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A typical MPW system includes a power supply, which contains a bank of capacitors, a fast switching system and a coil.
In our research laboratory we proposed several new coiles instead of the solenoidal coil.
When the eddy current is flowing, Al sheet is pressed to the Fe sheet by magnetic pressure and are heated by Joule heat . The SEM image of the welded zone in a Aluminium alloy(A6016) and SPCC welded sample is shown as a exmple in the following pictuer.
Comparison of the maximum tensile shearing strength for (a) the same Aluminum alloy combination and (b) different aluminum alloy combination:q the maximum tensile shearing strength of welded sample r the maximum tensile shearing strength of the based alloy without weld. Our experimental results show that the weld joint is always stronger than the weaker metal and in all tested combination a discontinuous or continuous pocket-type, wavy transition layer was formed without any significant heat-affected zone.
Application of MPW using several types of coil :The upper shows the coil structure and the lower side shows the welded sample.
The Magnetic Pulse technology head uses a double action method to increase blood circulation. 1) The magnetic field generated draws the hemoglobin in the blood to the surface increasing blood circulation.
2) Mechanical pulsing intensifies skin peeling and delivers the cosmetic ingredients to the skin and also serves to increase circulation. The ICHSF 2012 will cover all major topics on impulse forming, its processes and industrial applications.

The parts to be joined are inserted into the coil, the capacitor bank is charged and the low inductance switch is triggered by a pulse trigger system and the current flows through the coil.
The one-turn flat which is consisted of upper and lower H-shape plates which we call that the double layer H-shaped coil is design for thin or foils work-samples.
The depth of skin effect can be obtained by, where ?O is the angular frequency of changing field.
As is evident from equation (1), for the materials with higher electrical conductivity , more eddy currents create at surface and as a result, stronger magnetic pressure p and a large amount of Joule heat are generated.
It shows that the wavy morphology bond interface was formed in interface layer without any significant heat-affected zone (HAZ). The hardness measurement across the interface layer clearly shows that the hardness of intermediate layer is higher than Aluminum base metal in all points.
It can be pointed out that the sheet metals retain their original properties without the heat-affected zone (HAZ) problems during weld process and the welded zone is stronger than the weaker base metals so failure always occurred outside of welded zone for these combinations. The capability of our MPW method has been also examined for several other types of metals joint, such as T-joint, circular joint, long sheet sample (up to 500mm) successfully. Increasing circulation brings more nutrients to the skin cells and aides lymphatic drainage. When current is applied to the coil, a high-density magnetic flux is created around the coil, and as a result an eddy current is created in the work-pieces.
As a result, an electromagnetic force of i ?~B acts mainly on the Al sheet and the Al sheet is accelerated away from the coil and collides rapidly with the steel sheet.

In addition, magnetic pressure will increase according to equation (2) because the depth of skin effect decreases by increasing of the electrical conductivity. The reason of this higher hardness at the intermediate can be resulted from intense plastic deformation due to high velocity collision or to fine-grain microstructure which was formed by rapid solidification of welded interface.
At the moment of collision the colliding surfaces can be cleared by a large kinetic energy getting before the collision. Consequently this method is applicable to welding metal sheets with higher electrical conductivity such as aluminium and copper to dissimilar sheet metal.
This force can drive the work-pieces together at an extremely high rate of speed and creates an explosive or impact type of weld. After the collision, the cleared surfaces are being pressed together by electromagnetic force and a fixture. As eddy current pass through the sheets very fast with a short duration of about 50?Es, there is negligible heating of the metal.
Therefore, in this welding method materials will not be suffered from bad influences of heat that resulted from the conventional spot or fusion welding method.

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