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An AC generator works on the principle of electromagnetic induction and is used to convert mechanical energy to electrical energy. AC generator, slip rings are used, such that each end of the coil remains connected to one ring at any given point of time. Join Date Feb 2015 Location Poland Posts 5 Thanks 0 Thanked 0 Times in 0 Posts Tagged 0 Thread(s) How to make typical dynamo? 3) I heard that between the magnet bar and iron core parts here must be steel wool - is it true?
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Students know electric currents can produce magnetic forces and magnets can cause electric currents. Great discoveries often occur when an astute observer is focused on achieving entirely different results.
Joseph Henry and Michael Faraday each conducted research to test the hypothesis that magnetism can be used to produce an electric current. Transformers contain two electromagnets designed to step-up (increase) or step-down (decrease) voltage in power transmission lines. A solenoid is a type of electromagnet designed with a coil of wire and a movable iron core called an armature. The concept map below provides a partial visual model of the relationship between magnetism and electricity.
The relationship between magnetism and electricity also applies to electromagnetic radiation. The two basic principles that explain the relationship between magnetism and electricity also explain the behavior of electromagnetic waves: (1) an electric field can be induced by a changing magnetic field and (2) a magnetic field can be induced by a changing electric field. When asked where electricity comes from students often say that it exists in the wires in the walls of buildings, and that plugging a cord into a wall socket will allow the electricity to be released. The misconception that a magnetic field is a pattern of lines that surround a magnet is promoted by the way magnetic force fields are traditionally diagrammed. Because the flow of electrons in a metal is called an electric current, students often mistakenly generalize this to mean that electricity is made of electrons.
1st Item Specification: Understand the relationship between electric currents and magnetic forces. Which of the following will increase the strength of the magnetic field in an electromagnet? The diagram below is of a solenoid, which is a type of electromagnet used to make on-off switches.
Which of the following is NOT true about the relationship between electricity and magnetism? Moving the magnet back and forth through the coil of wire will cause which of the following to occur? Sean and Shanika conducted an investigation to compare the number of turns of wire around the iron nail in an electromagnet, to the number of paper clips the electromagnet could pick up. How does decreasing the number of turns in the coil of wire affect the strength of the magnetic field of the electromagnet? Which of the following devices work because an electric current is used to create a magnetic field?

Use following picture of an electromagnet made from an iron nail wrapped with coils of wire to answer the following question.
The more turns of wire there are around the soft core of iron, the more paper clips the electromagnet will pick up. Construct a line graph comparing the number of turns of wire on the electromagnet to the number of paper clips it can pick up. An electromagnet is formed when electricity creates a magnetic field around a metal like iron that can be magnetized.
Student answers must include three the following: (a) The wire-wrapped nail is the electromagnet. The electromagnet picks up more paper clips when there are more turns of wire around the nail because the magnetic field becomes stronger. The following is a list of intervention strategies and resources that will facilitate student understanding of this benchmark. The MagnetMan site features many useful classroom resources, including activities that let students explore how electromagnets are used in common objects around the house. Lesson where students can build their own electromagnets are quite common, but these particular sites offer meaningful and interesting ways to get students to collect data and make some important conclusions related to the general science of electromagnetism. In association with the California Energy Commission’s Energy Quest educational website, there are several science projects related to energy and electricity. Molecular Expressions: Exploring the World of Optics and Microscopy offers an animated, interactive diagram and explanation of using a magnetic field to create an electric current. Arizona State University’s Department of Electrical Engineering has an informational site on how electromagnets are used in Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) machines.
There are several good websites that provide information on generation of electricity using electromagnetic induction. The Wisconsin Valley Improvement Company provides a colorful, animated, and easy to interpret model showing how an alternating current generator works. Bill Beaty has a step-by-step procedure, including pictures and schematics, on how to build a simple generator. The Nexus Research group sponsors a website that includes visual directions for making a simple generator and a simple motor.
Taking a direct current toy motor apart to locate and identify the working parts is an excellent activity for students. When the coil rotates there is a change in magnetic field lines passing through the area of the coil.
According to it, whenever a coil is rotated between the poles of a magnet, an induced current is set up in the coil, whose direction is given by Fleming’s right hand rule. Tens of thousands of tradesmen and over 2 million combined posts.Electricians Forums is a Trading Style of Untold Developments Ltd. Such was the case in the early nineteenth century when a physicist named Hans Christian Oersted was conducting a demonstration for his class to show that there is no relationship between electricity and magnetism. In metals that do not magnetize, electron pairs spin in opposite directions and their magnetic fields cancel each other out. Their research demonstrated the process of electromagnetic induction in which a current is produced in a changing magnetic field.
The core becomes magnetized when an electric current is sent through the wire coiled around it. Lower voltage at the power plant is increased using a step up transformer for transmission along high-voltage lines, where a greater voltage means lower energy losses during transmission.
The mechanical energy can be supplied by a variety of energy sources including wind, falling water, and steam.
The map can easily be expanded or modified to use with students when summarizing concepts and vocabulary related to electromagnetism.
These waves include radio waves, microwaves, infrared light, visible light, ultraviolet light, X-rays and gamma rays. Magnetic fields are also formed around planets like our Earth which is definitely not a large bar magnet.
Many students perceive a magnetic field as a pattern of lines (not a field of force) that surround a magnet. Students perceive a magnetic field literally as well-defined lines that exist around a magnet.
This site even includes the directions for making your own speaker using a Styrofoam cup, a magnet, and a few other basic materials.
This activity could be used as a teacher-led demonstration if computers are not available for the entire class. The site provides basic information that students can use in researching electromagnets and their applications.

Let the axle attached to the rings is rotated such that arm AB of the coil moves up and arm CD moves down in the magnetic field. When electron pairs spin in the same direction on their axis or when electrons flow through a conductor, the result is magnetism. In order to create or induce an electric current, the wire or conductor must move through the magnetic force field.
Electromagnets have many essential applications, including picking up metal containing iron in salvage yards, use in speakers, and in many devices that operate by an on-off switch such as doorbells.
A step-down transformer is used to decrease the high voltage in the transmission lines to lower voltage for use in our homes and businesses.
In each case the wind, falling water, or steam causes a turbine to spin within a magnetic field creating an electric current. When electricity flows through the wire wrapped around the iron core, an electromagnet is created and the armature spins between the magnetic poles. The following diagrams in Figure 8 show the presence of magnetic fields around a magnet, the Earth, and wires conducting electric current.
They do not apply the concept of magnetism as a pulling or pushing force to diagrams of magnetic fields. For example, atoms in the chemical paste in a flashlight cell or the sulfuric acid solution in a car battery have the ability to ionize and cause an electrical current to flow.
Links at the site also provide information on how to run experiments involving electromagnetism. If you have to make the thing yourself, read a proper text book on how electrical machines (= motors & generators) work. When placed near a wire carrying electric current, the needle of a compass moved, contrary to previous demonstrations when it had not.
Also, certain metals like iron, nickel cobalt, gadolinium, and dysprosium are considered to be magnetic because their atoms can be aligned in the same direction. The extensive research establishing that a magnetic field can induce an electric current and that an electric current can create a magnetic field was soon followed by technological advances and inventions of devices that operate upon the principle electromagnetism. In the wire on the left the current is flowing in the direction of the red arrow and the direction of the magnetic field as shown by the blue arrow is perpendicular to the direction of current flow. Magnetic field lines are representations of the magnetic force field that surrounds a magnet or a moving charge. The ends of the wire are connected to two circular metal rings, which is connected to the external circuit by two graphite brushes. As the number of field lines through the coil is changing with the rotation of the coil, the induced EMF is also changing. As per Fleming’s right hand rule induced currents in these arms are along the directions AB and CD. Thus after every half rotation current changes its direction and an alternating current is obtained from the generator. I have to create dynamo for LED bulb or just any other 6V bulb (by quantity 500+ lumens would be ideal ). If not, buy it ready made - it will probably be more efficient than a one-off you make by hand.
If this pattern becomes disrupted and the atoms are arranged randomly, the metal will no longer be magnetized. If the electricity comes in to the transformer through the red coil a current will be induced in the blue coil.
The second two diagrams show the pattern of the magnetic fields (lines of force) surrounding a wire look and a coil of wire called a solenoid. In essence, magnetic field lines depict the direction of the magnetic force at every point along the line. Thus an induced current flows along ABCD and current in the external circuit flows from B2 to B1.
Magnetic field lines do not cross, because that would show the force field acting in two directions at once. This would not reflect the actual conditions of the field and the representative magnetic force.

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