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The aim of this paper is to bring to the attention of readers how to make a magnetic generator, however, to justify this need, I invite you have to make some reflections. Tags: alternative energy, free energy, how to make a magnetic generator, magnetic motor Posted in How To Make A Magnetic Generator by Administracion.
The amount of energy you can get with magnetic generator depends on the strength of the magnets you are using; when the magnets have more strength, more power can be generated. However, how to make a magnetic generator is not only a future goal, but indeed the principle of other inventions, I think that an inventive person who enters this world will find new uses for magnetism, and discover alternatives uses for it in the field of science and technology, medicine, agriculture, tourism, etc..
If you want to get more power to your generator, my advice is to start with something small. Tags: free energy, generator with magnets, how to make a magnetic generator, magnetic generator, magnetic motor, magnets, permanents magnets Posted in How To Make A Magnetic Generator by Administracion. After hearing about this wonderful invention, we were a little skeptical, however, to know how it worked, and that its construction was so simple, all we had to do was find the optimal logical to make a magnetic generator that would break the rules of all of the ones designed thus far. These devices are made with permanent magnets and naturally occurring magnetic substances such as magnetite, and this results in a very powerful magnetic generator.
This natural phenomenon of magnetism was used by the inventor of the magnetic motor to cause a circular chain, with a group of permanent magnets. The question of how to make a magnetic generator is a question that we must answer, and one which is being answered, because alternative energy is a free, clean and does not pollute the environment.
If you want to learn how to make a magnetic generator, then we have something that can be helpful for you. One hundred and forty years ago, in the midst of the Industrial Revolution between the second half of the eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries, no one could envision building a power generator without the need for any other source of energy besides water, gasoline, diesel, wind, or sun. Nobody thought that man could go to the moon until July 16, 1969, when the Apollo 11 mission was carried out. See the drawing below with some modifications in the operation.This is what I think will happen. This announcement in the paper prompted Tesla, in his letter to Johnson, to claim he had already developed such a device and had revealed the underlying physical laws.
Concrete proof that relativity can be violated can be found in George Gamow’s watershed book Thirty Years That Shook Physics.
In 1920, at the age of 19, Alfred Hubbard built a coil and motor that ran his boat 10 knots an hour on Portage Bay in Seattle. Power every auto, train, truck, boat and plane that moves in this land — perpetually.
Warm, cool and service every American home — without erecting a single transmission line. Permanent magnets on both sides of an iron shield are attracted to the shield and only weakly to each other at close proximity to the shield. In 1893, Tesla applied for a patent on an electrical coil that is the most likely candidate for a non-mechanical successor of his energy extractor. In the patent Tesla explains that this double coil will store many times the energy of a conventional coil.
Be it known that I, NIKOLA TESLA, a citizen of the United States, residing at New York, in the county and State of New York, have invented certain new and useful improvements in Coils for Electro-Magnets and other Apparatus, of which the following is a specification, reference being had to the drawings accompanying and forming a part of the same. In electric apparatus or systems in which alternating currents are employed the self induction of the coils or conductors may, and, in fact, in many cases does operate disadvantageously by giving rise to false currents which often reduce what is known as the commercial efficiency of the apparatus composing the system or operate detrimentally in other respects.
My present invention has for its object to avoid the employment of condensers [capacitors] which are expensive, cumbersome and difficult to maintain in perfect condition, and to so construct the coils themselves as to accomplish the same ultimate object. In order to attain my object and, to properly increase the capacity of any given coil, I wind it in such way as to secure a greater difference of potential between its adjacent turns or convolutions, and since the energy stored in the coil-considering the latter as a condenser [capacitor], is proportionate to the square of the potential difference between its adjacent convolutions, it is evident that I may in this way secure by a proper disposition of these convolutions a greatly increased capacity for a given increase in potential difference between the turns. Coils composed of independent strands or conductors wound side by side and connected in series are not in themselves new, and I do not regard a more detailed description of the same as necessary. In carrying out my invention it is to be observed that certain facts are well understood by those skilled in the art, viz: the relations of capacity, self-induction, and the frequency and potential difference of the current.
Here, the idea is to use a small low-power motor to rotate a magnetic shield to mask the pull of two magnets.
As the effort needed to rotate the magnetic shield is relatively low, it is claimed that the output exceeds the input and so can be used to power the motor which rotates the magnetic shield. Here, the same shielding idea is utilised to produce a reciprocating movement which is then converted to two rotary motions to drive two generators. Here, the same motor and rotating magnetic shield arrange- ment is used, but the magnetic lines of force are blocked from flowing through a central I-piece.

In the position shown on the left, the magnetic lines of force flow downwards through the pickup coils. While the Ecklin-Brown design assumes that an electric motor is used to rotate the mu-metal shield, there does not seem to be any reason why the rotation should not be done with a permanent magnet motor. Two magnets repel further than they attract because of friction and inertia forces, however, Using magnets to repel tends to weaken them as it causes more misalignment of the domains. Most of our energy comes directly or indirectly from electromagnetic energy of the sun, e.g.
Permanent magnets on both sides of an iron shield are attracted to the shield and only weakly to each other at close proximity to the shield.
The sliding or perpendicular force of a keeper is much less than the force in the direction of the field to remove the keeper. If a weight lifted by a permanet magnet is slowly increased, the lifting power of the magnet can be increased until all the magnetic domains in the magnet are aligned in the same direction. Building one of these magnetic motors to generate 700+ watts of power for a private home is way over my head for me to accomplish.
I just discovered the same result as Tesla did but I will be using neodymium super magnets. Above picture and video shows a slightly smaller prototype installed in our Renaissance Porsche. In the world every second 2 babies are born and from that moment begin to consume energy, for the year 2050 will be 9 billion human beings and energy needs are so great that if we do not do something right now from competition for energy will be so strong that high prices will only be able to consume the few, or have it, will bring new useless wars.
These parameters are now calculated by the electrical engineers developing the system, It is a technology that is in full swing, and the important thing is that you can say goodbye to power cuts and any payments for using electricity. Do not exceed your initial investment beyond the $220, as all the materials will find in your local hardware stores do not have to be an electrician professional to carry this project, and if you are aware of all the technical data.
If you feel like doing so, the technology is at your hands, so take look at what we found by clicking here. Other have even used synthetic substances, such as neodymium (classified as the strongest synthetic magnetic substance), ye it didn’t even come close to the one we designed.
Each magnet has two poles, one negative and one positive, and without them there is no magnetic force to move the rotor. The natural kinetic energy obtained by the speed of rotation, generates enough force to keep the magnets rotating, and in turn transmit it to an alternator to produce electricity. No one could envision building a power generator that could function anywhere in the world, did not rely on good or bad weather, did not create environmental pollution, and that could be incredibly inexpensive to construct. Nobody thought that a magnetic field produced by permanent magnets would generate free electricity, despite years of effort to improve the technology in internal combustion engines, turbines in hydroelectric plants, and in the electricity generated by the heat of a nuclear or geothermal power. Johnson is credited with the invention that consists of applying the principles of electromagnetism that are learned in school, in which we are taught that opposite poles attract and like poles repel.
Thanks to several companies, the technology for these magnetic generators is at your fingertips along with very precise drawings and instructions on how to put it together and make it work.
Johnson, editor of Century Magazine, Tesla included a clipping from the previous day’s New York Herald about Clemente Figueras [Figuera], a woods and forest engineer in Las Palmas, capital of the Canary Islands, [and for many years professor of physics at St. Title: A process for obtaining electrical currents entirely the same as those given by current dynamos. What this means is that the entire evolution of 20th and nascent 21st century physics is evolving ignoring this key Goudsmit and Uhlenbeck finding. Earl Ammann, today, Monday, August 8, 1921, demonstrated his invention by attaching it to an old automobile and running it about the city. You have a motor turning a larger output generator, and the generator is producing enough energy to keep the motor running, as well as enough left over to power other things.
The effects of self-induction, above referred to, are known to be neutralized by proportioning to a proper degree the capacity of the circuit with relation to the self-induction and frequency of the currents. 1, designate any given coil the spires or convolutions of which are wound upon and insulated from each other.
A coil for electric apparatus the adjacent convolutions of which form parts of the circuit between which there exists a potential difference sufficient to secure in the coil a capacity capable of neutralizing its self-induction, as herein before described.
A coil composed of contiguous or adjacent insulated conductors electrically connected in series and having a potential difference of such value as to give to the coil as a whole, a capacity sufficient to neutralize its self-induction, as set forth.
You can build a larger team that suits your needs more, and we will be informing you of how to make a larger magnetic generator.
When two magnets cling to each other, is seen as attracting, but they never collide head on; instead doing it diagonally.

The force generated by permanent magnets is what creates the rotation in a circular device that rotates on an axis, which is close to another magnet or group of static magnets until it rotates as again. If one discovers that his or her talents are genuine, with this technology one could potentially create a type of industry around the construction of these generators.
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Gamow makes it clear that this discovery did not violate anything in quantum physics, what it violated was Einstein’s principle that nothing could travel faster than the speed of light.
The ramifications suggest that elementary particles, by their nature, interface dimensions.
This has been accomplished here-to-fore by the use of condensers [capacitors] constructed and applied as separate instruments.
Let it be assumed that the terminals of this coil show a potential difference of one hundred volts, and that there are one thousand convolutions; their considering any two contiguous points on adjacent convolutions let it be assumed that there will exist between them a potential difference of one-tenth of a volt. Revelations of powerful truths create powerful enemies from those who monopolize and put profits before the well being of the earth. I am shocked and amazed that todays brilliant scientists and scholars have accepted the status quo and not pursued the attributes of the simple magnet. We are currently on track, on the date I am writing this article, and we will have soon developed the equipment you are looking for.
The reason for this is because each magnet end is the opposite of the other, and because opposites attract. Today we have at our fingertips the ability to how to make a magnetic generator, with energy that is free and clean. Soon, we could be invaded by a trade of these units at low prices that people could greatly benefit from. Those that benefit most from this technology are people who live in remote areas where access is limited and there are few or no roads. Because they are spinning faster than the speed of light, the idea is that they are drawing this energy from the ether, a pre-physical realm, and converting the energy into material form. One simply has to move the stator into position and rotation of the rotor begins immediately.
This magnetic motor in turn moves a generator, which generates electrical current that can be used. This would open up the possibility of saving money on electric bills and ridding people of the threats made by big power companies when there is a lack of payment. Even without the supply of fuel, with the energy generated by the magnetic generator, a person can have: Internet, a refrigerator, a television, an iron, a washing machine, hot water, etc. An ignorant co-worker was so enraged by the strange principles Moray tested, that he destroyed the machine.
2, a conductor B be wound parallel with the conductor A and insulated from it, and the end of A be connected with the starting point of B, the aggregate length of the two conductors being such that the assumed number of convolutions or turns is the same, viz., one thousand, then the potential difference between any two adjacent points in A and B will be fifty volts, and as the capacity effect is proportionate to the square of this difference. The possibility of these simple luxuries gives much hope and enthusiasm to each person that has the chance to enjoy this free and clean energy. An important aspect of this is that you do not need to be a professional to learn how to make a magnetic generator of your own. In the first case, we have explored so that the sources are drying up, is now looking for oil in places that no one imagined 20 years ago, changed the exploration and extraction technology, therefore the product every time is more expensive, oil has become a global strategic product, are fighting wars in places where there is oil under the pretext of political causes. In the second case, human beings are so diverse that it is very difficult to impose or expect people to change course, on the contrary, people dream overcome, and is one reason very tender and laudable, however, this change attitude means better meeting their needs, thus more energy consumption. The third option is the most viable, if we start today with a combination of alternative energy systems, because it depends on the geographical location so that it can implement, there are ideal sites for solar energy, there are sites for wind energy, and its as for geothermal, nuclear or generated by ocean waves, however, the energy generated by magnets using magnetic generators can be installed anywhere in the world because it is the greenest of all, is what no environmental impact, is inexpensive and can be available to anyone privately, maintenance is easy and inexpensive and the production is free. Being very popular and currently for sale on the open Internet, acquiring this knowledge is incredibly cheap and has never been easier.  For example, thousands of technicians, around the world, are developing new alternatives, based on the same principle, of the magnetic generator.

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