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The NOAA National Geophysical Data Center has updated (revised – massaged) their magnetic north pole-shift positional data and has projected the location of the magnetic north pole through 2015. NOAA made some significant and apparently linear changes to the pole location data going back to the years 2001 through 2010.
The following image plot shows the comparison between the original magnetic north pole locations and now the new revised locations (2001 onward) from NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration). While this could be the result of a NOAA factoring error of some sort, one wonders why it wasn’t caught at any other time between 2001 and today. Or, could this be a coverup to slow the progress of the messaging of the ongoing pole shift?
Note this author does not know for certain if NOAA themselves changed the numbers, or if the new data came from another source prior to NOAA processing. The National Geomagnetic Program of Geological Survey of Canada monitors the movement of the north magnetic pole. Their ftp site lists their old data (the data I had been using all along) and additionally their new data with the shifted positions. Even the .001 degree may just have been a miscalculation or just the point that they said that there is no reason to carry it out to more decimal points. I rather doubt that the planet flipping poles in any of our life times is a survivable event. The magnetic north pole used to be in Canada, are you now saying that it is no longer there? Under international law, no country currently owns the North Pole or the region of the Arctic Ocean surrounding it.
Our Earth Has Already Been Knocked Off Its Axis ,The media Reports It As Your Zodiac Sign Changed? Why Do They Blame The Northern lights On Solar Flares when the Sun Was In An Un Active State to Produce Flares?
You can Take This Information any way you wish, A Simple Search Will Show It`s All True From A Reliable Source. The fema camps are true and this is where they will take people who are stupid enough to go when all hell breaks loose whether that be when a polar shift happens or when severe weather due to global warming or super nova occurs or super valcano erupts or when the rapture happens and God takes his followers home and they (the governments) cant explain the mass disappearences to those left behind or survivers.
Why aren’t any of the Pole Shift conspiracists noting that the magnetic pole is moving towards geometric north?
There are some footage documentaries you will find online where elder native peoples of North Canada explain the way things have changed. I am unable to find any recent data (July 2011 onward) to indicate if the movement is slowing down or levelling off.
The centrifugal force of the earth’s spin is very important, it does change elevations and ocean levels. I don’t think the pole shift matters too much as long as the earth stsys in its rotational pattern with the sun. We know from our own observations that something is going on, but no reliable source will say what it is.
It has been interesting to note that there have been quite a few meteor impacts lately around the globe. As far as apocalyptic geological disasters, much of that can happen slowly enough such that we see the signs, or they won’t affect us in our lifetime. One major problem during the PEAK of a magnetic pole flip event will likely be the reduction of protection from solar radiation. I suppose that in the end, those that are the most self-sufficient, most isolated from dense populations, and the most secured, will stand a better chance following a MAJOR event.
A friend of mine recently came back from Sunspot Observatory in the Sacramento Mountains of S.
We are lulled into a false sense of security due to the fact that the current solar maximum has not produced the number of flares as originally anticipated (prior to a modification downward of the forecast). Up to the end of last year, many attributed the aberrant behavior of the magnetic north pole to Nibiru (or planet X). What is the mysterious object in the sky in the video below that has this newsroom and meteorologist completely baffled?
Pole Shift (magnetic): A shift in “magnetic” poles is one of the more common and accepted theories across the world, however, this is not to be confused with those that speak of a “geographic” pole shift. Scientists have now concluded that Earth’s “magnet” poles do flip 180 degrees in what’s commonly called a “pole shift”. The commonly accepted theory is that Earth's electromagnetic field, as well as the magnetic North and South Poles are created from either the spinning of Earth's core or the mantle (hot molten lava) under Earth's crust.  This means that the direction and speed of the spinning magma are directly responsible for the position of the magnetic North and South Poles, as well as the strength of Earth's electromagnetic field. Scientists claim to have proven Earth's magnetic poles have reverse position in past history by measuring the direction of the magnetic fields in rock strata running opposite to the current magnetic poles.  Since Earth's magnetic poles are created by the spinning magma under Earth's crust, then at some point in past history, the magma must have been spinning in the opposite direction in relationship to Earth's crust. Both theories methods are based on the Earth Crust Displacement Theory of the late history professor Charles H. Therefore, if a magnetic pole shift were to occur rapidly, then Earth's crust would also reverse rotational directions rapidly.  The result would be massive displacement of Earth's crust and oceans. Any sudden movement in Earth’s rotation will result in the oceans moving in the opposite directions until the oceans reach a new equilibrium. People standing on the surface of Earth don’t feel it and often don’t even realize that Earth's rotation means the surface, and everything on it, is moving constantly.  Earth’s circumference at the equator is approximately 40,000km and makes one full rotation in every 24 hours.

This centrifugal force created by this rotation produce an equilibrium or balance between the borders of water and land. From the above explanation, one can begin to realize how a 180 degree magnetic pole shift would result in Earth's crust actually stopping rotation and then reversing direction. Earth currently rotates west to east which means that the ocean is being naturally pulled, by centrifugal forces, towards every east coastline and away from every west coastline. If the Earth Crust Displacement Theory is correct, then Earth's crust would stop rotation and then start rotating in the opposite direction or in the east to west direction. From this data, it can easily be seen that the deluge and flooding of ancient literature and of the Western U.S. If the Earth's crust reverses rotation, the forces on the crust would be equal to the friction and rotational momentum of the semi liquid mantle underneath the crust. The conventional dogma is that, during such an event, there would be less gravity causing people, animals, and objects to float off the planet.
Something else worth mentioning and which may be significant is that the North Magnetic Pole has moved (about 12 degrees latitude and 18 degrees longitude) which is farther than the South Magnetic Pole (about 8 degrees latitude and 10 degrees longitude) during the same period of time.  Could the inequality of movement between the poles be creating a potential for a spontaneous magnetic adjustment at some point in the future?  Is it also possible that magnetic position data after 2005 could present an even more dramatic difference? What most theorists and scientists don’t generally agree on is whether magnetic pole shifts and geographic pole shifts are related or occur in close proximity to one another, how long the poles generally take to complete a shift, and how far the poles may actually move. It is commonly accepted, however, that any event that could result in an Earth Crust Displacement event or reverse Earth's magnetic poles would require more energy than is contained with Earth itself.  In other words, scientists generally agree that such events require and are the result of some external cosmic influence acting upon Earth. If you have problems viewing content or videos on this website, please refer to the following links for any necessary upgrades to your computer software. The pole shift continues to race along in the same direction since it dramatically accelerated back in the mid 1990’s. The most noticeable result of the changes that they made was an overall linear slow down of the shift during the past decade, although still at a high rate of speed.
It caught my attention as I was examining The Arctic Sea Ice extents on the National Snow and Ice Data Center.
The ice seems to be on a consistent decline in a tempo that is similar to the movement of north.
If you compare the general centre of rotation at the top of the earth, you will see that the general weather pattern over time seems to have the same general shift as the moving north pole.
Maybe the graph looks more like a heartbeat and not the exponential curve that seems to be implied. Example, if your walking along and stub your toe, what happens, your hip & back slip out of joint and the upper body slumps forward! I wil say that the coast of California is having a very large meteor shower and is still going on now(I believe due to our planet entering the galactic plain, dark rift), and alot more earthquakes in South America. Regarding the galactic plane… I believe that no matter where we are within the grand orbit around the galaxy, there will ALWAYS be the unseen and the unknown.
I believe that this is such a serious subject that most researchers would rather focus on other things than what the real possibilities are. Fortunately, the odds of many of these extreme scenarios affecting us in our lifetime are smaller than other, more likely scenarios. On the other hand, something like a MAJOR solar flare event (1859 Carrington) will zap us back to the stone age in an instant. During previous polar flips it is believed that the protection was reduced by as much as 95%.
So the magnetic pole is definitely not where it should be by the official data and has traveled much further than it should have or am I totally wrong? Even though these events can occur at the same time, they actually have quite different affects on Earth. There are many theories as to the frequency of the shifts in magnetic poles which range anywhere from 10,000 years to almost 800,000 years. There are two theories to consider how the magma-crust magnetic relationship might reverse.
In other words, the oceans are being held in position by the gravitational and centrifugal created by Earth’s rotation.
Although this has been referenced in ancient literature, it is an event that few can imagine and one which most scientists would claim is impossible.
If Earth's crust were simply to stop rotation, the oceans would immediately inundate every western coastal area and would create new coastlines several hundred miles inland from their current positions. The braking system for such an event would be a combination of the friction between the crust and mantle along with the buckling of the crust upon itself much like the folding action of an accordion.
There you are standing outside and looking up at the sky thinking “oh, what a glorious day”. However, based on the above description of the Earth Crust Displacement Theory, it becomes evident that spinning magma under the crust continues to spin and thereby maintaining Earth's gravitational field.  Another fact is that people from ancient cultures witnessed these events and lived and remained on Earth to tell about it. They have projected positional data through 2015 and have slowed the pace of movement each subsequent year from 30 miles (2012) to 24 miles (2015). Given the fact that they suddenly changed their previously posted data of the previous decade to indicate a slower pole-shift progression, they are now able to project a slowing trend through 2015. Clearly it can be seen where the annual pole location begins to spread during the mid 1990’s when the acceleration rapidly increased. Some Are To Involved In Watching Jersey Shore Or The Simpsons, The Media Is Doing It`s Job.

Mag 6 quakes are about normal and mag 7 quakes are slightly below normal at this moment for 2012 as of this post. I know I am not the first one to see this but it seems to explain a number of things at once. If I try to go there myself to try and find out, would a simple compass tell me when I am there or would it need to be a 3d compass? A meteor hit, a passing comet, or a pole shift from whatever source can cause the earth to tremble or move the poles. Astronomers have found some of the objects that float and orbit around out there, but certainly not all. Because of this, we will address these events separately as a “magnetic” pole shift and a “geographic” pole shift. Of course these ground speeds are reduced significantly as you move away from the equator.
Even if the slowdown is somewhat gradual, there is still the pure physics of so much mass in motion. However, if it does occur, this means the centrifugal force on the surface of Earth will go from 1670 kph to zero and then back up to 1670 kph in the opposite direction. And yes, the tsunami from that event alone would be cataclysmic and of biblical proportions.
The motion of the crust would eventually slowing down, stop, and start moving in opposite direction. It gives credence to the geological proof that mountain ranges across the world have risen or fallen 3,000 to 8,000 meters in a single event. If they would have witnessed everything floating off the surface of Earth including: people, animals, trees, rocks, water, etc. The situation is beginning to look like one of their sister agencies, the USGS, who when they change their earthquake magnitude numbers, they always (95% of the time) revise them downward.
I remember reading an article not long ago from a Cdn Geological paper that predicted 2020 for eta. Its not the crime that is so bad at first, it is the coverup that gets you.The next question is, will the geographical poles (continue to)move as well. Lastly, and sorry for the added link, part of this started for me when a frein insisted that his compass is no longer pointing to the same north as it was last year.
The earth is tearing itself apart, notice the earthquakes today, and read Kens’ latest article.
From here (mids Germany) I pinpointed magnetic north about directly behind the geographic north (slightly towards east), so around Long.
This is a slight difference of about 30 degrees further and does not speak for a slow down but for a speeding up.
When you imagine Earth’s crust slowing down abruptly and eventually coming to a stop, you can begin to see the potential for a disaster of cataclysmic proportions. If there is any good news to such an event, it would be that the initial cataclysmic affects in the crust would probably only occur while the crust movement decelerated. It provides a theory as to why virtually all life on Earth was eradicated during a past cataclysmic event. Maybe it starts slowly, but either way, you can not keep your footing or run to a safe location. Mathematicians figured that at that rate the pole would be well into Siberia within 3-4 years. In my opinion the reason they had to change the facts was to coverup the rapid accleration of the magnetic north pole. Curiously, it comes up in the same place in the east but it sets in a different place in the west.
This could explain the movement of erratics (house sized boulders) around the world, the 30 meter cliffs along many coastlines, and angular sediment layers that don’t conform to accepted geological theories.
Pretty soon, the ground under your feet is moving faster until your feet are no longer even touching the ground. They also plot geomagnetic locations (a different thing) as well as southern hemisphere poles.
THERE’S A MASSIVE GALACTIC WAVE FROM THE CENTER OF THE GALAXY APPROACHING FROM A STAR THAT WENT NOVA LONG AGO. Next, when the the frequent number rises to 6.0 will they only comment on the number of 9.0 quakes?
This could also explain why there are sea shells on the top of mountains and cities under the oceans. Instead you are either being tossed across the ground like tumbleweed or pinned against some physical object while being crushed by objects flying through the air or by the pure force of air pressing against your body. All of these things are explained in an instant with a magnetic north moving in the direction that it is.

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