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Electromagnetic fields are used by marine organisms for several purposes, from navigation to communication to predation. By themselves, electric fields are not created by underwater transmission cables because of the grounded metal wire sheath. The distance between the field lines represent the strength of the field, the closer the field line, the stronger the field. First of all, we need to know that, in SPM, normally we use a circle with an arrow to represent compass. Second, we also need to know that the pointer of a compass is always in the direction of the magnetic field. In figure (b) above, we can see that when a few compasses are put near to a bar magnet, the pointer of the compasses are all in the direction of the magnetic field. If a compass is placed near to a current carrying wire, the pointer of the compass will point along the direction of the magnetic field generated by the current (as shown in the figure below).
Answer: (3) An electric field is present due to the electric charge, and a magnetic field is present because the charge is in motion.
You used electric field lines to help visualize what would happen to a positive charge placed in an electric field. Much like electrical charges, like poles exert a repelling force on each other, while opposite poles exert an attractive force on each other.
Question: The diagram below shows the lines of magnetic force between two north magnetic poles. Answer: (B) has the greatest magnetic field strength because it is located at the highest density of magnetic field lines. Question: A student is given two pieces of iron and told to determine if one or both of the pieces are magnets.
Answer: At least one of the pieces of iron is a magnet, but we cannot state with certainty that both are magnets. Question: Draw a minimum of four field lines to show the magnitude and direction of the magnetic field in the region surrounding a bar magnet.
Question: When two ring magnets are placed on a pencil, magnet A remains suspended above magnet B, as shown at right.

Answer: (1) Gravity can only attract, and because magnet A is suspended above magnet B, the magnetic force must be repulsive.
One potential biological threat of installing energy-generating technologies is that the fields will disrupt the behaviors of marine organisms. Electromagnetic fields are created when electricity is transported.
In comparison, most people are exposed to magnetic fields that are 2000 times stronger on a daily basis (NaiKun 2009).
However, an electric field is induced when marine organisms move through the magnetic fields created by the current. In the diagram, the magnetic field A is stronger than magnetic field B because the line in magnetic field A is closer. The arrow represents the pointer of a compass and it always points towards the North pole of a magnet. The end of a magnet that points toward the geographic north pole of the Earth is called the north pole of the magnet, while the opposite end, for obvious reasons, is called the magneta€™s south pole.
In order to visualize a magnetic field, you can draw magnetic field lines (also known as magnetic flux lines) which show the direction the north pole of a magnet would tend to point if placed in the field. Materials can be classified as magnets, magnet attractables (materials which arena€™t magnets themselves but can be attracted by magnets), and non-attractables. Which statement describes the gravitational force and the magnetic force acting on magnet A due to magnet B?
There is an inverse cube relationship between magnetic field strength and force with respect to distance from the magnet. Currently, there is a debate about whether AC or DC cables to offshore energy generating technologies would be best. Marine organisms, however, are far more sensitive than people to magnetic indicators because they are not able to rely on vision as well as land animals.
While DC cables create a magnetic field that depends on the amount of current transmitted, AC cables create an oscillating magnetic field. While DC cables are more efficient at transmitting electricity, they typically create a stronger surrounding magnetic field as well.  Another consideration is burying the submarine cables, which reduces the magnetic and induced electric fields in the surrounding area. In the case of permanent magnets, the moving charges are the orbits of electrons spinning around nuclei.

Magnetic field lines are drawn as closed loops, starting from the north pole of a magnet and continuing to the south pole of a magnet. Self-shielded magnets confine the magnetic field, but have rapidly increasing strength near the magnet. For this reason, the environmental impacts of both technologies are important to understand. Every year, researchers discover new details about how that marine organisms use the Earth’s magnetic field. The magnetic field created by DC cables increases dramatically with the distance between the bipolar cables.
Certain species, particularly elasmobranchs, are able to detect these induced electric fields (Gill 2009). In very basic terms, strong permanent magnets have many atoms with electrons spinning in the same direction.
In general, these induced fields are greater for DC submarine transmission cables than for AC cables.
If you split a magnet in half, each half of the original magnet exhibits both a north and a south pole, giving you two magnets. The magnetic field is strongest in areas of greatest density of magnetic field lines, or areas of the greatest magnetic flux density.
Physicists continue to search both physically and theoretically, but to date, no one has ever observed a north pole without a south pole, or a south pole without a north pole. What does the student definitely know about the initial magnetic properties of the two pieces of iron?

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