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This wonderful invention has recently changed hands, as John Christie and Lou Brits have since sold their intellectual property and rights of their free energy machine - for approximately $30,000,000 AUD! The second rotor must be oriented on the shaft so that the forces on it tend to rotate the shaft in the same direction as the first rotor rotates.
First, lets look at the field produced by a circular ring of magnet poles of the same polarity lying in a plane.
The behavior of magnets is often fascinating to observe, as they exert force on each other, and on metallic objects. You have seen those toys with magnet pendulums moving eratically in the field of stationary magnets placed underneath. Our refrigerator magnet is likewise doing no work, niether external nor internal, as it remains at rest firmly in place and unmoving, on the refrigerator wall, supporting its own weight. This is just another example, of many, that shows that misunderstanding of basic, elementary, physics is the fuel that motivates perpetual motionists. Note that Jacob does not include the times when the stationary magnet's S pole is "seen" through one of the shield windows, and in those cases the forces retard the supposed motion of the wheel. I was hoping some computer whiz with access to software that models magnetic fields dynamically might run this through the computer and see what results. Here we need to remind ourselves, yet again, that there is no known perfect magnetic shield for static or quasi-static magnetic fields. Topology of the main circuit of superconducting magnetic energy storage (SMES) with a two-level voltage source converter (VSC)-based power conditioning system (PCS).
Simulation results of the response of the SMIB system to a 0.05 step change of the mechanical torque. Abstract This paper investigates the mechanism analysis and the experimental validation of employing superconducting magnetic energy storage (SMES) to enhance power system stability. Creative Commons Attribution License (CC BY) which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited. I believe this is 'by far' the most accurate article 'ever' written about the purpose of the pyramids.
The biggest obstacle that he had was trying to figure out how to harness ion power without causing weather events. Mind-opening news articles, books, editorials, & popular videos that inspire our readers and liberate them from the status quo. Due to symmetry and the vector nature of force, their combined field at the center of the circle is zero. One is tempted to think that their movement is due to their "stored" magnetic energy, and if you could design a device to turn that stored energy into useful work, you'd have achieved, if not perpetual motion, at least something very useful.
The pendulum has very little friction, so the device moves for quite a long time before it comes to rest. If you carefully measure and account for the mechanical energy you put into the system, and the mechanical energy that is dissipated into thermal energy, you find that all energy is fully accounted for. You might do this by considering a simple "pole" model of the magnet, with poles attracting or repelling according to an inverse square law. Most respondents have gone to great lengths to argue that the perfect magnetic shield is itself an impossible device, or to postulate how a shield distorts magnetic fields, without realizing that the shield is completely irrelevant to this version of the device.
Most of these folks are unable to do force and torque analysis of systems using free-body diagrams, skills that are supposed to be learned in the first half of the first semester of an elementary physics course.
Jacob Bayless, an engineering student at the University of British Columbia, wanted to return to the question we shelved, the magnetic shield. The geometry allows this magnet to interact with the N pole of the stationary magnet at the lower right.
They still must obey Newton's third law, which ensures that when a shield is acted upon by forces due other parts of the system, then the shield in turn exerts equal size and oppositely directed forces on those parts of the system. Granted, due to the additional distance, these are somewhat weaker than the ones that flash on the screen in blue. If the shield is effective in modifying the field of the rotating magnet, it does so by creating a field of its own in response to the field from the small magnet (Newton's third law), and this field of the shield is opposite in size and direction (mostly) in those regions where it is effective in "canceling" the magnet's field. Quite a few perpetual motion enthusiasts have done this for their own inventions, and report that their idea "shows promise". But usually these people don't set it up right, and omit some "little detail" that they didn't think important. But even if we allow such a perfect shield for the sake of analysis (just as we allow frictionless bearings), these magnetic motors using shields would not have over-unity performance.
The models of the SMES device and the single-machine infinite-bus (SMIB) system with SMES are deduced. Mechanism Analysis and Experimental Validation of Employing Superconducting Magnetic Energy Storage to Enhance Power System Stability. Hunter Nikola Tesla regarded the Earth as one of the plates of a capacitor, the ionosphere forming the other plate. Even though he did not finish this experiment, he literally broke into an unknown field - Earth resonance.

But, that aside, he was also a true genius, whether by happenstance or otherwise, stumbling onto his findings by rapid trial and error, or simply by pure intellect, his inventions have had a profound affect on the world as we all know it. But by granting this concession, and temporarily setting aside the problem of making such a shield, we may expose other fundamental problems with this design. Each circle contributes nearly zero field anywhere within the smaller circle, so the net field from all magnets is nearly zero anywhere within the smaller circle, and in that same plane. Magnet machines don't extract energy from the vacuum, the ether, the fourth dimension, or any other magical realm. If you gave the rotor a spin, pushing strongly enough, it would move with a varying speed with that same periodic variation, until frictional forces brought it to rest at one of the M positions of force equilibrium. To move it out of such a "potential well" requires exerting a force sufficient to give it additional energy equal to that of the nearby potential peak. Perpetual motion machine designers seldom even consider Newton's third law, yet it is the law of nature that dooms their efforts. Also, no forces are indicated during the majority of time when the windows are not aimed at a stationary pole. Now if it does that, than it must also be doing the same sort of thing for the fixed (larger) magnet at lower right.
Based on the model of the SMIB system with SMES, the action mechanism of SMES on a generator is analyzed. The terrestrial negative field reaches its maximum value at the summit of the pyramid; at the top of the pyramid of Giza, the voltage is 14,600 V. He was onto something, which was an attempt to recreate the pyramid weather maker on a modern scale. This is what led to a near catastrophic event, while he was experimenting with an earthquake type of device in his apartment. The surprising result is that the combined field is very nearly zero anywhere in the plane, within the circle. Even if they understand that magnet internal energy is not being extracted, they suppose that the magnets are somehow a conduit of energy stored in the vacuum, or somewhere else. You can pull the pendulum aside (giving it initial energy) and start it up again and it will run as long as before.
This is the behavior one observes when attempting to make a magnet motor perpetual motion machine.
According to the person who made that site the magnet isn't doing work because nothing is moving? The clueless soul, who is so certain that I am wrong, cites the example of a person hanging from a bar, supporting his own weight.
He sends a nice animated GIF showing a very simple perpetual motion machine that embodies the simplest application of the idea, stripped of the complications caused by so many magnets. The software that I've seen which does such simulations usually has propagating computational errors that can fool you into thinking there's a "slight tendency to sustain rotational motion". The analysis takes the impact of SMES location and the system operating point into consideration, as well. In the absence of such processes, the motion of magnets in a motor or generator device is not due to their stored magnetic energy.
You can repeat this time after time, day after day, and never extract any energy stored in the magnets. Now use a geometric argument to show that the scalar potential is constant anywhere within and in the plane of a circle of poles.
Perpetual motion believers call these "sticking points", and imagine that if sticky points could be eliminated by redesign, they'd achieve perpetual motion or even over-unity performance.
This person is certainly expending energy in this process, since muscular effort involves muscle fibres contracting and relaxing, doing microscopic scale work within the body.
On my physics demo page I have a Lenz law demo that involves dropping a strong magnet down an aluminum tube.
Based on the mechanism analysis, the P-controller and Q-controller are designed utilizing the phase compensation method to improve the damping of the SMIB system.
Such motions are entirely the result of the initial mechanical energy you give to the magnets when you place them in position relative to each other. The only energy it needs is that you gave it when you initially pulled the magnet aside, and when that is used up, it stops. Therefore the force derived from this potential must be zero anywhere in this plane and within the circle. I have noticed that the most original and ingenious designs are sent to me by people who know darn well that they can't work, and know why. When this is done, the moving field of the magnet induces current in the aluminum which has fields which oppose the change in motion of the magnet. The influence of factors, such as SMES location, transmission system reactance, the dynamic characteristics of SMES and the system operating point, on the damping improvement of SMES, is investigated through root locus analysis.
That is why he had built a first prototype, the Wardenclyffe Tower, in which was to apply his famous pyramid effect.

So this decreases the magnet's downward acceleration, and it quickly reaches a slow terminal velocity and arrives at the bottom of the tube much later than if it were in free fall the same distance. The simulation results of the SMIB test system verify the analysis conclusions and controller design method. The magnetic motor they show there would not work I will say that but not for the reasons they give. If he were condemned to be hung by a noose until dead, his lifeless body would hang there just as well, doing no work at all. And, it turns out, the forces due to the fringing field are mostly such as to retard any motion of the rotor. Place the curved magnet on the outside in a fixed position and have the other magnets on the shaft. There may be, for short duration, but the rotor will quickly find a position of stable equilibrium and stop there. If an excess load is added, a discharge occurs at the top, and, as we know currently, that top was adorned with a solid gold capstone, an excellent conductor." Tesla wanted his tower to be high to increase the voltage at the top. Tesla's Wardenclyffe tower would have used a transformer to produce a high voltage, which would have generated, instead of a natural lightning, a "discharge of high energetic ion abundance". Tesla does not explain, but when we read his memoirs, we understand that he sensed a scientific discipline that did not yet exist, geobiology, and the theory of waves of forms.
From the perspective of traditional physics, the fact that the tower is octagonal is insignificant. If he was really looking for stability, a hyperbolic rise, like that of the Eiffel Tower, would have been better suited. The octagonal shape has very special wave characteristics, it is possible that this pure genius sensed it without being able to theorize it.
As Wardenclyffe Tower, the Eiffel Tower has a pyramid effect which makes it pick at the top, even without a storm, a DC current.
Its lightning rod "makes" thus some electricity that goes down in a cable to be delivered to the earth. The fact that it is completely environmentally friendly and inexhaustible has no interest for the capital.
The fact that it is beneficial for both the human mind and the health of people, animals and plants thanks to the virtues of water of lightning, has even much less interest for profiteers.Unfortunately, Tesla was never able to finish his tower.
He did not have the opportunity to carry out the planned experiments on Long Island that sought to bring rain in the deserts.
The Greek historian Herodotus wrote that "Egypt is a gift of the Nile." But it was in the 5th century BC. The foliage and wildlife then are much more prolific and the Nile region is home to large populations of waterfowl.
Hunting is a common activity for the Egyptians and it is also during this period that many animals are domesticated for the first time." Seeing these merry bands of ungulates, this waterfowl and those hunters never empty-handed, we figure out a very different climate. Witness of these continual showers, the Sphinx and its sides deeply marked by rain erosion. According to climatologists, the Sphinx must have more than ten thousand years old, and come from a period of higher rainfall.
Continuing to dream like Tesla, one can see how these enormous masses, topped by a conductive gold capstone and coated with gold plates, were used as lightning-catchers by triggering continual storms. The rain came down to no end on these regions as the pyramids, under the supervision of skilled technicians, continued to function.
Gradually, knowledge has been lost, the pyramids were robbed of their precious metal, and Egypt has shifted towards aridity. Since their construction there are thousands of years, the pyramids function as negative ion generators.
In order that they ionize permanently the ambient air, they had to be connected to sources of negative ions. Through a piezoelectric effect, these ions accumulate in the pyramids that then discharged them at their peak. As for the piezoelectric effect, if it is perhaps playing a part too, we must not neglect the natural conductivity of the rocks in alternating polarization.
Egyptologists have not understood their use, however a resorting to the Akashic Records allowed them to give them a perfect name: the discharge bows were electric arcs that actually sent discharges!
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