filters remove contaminates from water, Shieldite alters EMF waves to a safe wave length. Artificial electromagnetic fields are produced by every electronic device (which typically run at 50-60hz or higher) and when in contact with our cells will cause damage to their natural magnetic field causing the cell to degenerate and malfunction. It is usually used as an additional protection after ELF blocking metal panels or when there is a need for a small, light and flexible solution.
There is usually the need to use several layers, each on with different magnetic polarization. It is important that after exposure to a magnetic field the protective sheath does not remain mag-netized, as it would become a source of interference. Using such a watch in the cockpit of an aircraft means that this characteristic could deflect the aircraft's emergency compass. As a consequence, all watches received by our customer service workshop are first demagnetized using an electromagnet. As our human bodies are designed to align with the earth's natural magnetic field what Shieldite does is transmute the electromagnetic fields created by electronics to the same frequency as the earth's magnetic field rending them harmless. This foil is uses usually to block ELF magnetic fields in medium and low levels of between 20-2 mG. I think it might even increase it since now your body is exposed to more fields from several directions. This burning sensation disappeared few minutes after I installed a single filter (level went down to 75 GS units), and returned few minutes after I uninstalled it. The priorities of a pilot's watch designed for professional use in the cockpit of a modern aircraft are therefore clear: the EZM-optimised solution should dispense with using a soft-magnetic internal cage and rely instead on amagnetic materials such as titanium. It will not stop the EMFs rendering your electronics useless but just changes the frequency of their electromagnetic field to a compatible wave length for our bodies. For higher levels you need to apply to lairs of this foil or to use additional metal plates. These plates are more expensive from the ELF blocking foils and are usually used to block high magnetic fields between 20-200 mG and more. If the spring is exposed to stronger magnetic fields, the oscillation of the balance will change permanently. A timepiece which meets these design requirements will not then interfere with magnetic fields itself, yet will still meet the DIN 8309 requirements for antimagnetic watches.

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