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As a result of two magnetic fields acting at the same place, the resultant field has a special feature. Figure (a) and (b) shown below illustrate the null points when the magnet is placed in two different positions. At the two points marked X in figure, the earth's magnetic field and the magnet's field are exactly equal and opposite and the resultant field is zero. If you can't find more Buying Leads related to your items, why not post your Selling Leads and Products instead?
It is a universal characteristic of all magnets that like poles repel and unlike poles attract. Further experimentation shows that it is impossible to separate north and south poles in the manner that + and − charges can be separated.
The Earth acts like a very large bar magnet with its south-seeking pole near the geographic North Pole. Section SummaryMagnetism is a subject that includes the properties of magnets, the effect of the magnetic force on moving charges and currents, and the creation of magnetic fields by currents. There are two types of magnetic poles, called the north magnetic pole and south magnetic pole.
North magnetic poles are those that are attracted toward the Earth’s geographic north pole. Magnetic poles always occur in pairs of north and south—it is not possible to isolate north and south poles. Volcanic and other such activity at the mid-Atlantic ridge extrudes material to fill the gap between separating tectonic plates associated with continental drift.
Thu vi?n H?c li?u M? Vi?t Nam (VOER) du?c tai tr? b?i Vietnam Foundation va v?n hanh tren n?n t?ng Hanoi Spring.
The simplest compass is a magnetized metal needle mounted in such a way that it can spin freely. Compasses you buy are a bit more sophisticated than floating needles but work essentially the same way. 12th century CE: More sophisticated compasses are invented independently in China, the Arabic world, and Europe and feature compass needles mounted on pins for the first time. 13th century: Compasses incorporate compass cards marked with the now-familiar cardinal points and subdivisions. 15th century: Navigators realize that compasses point to Earth's magnetic north pole rather than its true (geographical) north pole. 16th century: Marine compasses are mounted in gimbals to reduce problems caused by the motion of ships. 17th century: Englishman William Gilbert publishes a comprehensive scientific account of Earth's magnetism and uses it to explain why compasses point north.

1880s: Scottish physicist William Thompson (Lord Kelvin) develops compasses that can be adjusted to work inside iron-hulled ships.
1900s: Radio direction finding (RDF) is developed by Italian engineers Ettore Bellini and Alessandro Tosi. You might like my new book, Atoms Under the Floorboards: The Surprising Science Hidden in Your Home, published worldwide by Bloomsbury.
Repeat the process from the same pole of the magnet but from a different point and trace out another magnetic field line.
The magnetic field lines obtained are shown in above figure which are due to the combined effect of the magnetic field of the magnet and the earth's magnetic field.
In this case the bar magnet is placed on the paper with its south pole pointing towards north and lines of magnetic field arc traced following the method described above. At a particular point, if the compass needle does not point in any particular direction, then there is no net magnetic field at the point. The Magnetic Point Massager vibrates at 5,000 rpm to stimulate blood circulation, by massaging the points in your hands. That is why the north pole of your compass is attracted toward the geographic north pole of the Earth—because the magnetic pole that is near the geographic North Pole is actually a south magnetic pole!
The magnetization of rocks is found to reverse in a coordinated manner with distance from the ridge. Cac tai li?u d?u tuan th? gi?y phep Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 tr? khi ghi chu ro ngo?i l?.
But the magnet is the opposite way around to how you might think, with its south pole up near Earth's actual (geographic) north pole and vice-versa.
These are fixed by springs to an outer casing (blue), itself firmly attached to the body of a ship or an airplane.
Place a small compass needle and mark two pencil dots exactly at the two ends of the needle. In this manner, draw several magnetic field lines starting from the different points near the same pole of the magnet.
As the distance from the magnet increases, the magnetic field due to the magnet decreases and at distant points it becomes weaker than the earth's magnetic field. Below figure shows the magnetic field lines due to the combined effect of the magnetic field of the magnet and the earth's magnetic field. As the distance from the magnet increases, the magnetic field due to the magnet decreases and at distant points, it becomes weaker than the earth's magnetic field. At these points, the compass needle remains unaffected and comes to rest pointing in any direction.
The magnetic field lines are the same distance apart throughout the field and so it is called a uniform field.

Let the Magnetic Point Massager help blood circulate to those corresponding parts of your body. There is never an isolated pole (a monopole).All magnets attract iron, such as that in a refrigerator door. What does this imply about the Earth’s magnetic field and how could the knowledge of the spreading rate be used to give its historical record? A compass needle points north because the north pole of the magnet inside it is attracted to the south pole of Earth's built-in magnet.
The basic idea is that the spinning gyroscope keeps an indicator pointing in the same direction, no matter how the ship or plane veers and drifts. A practical guide to navigating with a compass for people who love the outdoors and don't want to rely on GPS! This guide is aimed mostly at mountaineers and people exploring glaciers, but will be of interest to others too.
Then move the compass needle in such a way that one end of the needle coincides with the second pencil dot. Label each line with an arrow from the north pole towards the south pole of the magnet to indicate its direction.
The magnetic field lines at distant points are therefore parallel lines due to the earth's magnetic field. A compass needle when placed at these points remains unaffected and rests in any direction.
The magnetic field at the distant points from the magnet are mainly due to the earth's magnetic field, and' therefore they are nearly parallel straight lines from south to north.
Magnetic atoms have both a north pole and a south pole, as do many types of subatomic particles, such as electrons, protons, and neutrons. The gyrocompass was invented by Elmer Sperry (1860–1930) in the early 20th century and first demonstrated on a ship in 1911.
This is a later, modified version developed by Hans Usener of Kiel Germany, from his US Patent 1,136,566: Gyrocompass, patented April 20, 1915, courtesy of US Patent and Trademark Office. Now place a small compass needle close to the iV-pole of the magnet and mark two pencil dots exactly at the two ends of the needle. The two poles are thus named the north magnetic pole and the south magnetic pole (or more properly, north-seeking and south-seeking poles, for the attractions in those directions). Repeat the process of moving the compass needle till the other end of the bar magnet is reached.

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