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What is the motion of a charged particle in a magnetic field which varies along the field lines? What is the motion of a charged particle in a magnetic field which varies perpendicular to the field lines?
There are numerous charts in the original post and I will leave it to interested readers to follow the link to examine the science in more detail. I believe if there is a 2c drop it could be disaster for humanity especially if the warmies and watermelons get what they want and world governments are blindsided by the cold.
I am of the mind that we need to start seeing a significant drop in temperatures for the sake of humanity. There is more chance of global coldening than warming inducing a collapse in living standards. But back to the comments, another mentions that it will be some months before we know if the snow is going to remain through the summer.
Sun-Spots and Commercial Crises: I HAVE been repeatedly told by men who have good opportunity of hearing current opinions, that they who theorise about the relations of sun-spots, rainfall, famines, and commercial crises are supposed to be jesting, or at the best romancing. Researchers Say Sun Cycle Alters Earth’s Climate: The team first confirmed an earlier theory, that the slight increase in solar energy during the peak production of sunspots is absorbed by stratospheric ozone.
At the same time, the increased sunlight at solar maximum causes a slight warming of ocean surface waters across the subtropical Pacific, where Sun-blocking clouds are normally scarce. The top-down influence of the stratosphere and the bottom-up influence of the ocean work together to intensify this loop and strengthen the trade winds.
Naturally the climate change alarmists models do not have variations in the Sun’s output driving climate on earth. Accepting climate is driven by something other than people also removes from traders a potential revenue stream comprising part of the value of everything anyone does.
We are well past the point where some of the global warming profiteers and their willing enablers should have been tarred and feathered. This entry was postedon Friday, December 31st, 2010 at 3:17 pmand is filed under Environment, Originals. Awake craniotomy with electrocortical mapping and intraoperative magnetic resonance imaging (iMRI) are established techniques for maximizing tumor resection and preserving function, but there has been little experience combining these methodologies.
CONCLUSION: Awake craniotomy and iMRI with a movable high-field-strength device can be performed safely to maximize resection of tumors near eloquent language areas. A similar device called the tokamak is used to house a hydrogen plasma in the hope of harnessing the Sun's source of energy - FUSION.

For all the damage this would do (crops would suffer, millions would die of starvation and cold-related deaths) it would pale besides the damage our corrupt leaders and the UN would inflict on us. Please note that I refer to global warming induced dire straights as opposed to global warming policies induced dire straights.
If it does it will increase the planet’s reflectivity, with the snow reflecting sunlight back into space and reducing the amount of warming it produces.
I am, of course, responsible only for a small part of what has been put forth on this subject, but so far as I am concerned in the matter, I beg leave to affirm that I never was more in earnest, and that after some further careful inquiry, I am perfectly convinced that these decennial crises do depend upon meteorological variations of like period, which again depend, in all probability, upon cosmical variations of which we have evidence in the frequency of sun-spots, auroras, and magnetic perturbations. Something impacts upon the sun and this manifests itself in sunspots and something that affects the earth’s climate. Gibson and colleagues studied another solar phenomenon: discharges of high-speed streams of energy within the solar wind that carry turbulent magnetic fields out into the solar system. The energy warms the air in the stratosphere over the tropics, where sunlight is most intense, while also stimulating the production of additional ozone there that absorbs even more solar energy. That small amount of extra heat leads to more evaporation, producing additional water vapor.
As more sunshine hits drier areas, these changes reinforce each other, leading to less clouds in the subtropics, allowing even more sunlight to reach the surface, and producing a positive feedback loop that further magnifies the climate response.
Treasure spent on green dreams is money not available to save lives, feed people or otherwise enhance well-being. Assessments were made of how these 2 modalities were integrated and what impact this strategy had on safety, surgical decision making, workflow, operative time, extent of tumor resection, and outcome. The extent of resection was limited because of proximity to eloquent areas in 5 cases: language areas in 3 patients and motor areas in 2 patients. The following chart from the article illustrates the number of sunspots over the last 400 years. We have already seen deaths from starvation due to tax-subsidised farmers growing biofuel instead of food (pushing food prices through the roof). I believe that I have, in fact, found the missing link required to complete the first outline of the evidence.
Since the stratosphere warms unevenly, with the most pronounced warming occurring at lower latitudes, stratospheric winds are altered and, through a chain of interconnected processes, end up strengthening tropical precipitation. In turn, the moisture is carried by trade winds to the normally rainy areas of the western tropical Pacific, fueling heavier rains and reinforcing the effects of the stratospheric mechanism. Without being able to blame developed capitalist countries they will not be able to implement global income redistribution.

And with a carbon trading scheme part of the money used to obtain the right to do something will be secured by traders. Companies do it to governments to obtain mandated green targets, so why should governments not do it to each other? The good news is that we appear to have moved from being concerned with a Maunder Minimum to a Dalton Minimum. We have already seen masses of jobs lost as once-free businesses fail to compete with the tax-funded green industry.
The destruction of national treasure and ongoing impoverishment of people through higher energy prices is absolutely indefensible. We can expect the vested interests and their useful idiots to fight tooth an nail to prevent this outcome.
That it has largely been propagated by the left of the political spectrum demonstrates yet again just how sick they are. They care not how much ordinary people are harmed so long as they get the opportunity to take billions or even trillions of dollars from them. Without human Co2 driven climate change and carbon trading the likes of Goldman Sachs will be poorer, the people of the world as a whole far richer.
They stand against progress and if they get their way will sentence our children to a miserable impoverished existence.
Sick of subsidizing those who do nothing the left are focusing on directly penalizing those who do something. We have already seen Government-produced propaganda targeted towards children, designed to scare them and if necessary to turn them against their sceptical parents. They can stick the boot into America, but only at the cost of portraying the UN global gabfests for what they actually are – denying their outcomes of even the fig leaf of legitimacy.
This is showing no signs of stopping, despite the complete failure of alarmists to prove their corrupt hypothesis. The quantitative easing in the US and UK have been and will continue to be reflected in the price of power.
No wonder the Greens with their love of a simple impoverished life are so against a warmer world.

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