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As attorney for the inventor of the innovative Gravity-Opposing Repulsion Generator we are currently seeking manufacturing companies to license, purchase patent rights or enter into a royalty agreement for this timely invention.
The following pictures are meant to display possible physical characteristics of the present invention and are not to be taken in a limiting sense. FIGURE 1Figure 1 is a cut-away perspective view of the present invention having a solid conductive sphere. FIGURE 2Figure 2 is a cut-away perspective view of the present invention having a sphere of conductive metal with interdisposed dielectric material. FIGURE 10Figure 10 is a partial side view of an alternate assembly of the Gravity-Opposing Repulsion Generator.
FIGURE 11Figure 11 is an illustrated view of the induced magnetic field provided by the present invention. Here is a simple design I wanted to share with you, the height of the track will make a difference, here is a simple magnetic track demonstrating vertical climb thanks to my friend Gilles in France, he gave me the idea of taking it further. I guess if one really wanted to they could just place some more air core coils on the balls drop side.
Unfortunately, there aren’t any videos demonstrating motion or any explanation for how the system works other than vagaries about perpetual energy. Technically friction (and air resistance) are why you can’t have perpetual motion machines. A magnet suspended above a superconductor in a perfect vacuum would be pretty close to a perpetual motion machine. THAT is the type of PM machine we’re talking about, that is the type that this Brazilian contraption is. A perpetual motion device is something with an efficiency of 100%, which could to a certain extent be reached (like 99,99999%). A truely perpetual motion machine is the Pinwheel Generator, gravity drives the generation phase, gravity drives the rotation phase to the next generation phase.
I built a magnetic motor back in the summer of 04 that did achieve one turn under it’s own power. What realy strikes me as odd, is that no matter how many people build magnetic motors and see them fail, that are unwilling to acknowledge that the devices as designed, have an inherent flaw that they are not addressing. A magnetic motor has an inherent flaw that must be addressed in order for it to actually run.
Sadly it appears that you cannot see my argument as for why a PM machine cant even preserve energy disproves why it cant generate energy.
The impossibility of achieving 100% efficiency is a different impossibility to achieving greater than 100%.
Glad to know I explained it simply enough to you, although you’ve still stubbornly stuck to your wrong point. In fact, all perpetual energy machines based on gravity to date do not have a brake, are static (non-moving) upon completion, and require spin up or some motion to initiate operation.
Well, yeah, without a governor, all PM machines would accelerate quickly to the point they broke down. B) It’s a real machine, designed and built to do something, But not in any power production sense. I would love it to actually do what the builders are suggesting, but these photos only show a heavy, complicated Rube Goldberg machine.
For all we know he bought the metal on credit, and the owner of the factory that built it is one of the fooled investors. This machine cannot be taken seriously due to the fact that all of the important information about it’s functioning is kept secret-as usual.

There are two designs of gravity-driven energy generators that are completely explained and also given to the world: The Pinwheel Generator, and the Power Multiplier Device.
Punch them up and have a look, they have been given to the world so there is no basis for fraud. With all of the pictures they love posting on that site, where’s the video showing it in action (unless I missed it), and where’s the numbers? Second law of thermodynamics says that if I boil a fish tank I get fish soup but if I cool down fish soup I won’t get a fish tank. So every bit of my understanding says this is impossible, but the money for that material that had to come from somewhere (let alone the cost of machine time for the links and cams). So either we are looking at an elaborate Contact style hoax involving someone with a few hundred grand to burn, or there is some random data that backs it up enough for them to get a grant. Impossible machines do get built and sometimes do get sold for serious money to serious people. The wheel catching the dropping ball magnets setting down to reload, but charging as well due to weight and possible other reactions. Perpetual motion machines always fail due to misunderstandings on the part of the designer. I’d like everyone to have a quick look at this, or the relevant part to your argument, before they get into discussions on PM.
Even if you made a perpetual motion machine, you wouldn’t be able to harvest energy from it, because you would be taking away some of the energy from the motion and it would eventually stop.
Merely preserving momentum is no trick at all, planets and stars do an almost-perfect job of that. In order not to stop the PM, you would need more than 100% efficiency, which is not possible. Where gravity deadfall is what is powering the generation phase, and gravtiy deadfall is powering the rotation to the next generation phase, all of the energy ending up in the storage will be free to use for whatever, it is not needed to be looped back iinto the machine for it to function.
When I say loss of energy I meant loss of energy *from that system*, not from the universe. The problem was that it could not achieve consecutive turns and do it consecutively enough to contineu spinning.
You don’t make an overunity machine by getting the efficiency up to 100% then adding to that. It disproves the irrelevant, pointless, energy-preserving machines that aren’t under discussion here, and that nobody tries to build. Since they’re still getting up to making one work at all, this is not something they worry about. I think the fact that they bothered to make it so big, means it’s a genuine investor-fleecing machine. Check out these great prices on slightly used or just opened once only items.I always buy my gadgets via these great Warehouse deals !
Check out these great prices on slightly used or just opened once only items.I always buy my gadgets via these great Warehouse deals ! The ball may have a very small battery inside it, and it can be an electromagnet!We may have some intelligent control system that, when the ball reaches the top, reverses the polarity of the ball!
It may be simpler than that: you can easily recognize the same employees in different shots from different angles, and there are quite a lot of photos. If a machine could produce more energy than it took in, even if it lost it to friction it would have created heat. They’re designed to run on slightly different principles than the ones the actual Universe runs on.

If it didn’t, why would the oil companies send out so many saboteurs and assassins to hinder the work of science’s greatest geniuses? Because the designer neglected to think the whole thing through, although this can often be quite a difficult thing to do. That could be nearly, but not completely accomplished by reducing friction to an extent where you wouldn’t notice losses of kinetic energy. Friction is still going to prevent perpetual motion, sure enough by converting kinetic energy to heat energy, did i ever say this is not the case? Something can be a perpetual motion machine without being an overunity machine (assuming you could remove friction etc).
Physics, gravity, friction, and all the arguments that are typically used to claim it’s not possible have nothing whatsoever to do with it. We can imagine what happens when a powerful neodymium magnet encounters an electromagnet that has the same pole turned to its face!The main advantage over the idea that I gave before (the last magnet being an electromagnet) is that if the ball is the electromagnet it don't need to be very powerful, and a small battery easy to recharge after a few loops would be sufficient. RAR Energia’s most recent endeavor—a second machine in Gilman Illinois—seems to have been erected in the past two months.
So overall it would have increased the amount of energy (or mass-energy, but try keep the pedanticism to a minimum) in the Universe, which is impossible.
Usually it’s a simple misunderstanding of mechanical forces, or of magnetism and the difference between force and energy.
Planets are such an example, based on a human lifespan, assuming there are no losses in their kinetic energy is a good approximation.
There is enough force in the magnetic gate to overcome those trite little issues, but the design itself, is inherently flawed. Just set upa mechanism to deliver the runner back to begining at low energic additional cost and you will have it. Most of the wheelwould then be empty, simply there for balance.My favorite though is using a pendulum and having one track arraymounted above the next, and two runners. There are two of them now: one in Brazil that is presumably functioning, and a second under construction in Gilman, Illinois. Annoyingly including the Old Faithful, “A magnet sticks to the side of a fridge for YEARS! But treading over the same old nonsense, even if at the end a couple of people learn about magnets, drains the life right out of the Internet.
If a PM machine generated 50% more energy than it took in, it wouldn’t matter if it lost 10% as friction. And that is mainly becasue the people working with them do not understand all the properties of magnetism. If the magnet weighs 10 grams then that means etc etc!”, thinking it requires energy for something to stay where it is.
You can make something move for a long time, but eventually it will stop, although maybe not in a human lifetime. A small amount of electrical energyfrom the runner traversing the the array would suppliment thependulum motion.Another works like the pendulum but the downward falling runnerafter traversing the upper array would lift a balance weight on alever arm.
As someone said before, you can make something 99.9999 etc % efficient, which is close enough to 100% that people may accept it as perpetual motion.
Be aware though, many attempts at perpetual motion machines are not actually trying to extract energy from the movement.

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